8. John Wesley SOUDER was born on 23 Jan 1849 in Md.. He Church on 25 Nov 1875 in Riggs School House, Bladensburg Circuit, Hyattsville, Md.. He resided in 1900 in Sargeant Rd, Pr Geo Co., Md. He resided between 1911 and 1933 in 1226 Randolf St., Brookland, D.C.. He signed a will on 11 Oct 1911 in Copy in file. He was buried in 1928 in Glenwood Cemetery, Wash, D.C.. He died on 30 Jul 1933. He had an estate probated on 2 Aug 1933 in Sup. Court, Wash., D.C.. He resided in 4 Miles W. of Hyattsville, Md.. John Wesley Souder's first wife was Fannie May Ceas, his second wife was Ada Smith.

Listed in "D.C. Marriage Records Index, Wash., D.C. June 1877- Oct. 19, 1885" 16 019 page 431.
I have a copy of John Wesley Souder's Will in my records.
The Bladensburg Circuit.

Per Jeane Kidwell 3/2000:
John Wesley Souder was a caretaker or superintendent of Rock Creek Cemetery for a number of years, and he did everything, including digging graves by hand. John Wesley Souder couldn't read or write,
and Esther (his daughter) kept all the cemetery records for him (when she was a child). I assume that Hattie (his daughter) did the same thing before Esther was capable of writing. Later, Hattie's grandson, Alvin Melton, became superintendent of Rock Creek Cemetery.
David Souder said that John Wesley worked at Glenmont Cemetery.

8/7/2000 Jeane Kidwell:
"Esther always talked about her father working at Rock Creek Cemetery. We have to remember that she had many, many strokes, and in later years, was often confused. Marvin remembers her talking about her father working at Rock Creek Cemetery. Marvin's sister, Frances, says the same as David, that John Wesley worked at Glenmore (Or Glenwood, I can never remember which it is.) Maybe he worked at both cemeteries - they are close together!

1900 Census, Bladensburg District, #1240626 FHL lists
John W. Souder Aug. 1848 age 51 b. Md. Md. Md. Day Laborer (on family farms)
Alfred son b. 12/1886 (my grandfather) Md.Md. Md. Day laborer
Hatttie dau. b. 1/1884 Md. Md. Md.
John son b. 5/1890 Md. Md. Md
Esther dau. Ja. 1899 Md. Md. Md.

Ada SMITH was born in 1868. She was buried in 1952 in Glenwood Cemetery, Wash., D.C.. She died on 14 Dec 1952. She resided in Randolf Rd., Wash., D.C.. Copy of the Last Will & Testament of John Wesley Souder dated Oct. 11, 1911 names his children and beloved, second wife Ada. I have a copy of the will on file. According to Mary Souder, when John Wesley Souder died, his wife, Ada wanted to sell the house and split the money with the children. The children said no until later after Alpheus Dorsey Souder died they decided to sell the property to the Catholic Un University. and split the money. According to the will, the money would be divided among the heirs of any deceased children so Alpheus "Boots" Souder received $900 and Everett W. Souder received $900. Everett W. Souder gave $300 to Grace Ellen Souder ( the widow of Alpheus Dorsey Souder ).

According to Mary Souder:
The house was left to Ada after John Wesley Souder died. Ada did not want to live alone so she sold the house to the Catholic University. as they had wanted to buy the house for many years and she went to live with her sisters. The property was on Randolf Rd.

He was married to Fannie May CEAS on 12 Oct 1881 in Wash., D.C.. Fannie May CEAS was born on 2 Dec 1858 in Va.. She appeared on the census in 1870 in 7th Ward, Wash., D.C.. She resided before 1900 in Sargeant Rd., Prince Georges County, Md. She died on 23 Mar 1900 in Rock Creek Cemetary, Md.. She was buried on 24 Mar 1900 in Rock Creek Cemetary. She Church in Brookland Baptist Church, Pr. Geo Co, Md. Per Jeane Kidwell:
Fannie Ceas died of tuberculosis when Esther was 8 months old. John Wesley had to burn all their belongings to avoid spreading the disease. John Wesley and Hattie, who was 14 years older than Esther, raised Esther. John Wesley married Ada Smith when Esther was a teenager.

OBIT NOTICE: page 509 Names in Stones,
D on Fri 3/23 at 4:30 PM at her res on Sargeant Rd., Pr Geo's Co - - - the beloved wife of
John Souder, (verse) Funeral from the Brookland Baptist Church Mon 3/26 at 3 PM,
STAR 3/24/1900

Listed in "D.C. Marriage Records Index, June 28, 1877 to Oct. 19, 1885" page 431,
16 019. Listed as Fannie M. Ceas
Need to check source: #1994620 FHL Death Records

Cause of death is listed as Entero Colitis in Rock Creek Cemetery records. John Wesley SOUDER and Fannie May CEAS had the following children:

child+26 i. Charles SOUDER.
child+27 ii. Alpheus Dorsey SOUDER.
child+28 iii. Hattie May SOUDER.
child+29 iv. John Thomas SOUDER.
child+30 v. Esther Irene SOUDER.
child31 vi. Lester SOUDER was a in Electrician, Elecetrical Contractor. He resided in Lived 425 2nd St NW., Wash., D.C..

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