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Welcome to our godmother's homepage!
We are Allison and Jessica and our godmother is Hope. You've found her corner of the web. Her good friends Ava and Beth are helping her build this website. We hope you enjoy your stay!

In the middle of October, 1997, LIW Cyberfans from Montana, Oklahoma, New York, West Virginia, Texas, Mississippi, Iowa, and Indiana, to name a few, began to travel to Mansfield, Missouri for the 1997 Rocky Ridge Day celebration. They had a wonderful time touring the Wilder homes and viewing the museum. They even had the opportunity to meet Dean Butler and William Anderson. But, many agreed, that the highlight of the trip was the time they spent together. The group left Mansfield with new friendships, lasting memories, and a single burning they or don't they serve soup at the McDonald's in Ava? This album is the story of their adventure in pictures.

Thank you to Jan, Rosalie, Ava, Laura, Lisette, and Penny for contributing the photos for this site!

Rocky Ridge Day 1997 Photo Album
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