Artillery Pieces on Public Display in New England

This page will provide information regarding artillery pieces known to the author to be on public display in New England. The author will not attempt to be comprehensive in his listings but, rather, will attempt to list those pieces which are of the greatest significance either for their quality of preservation, historic value, uniqueness or scarceity.

Note - For the sake of convienence, the author has arrainged the listings in a rough North to South order.

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Glossary of Terms

  • "Original" means that piece is a real artillery piece.
    "Reproduction" means the piece is made to the same specifications as an original piece.
    "Replica" means the piece looks like an original but is non-functioning.
    "Fake" means that the piece is not a real artillery piece and does not significantly resemble an orginal piece.
    "Mounted" means that the piece is mounted on a carraige. (Carraiges may be original, authentic reproductions or cheap fakes.)
  • "Dated" means that that date is stamped on the piece.
  • "Tentative" means that the author believes the identification to be accurate but is in need of confirming information.

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    Eastport - One 6-pounder Alger gun. Registry number 14.

    Lubec - One 6-pounder Alger gun. Registry number 19. (Unconfirmed.)

    Castine, Fort George - One 24 pounder of early manufacture. (Circa 1775 - 1815.) Similar to but different from the 24 pounders at Fort Adams in Newport, Rhode Island. Weight markings - No. 69, 49.1.0 .

    Belfast, Grove Cemetery - On 24-pounder identical to the one at Fort George in Castine. Marked - No. 38, 49.1.0 .

    15-inch Rodman at Fort Knox.

    Prospect (near Bucksport), Fort Knox - One 10-inch Rodman (mounted), One 8-inch Converted Rifle, Two 15-inch Rodmans (one mounted) and Two 24-pounder flank howitzers M1844.

    Bridgton, Route 302, Farragut Park - One 10-inch Rodman and one 8-inch Converted Rifle. One Vickers/Maxim 37mm Automatic Gun c. 1890's.

    Searsport, US Route 1 - Two Navy 32-pdrs of 57cwt., c. 1840's.

    Rockport, US Route 1 - One 4.2-inch (30-pdr) Parrott Rifle.

    Wiscasset, US Route 1 - One 6-pounder "insurance" gun made by Cyrus Alger and Company.

    Navy 6-pounder at Bath Iron Works

    Bath, Washington Street (Opposite Bath Iron Works) - One U.S. Navy 6-pounder Mark I. Dated 1900. Made at Washington Navy Yard.

    Oxford, Veterans Memorial Park - One German 81mm breech loading mortar of First World War vintage.

    Freeport, Veterans Memorial Square - Two 24-Pounder flank howitzers Model 1844.

    4.5-inch Seige Rifle at Fort Allen Park

    Portland, Fort Allen Park - Two 4.5-inch siege rifles Model 1861 (mounted). One 6-inch naval rifle from the U.S.S. Maine circa 1895.

    Portland, Fort Gorges - One 10-inch (300 pdr) Parrott Rifle.

    Portland, City Hall - One British 4-pdr (aprox.) of Revolutionary War vintage (mounted and in excellent condition). The Royal cypher and broad arrow are plainly visible.

    Portland, Evergreen Cemetery - One heavy and one light 12-pdr Dahlgren boat howitzers.

    South Portland - One Navy 4-inch breech loading rifle circa 1900 made at Naval Gun Factory, Washington Navy Yard. Located at American Legion Post on Broadway.

    South Portland, Cemetery - One 8-inch converted rifle.

    Springvale - Two 3-inch Ordnance Rifle. Registry numbers 178 and 260. Located at the American Legion hall.

    New Hampshire

    Antrim, Town Square - One 6.4-inch (100pdr) Parrott Rifle.

    Bristol, Town Square - One 13-inch Seacoast Mortar Model 1861. Mounted on orignial carraige.

    Plymouth - One British 3-pounder. Circa late 1700's. Mounted on reproduction carraige. Marked with Royal Cypher and Broad Arrow on top of barrel. Weight markings - 11-1-26. M. No. 613, Left Trunion - L 12, Right Trunion - Z. Captured at Battle of Bennington and in excellent condition.

    Plaistow - One 3-inch Ordnance Rifle Model 1861. Registry Number 69. (Unconfirmed.)

    Tilton - One 6-pounder Alger gun. (Unconfirmed.)

    Weirs Beach - Two 6-pounder Alger guns. Both dated 1847. One has registry number 305. (Unconfirmed.)

    Hampton, American Legion Post 35 - One Navy 4-inch gun dated 1907.


    Stowe - Two 3-inch Ordnance Rifles. Registry numbers 266 and 374. (Unconfirmed.)

    Morrisville - One 3-inch Ordnance Rifle. Registry number 783. (Unconfirmed.)

    Woodstock, GAR Memorial Square - One 30 Pounder Parrott Rifle, Navy Model. Markings - Breechring - RPP No. 278, 3470 lbs; Right Tunion - 1864, 30 PDR; Left Trunion - P, RHH; Front Site Mount - 278.


