3. Amos Warfield SOUDER was born on 17 Oct 1814 in Md.. He appeared on the census in 1850 in DC, West of 7th St. Turnpike ( #150). He appeared on the census in 1860. He appeared on the census in 1870. He Funeral in 1894 in home on Sargeant Rd. Prince Georges County, Md.. He was buried on 21 Feb 1894 in Rock Creek Cemetary, Md.. He died on 22 Feb 1894 in At home on Sargeant Rd. Prince Georges County, Md.. He resided in Sargeant Rd., Prince Georges County, Md. He resided 3405 Rhode Island Ave. He Funeral. He was a farmer in the 1870 census.. He was an overseer in the DC 1850 census.. He Church Rock Creek Episcopal Church. Amos lived in Howard District of Anne Arundel County Md. prior to 1850.

There is a marriage license at Annapolis Archives for Amos W. Souder and Elizabeth Murphy.
I must get a copy of the license.

The Souder family and descendants of Amos Warfield Souder were mainly in Howard County, Montgomery County, D.C., then Prince Georges County and then back to Montgomery County. Amos W. Souder lived in Anne Arundel, Wash., D.C. and Prince Georges County,Md.

Amos lived in Howard County, Md. until his insolvency in 1845.

Amos W. Souder purchased a cemetery lot (Section E, Lot 138) in Rock Creek Cemetery, Wash., D.C. in 1884. There is a map in my file to this grave location. It is very near the Bronze statue by the famous artist.
Grace Ellen Souder was buried here on May 11, 1966. .
Authorizations for internment were also signed by:
George H. W. Souder, 1801 Chillum Rd., Hyattsville, Md
Alpheus W. Souder ("Boots) , 3708 N. Rosser St., Alexandria, Va.
Saddie M. Williams, Silver Spring, Md.

Amos W. Souder was listed in the 1850 census of Washington County, D.C.,
Amos W. Souder is listed in the 1860 Census 2nd District, Prince Georges County, Md. page 423 #803478.
listed in 1870 Washington, D.C. 7th St. & Road East.

I have a map of Prince Georges County that lists the name of Amos W. Souder and
shows where his property was in 1878, "Bladensburg District. No .2, Prince Georges County, Md."
Amos W. Souder lived on Sargeant Rd. in Prince Georges County , Md.
Amos W. Souder died in Prince Georges County, Md.

In 1999 I went to the Prince Georges County Historical Society & to the Frederick County,
Md. Historical Society they had no information about family members for Amos W.

Land records 1840-1884 #0014278 page 170:
Amos W. Sowder and wife to ?(N.W.?) Burchell mortgage HB 5 folio 255 FHL.

Amos W. Souder from Nathaniel Sargent & wife, deed HB5 254 FHL.

Land Records pg. 171
Amos W. Souder from (?N.N.) Burchell, Trustee Release GB 1 75.

1860 Census:. page # 88 (423) 2nd District, Prince Georges County, Md. 4th August, 1860
# 803478 pg. 423 :
Amos W. Souder age 46, Farmer Value Real Estate $300, Value Personal Estate $250, Place of birth, Md.
Wife, Elizabeth A. age 41 born Md.
Charles H. age 12 b. Md.
John W. age 11 b. Md.
Amos age 7 born D.C.
Lewis age 6 born Md.
Adeline age 3 born Md.
Thomas Crofs (possibly Cross) age 92 born Md. (Probably Verlinda's father & Amos W. Souder's grandfather)

The "Prince Georges County Maryland Marriages & Deaths" [FHL 975.251, B 38G, u.2 By Baltz] also
Obituary: Obits, Prince Georges County, Md. page 508 reads:
SOUDER, AMOS W. - D on Wed. 2/21,- - - aged 79 yrs 4 mos 3 days. Funeral will take place at
his late res, Sargeant Rd, PG's Co, on Fri 2/23 at 2 PM. Friends and relatives invited to attend. STAR 2/22/1894.

Amos W. Souder purchased a cemetery lot # 1884 in Rock Creek Cemetery. This is a family plot.
I have a picture of the tombstone at Rock Creek Cemetery of the Amos W. Souder family plot.
Other family members buried here are:
his wife ELIZABETH ANN SOUDER, June 11, 1818 - Feb.. 18, 1885
Charles H. Souder Feb. 1, 1847 - Oct. 14, 1911 [son]
AMOS F. SOUDER Dec 11, 1851 - may 14, 1928 [son)
GRACE ELLEN SOUDER Oct. 28, 1887 - May 7, 1966 [wife of Alpheus Dorsey Souder - maiden name HORSEMAN]
ALPHEUS DORSEY SOUDER - Sept. 12, 1882 - Oct. 24, 1950 [grandson]
FANNIE M. SOUDER - Dec. 2, 1858 - March 23, 1900

Many of Amos Warfield Souder's children and grandchildren went to the funeral of Littleton Souder in 1943 and signed the memorial book.

Check #254521 FHL for Amos W. Souder

Per David Souder:
"In the late 1890"s after Elizabeth died, the family had to sell the land. Everyone gathered to do this, those from Prince Georges County ,and Amos & Josephine Souder from D.C."

Amos bought property on Sargeant Rd. in Prince Georges County, Md. There is a plat map in my files showing the location of this property.

Per David Souder:
"Sargeant Road plays a major part in the Souder family saga., my great grandfather and grandfather worked on farms on that road, they were owned by Adaline Souder Miller & Stephen Miller. Also, I belive, that Lewis Souder inherited Amos Warfield's land, and eventually it was owned by his children, Charles, Maggie, and Raymond. According to my father, they sold it in the 1960's".

Ellicott Mills March 14, 1844.. (This copy is hard to read)
Amos W. Souder of Howard District, Anne Arundel County, Md. by petition in writing to the ...... Chief Judge of the Orphans Court of Howard District?

The cause of death for Amos W. Souder was listed as exhaustion in the ock Creek Cemetery records.

1880 Census, Bladensburg District, Prince George's County, Md. # 1254513 FHL pg. 8, ED 121:
Amos W. Souder 65 Farmer b. Md.
Anna E. 61 wife keeping house b. Md.
Charles H 33 son b. Md.
John W. 31 son b. Md.
Amos F. 26 son b. DC
Lewis F. 25 son b. Md.
Adaline V. 23 daughter b. Md.

Elizabeth Ann MURPHY was born on 11 Jun 1818. She Church on 25 Nov 1875 in Riggs School House, Bladensburg Circuit, Hyattsville, Md.. She died on 18 Feb 1885 in Rock Creek Cemetary, DC. She was buried in Rock Creek Cemetery, Wash., D.C.. Obit Notice: Prince Georges County page 508:
SOUDER, ELIZABETH ANN - D at her res in PG"s Co on 2/18 at 8:30 AM - - - W/O AMOS W. SOUDER, in the 67th yr of her age. Relatives & friends are invited to attend her funeral on Fri 2/20 2 PM at her late res. STAR 2/18/1885

I have a picture of the tombstone in Rock Creek Cemetery of the family plot.

Per David Souder:
In the late 1890's, after Elizabeth Souder died, the family had to sell the land. Everyone gathered to do this, those from Prince Georges County, and Amos & Josephine Souder from D.C.

Listed on the 1880 census, Bladensburg, Md. as Anna E. Amos Warfield SOUDER and Elizabeth Ann MURPHY had the following children:

child+7 i. Charles Henry SOUDER.
child+8 ii. John Wesley SOUDER.
child+9 iii. Amos F. SOUDER.
child+10 iv. Lewis Francis SOUDER.
child+11 v. Adaline VIrginia SOUDER.

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