X Sevilla Film Music Encounters
Shore in the Press Conference
If something can't be reproach to this so curious as unsuspected show, is its vision of future along its already ten years of celebration; show which, with more or less success, has been able to put the Film Music inside an extrafilm context. Many things has been blame on this Encounters, but if there is something which can't be argued is the fact to had give us the presence of some of the more distinguished and important names in the business: John Barry, Georges Delerue, José Nieto, Wocjiech Kilar, Maurice Jarre, Elmer Bernstein, Jerry Goldsmith, Alex North, etc.
For this special edition three exquisite dishes: the first, a concert with some of the more beautiful songs of Nino Rota, presented on the Hall 2 of the Maestranza Theatre with a musical face far away of his incisive and recognized collaborations for the movies. With all the seats sold since the first days, sopran Maria Chiara Pavone performs, with classical soberness, a different Rota whom, no doubt, surprised in the first hearing. After the expected program a plus (Over The Rainbow), which if not Rota's, it transmit us with the naked magic of her voice all the sensations which only the real masters can do.
Shore in Sevilla
After this concert, with clear intimate quality, came the restrained spectacle of the music of the unknown for the fans masses, Howard Shore, in his first public appearance in a big auditorium as conductor of his own music. Very centered on this task, he seems very reserved and defensive during the Press Conference after he was asked about his rejected work for Mars Attacks!. About his music, what to say already don't said!; the concert was terrific, with a Sevilla Symphony Orchestra reconfirming, again, its versatility and great expertise, which allow that only the more punctilious had a peep on the lack of stage experience before an audience of the composer-conductor.
The last day, in a bit scandalous way, came the conductor Leo Brouwer with the so trite music of maestro John Williams, in a concert which arose big expectation between the layman audience, and distrust on those who would prefer to be in London this last summer to see the composer himself on Live. To the majority surprise, Williams' music, even overused, result a gift for the public with a stupendous orchestral performance, which produce several outcomes of the conductor, applauses, olés and three pluses. Special mention for the young, although enoughly good, Córdoba Orchestra. And the best of these Encounters, is that it will be more the next years.... J.J.M. [Photos: Eustaquio Alvarez]

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