    Newburyport - Two 4.2-inch (30-pdr) Parrott Rifles in Cemetery. One German 105mm WWI howitzer at park in village.

    Fort Devens, 94th Division Headquarters - One British 60 pounder howitzer, First World War vintage. One US 3-inch field gun Model 1905. (Present in June of 2000. Relocated since.) Also two 75mm howitzers M1897A5 ("French 75's" with postwar modifications).

    Ayer, Town Hall - One M3 105mm howitzer. Type used by airborne units in World War Two.

    Pembroke - One Civil War boat howitzer on iron carriage.

    Salem, Peabody Essex Museum - Two 24-pdr Carronades with trunions c. early 1800s. Two field artillery pieces of late 18th early 19th century vintage.

    Salem, 23rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (Civil War) Monument (near Hawthorne Hotel) - One 75mm Pack Howitzer M1A4 c. 1940's, in poor condition.

    Salem, Greenlawn Cemetery - Two bronze 6-pounder field guns near Civil War monument. Both pieces are muzzle down in the ground. Two other bronze pieces are there which may be of Spanish origin.

    Cambridge, Town Common - Two British 42-pounder naval guns of 50 cwt. One 18-pounder. All mounted on naval carriages and in very good condition.

    Cambridge, Fort Washington (about 1/4 mile west of MIT) - Three 18-pounders in excellent condition. Markings are as follows: No 36, 30-0-17; No 40, 30-0-16; No 45, 30-0-13. All mounted on iron seacoast top carriages. Probably date from the War of 1812 and came from Fort Independence in Boston. Possibly made in late 1700's.

    Boston, Boston Navy Yard - Two 42-pdrs c. early 1800's being used as bollards near Dry Dock One. Eleven 9-inch Dahlgrens being used as bollards at Dry Docks Number One and Number Two. One 32-pounder c. 1820 near flag pole. Unconfirmed - One 30-pdr Parrott Rifle and Four 9-inch Dahlgrens.

    20-Pounder Parrotts at Fort Independence

    Boston, Fort Independence, Castle Island - Fiberglass replicas of a 15-inch Rodman and a 10-inch Rodman (both mounted), One 8-inch Siege Mortar M1861, Two 3.67-inch (20 pdr) Parrott Rifles (These were both used in the Civil War by the Navy and were converted to breechloaders in the 1880's), One Small Bronze Spanish Gun, One fake 24-pounder Constitution gun.

    Boston, Anthony's Pier Four Restaurant - One Gatling Gun. (Unconfirmed.)

    Boston Harbor, Fort Warren on George's Island - Two 3-inch Ordnance Rifles Model 1861 converted to breech loaders. On stationary mounts and probably used as saluting guns at the fort.

    Quincy, Downtown Cemetery - Four Navy 32-pdr Guns of 57 cwt. One 77mm German Howitzer, dated 1917.

    Quincy, Gilbert Memorial Square in Squantum - One 37mm anti-aircraft gun on M3 carraige, Serial Number 2385, Dated 1942. (Possibly used on a PT boat.)

    Hull, Veterans' Memorial Park - One 3.2-inch breech loading rifle Model of 1897. The barrel is marked "1895, No. 368 (868?), 796 lbs."; trunion marked - "3.2 inch, Model 1897". (Note - this piece was removed sometime during the summer of 1998 - possibly for repair of its wheels. It has not been seen since.)

    Hull, Fort Revere Park - Two 24-pounder guns c. 1790's. (The age of the pieces is estimated by their design features. They have no markings other than serial numbers and weight markings.) One is in "fair" condition and the other in "poor" condition. These are "brothers" of the five at Fort Adams in Newport, RI. They were removed from Fort Adams sometime in the 1980's. Both are painted but severely pitten due to rust. There is also one 3-inch 50-caliber Naval gun, Mark 22 Mod 0, dated 1942 in the same location.

    Hingham, Park near Town Beach - Two M3 37mm Anti-tank Guns on Second World War vintage on field carraiges.

    Hingham, Grand Army Memorial Hall - One 57mm Anti-tank Gun M1. Dated 1942.

    Scituate, Scituate Federal Savings Bank - One fake cannon from U.S.S. Constitution (made for the ship's restoration of 1907). Mounted on wooden carraige.

    Duxbury, Miles Standish Gravesite, Depot Road - Four Navy 32-pounder guns of 57 cwt. Serial numbers - 343, 344, 573 and 575. Typical weight markings from one piece - 57.2.22 . All have a coat of rust and need repainting.

    Kingston, WWI Memorial, Corner of Route 3A and Green Street - Two German .30 caliber water cooled machine guns on field carraiges.

    Replica 17th Century Cannon at Plimoth Village

    Plymouth, Plimoth Village - One replica long gun dated 1601 on breech mounted on naval carraige.

    Natick, Town Square - Four Bronze 12-pounder Napoleons. Ames No.65 and Revere Nos.100, 293 & 296. Covered in flaking black paint.

    105mm Howitzer, Marlboro, Massachusetts
    (Image courtesy of Peter Phaneuf.)

    Marlboro, DPW Garage, off Route 85 - One 105mm Howitzer. Made in 1954.

    Stoughton, Park opposite library - Two bronze M1857 12-pounder howitzers (aka. "Napoleons".).

    Rehoboth, Corner of Moulton Street (Route 118) and Bay State Road opposite American Legion Post 308 - One 4.7-inch Gun Model 1906 M1. Made at Watervleit Arsenal. Dated 1918. Serial Number 120. In excellent condition.

    10-Inch Rodmans at Wareham, Massachusetts

    Wareham, Veterans Memorial, Main Street and Gibbs Avenue - Two 10-inch Rodmans (aka. 10-inch Columbiads Model 1861). In excellent condition. Markings on the muzzel faces: Piece on right of monument - 1864 15204 lbs. 36. M.S. S.Mc.M.&Co. Piece on left of monument - No 342 14940 lbs S.C.L. FORT PITT PA. 1865.

    Sandwich, Heritage Plantation - One 3-inch Ordnance Rifle Model 1861. Registry number 104. (Unconfirmed.)

    155mm Howitzer, Marion, Massachusetts

    Marion, VFW Post 2425, U.S. Route 6 - One 155mm Howitzer Model 1918. Dated 1919. Markings: Breech - A.B.S. & PDY. CO; Left side of Breech - 155mm Howitzer Model of 1818 SCHNEIDER. The muzzle face is painted over.

    Fort Pheonix, Fairhaven, Massachusetts

    Fairhaven, Fort Pheonix - Five 24-pounder Model 1819 - 3 rifled, 2 smoothbore. All are mounted on reproduction carraiges and dated 1828. One 12-pounder British gun captured at Nassau in 1776 by the U.S.S. Alfred in the first combat action of the U.S. Marine Corps.

    Fairhaven, Armed Forces Memorial Park, Huttleston Avenue - Two 57mm Anti-tank Guns of World War Two vintage.

    New Bedford, Fort Rodman - One 12-pdr "Insurance" Howitzer, dated 1847 on trunion. Mounted on Naval Carraige (In front of the New Bedford Sewage Treatment Plant.)

    New Bedford, Rural Cemetery - Three 24-pdr Flank Howitzers M1844.

    New Bedford, Francisco Square - One 24-pdr Flank Howitzer M1844. Dated 1846. Muzzel marked "112". Origninally displayed at the Rural Cemetery.

    New Bedford, National Guard Armory, Sycamore Street - One 3-inch Field Gun Model 1905, tube dated 1910, Serial Number 171, carraige is Model 1902 and dated 1911.

    Fall River, City Park, Opposite Saint Anne's Shrine - One Krupp 210mm German Howitzer, dated 1917. First World War Trophy.

    East Douglas - One 3-inch Ordnance Rifle. Registry number 317. (Unconfirmed.)

    155mm German Howitzer, Southboro, Massachusetts
    (Image courtesy of Peter Phaneuf.)

    Southboro - One German 155mm. On town common. Came to Southboro in 1919 and restored in 2002.

    Rhode Island

    Cumberland, The Monastery, Diamond Hill Road - One US 155mm Howitzer, M114A2. Tube dated 1985 on muzzle face. Carraige dated 1991. One German 150mm Minenwerfer of 1st World War vintage, number 3408.

    German Howitzer, Pawtucket, RI

    Pawtucket, near Route 95 - One 150mm (estimated) German Howitzer dated 1906. Marked Krupp and Essen. Has crest of Kaiser Wilhelm II engraved on top of breech. In excellent condition.

    Pawtucket, Old Armory on Exchange Street - Two iron 6-pounders c. 1800.(Identification tentative.) Mounted vertically (muzzle down). These pieces have a rare combination of low mouted trunions with trunion bases.

    Providence, State House - One bronze 6-pounder Ames gun on field carraige. Dated 1861 (may be erroneous). Used by Providence Marine Corps of Artillery (aka. 1st Rhode Island Battery) during the Bull Run campaign. One bronze 12-pounder "Napoleon". Markings on muzzle - "HNH & Co." (manufacturer), No. 2 (serial number), 1233 (weight in pounds), T.J.R. (initials of inspector Thomas J. Rodman), 18?? (date obliterated due to battle damage). This Napoleon ranks as one of the most interesting surviving specimens of Civil War Artillery. It was hit by a cannon ball at the battle of Gettysburg and, while attempting to reload it, another cannon ball was jammed in the muzzle.

    Providence, Kennedy Plaza (opposite City Hall) - Two 8-inch mortars Model 1840 on south side of Civil War monument. (There are also two fake 8-inch mortars on the same monument.)

    Providence, Cranston Street Armory, cr. Cranston and Dexter Streets - Four 10-inch Siege Mortars Model 1861. Two flank the entrance at each end of the armory. (Removed c. 2003 and in storage by State of Rhode Island.)

    32-Pounder, Model 1829, Providence, RI

    Providence, North Burial Ground - One 32-pounder gun Model 1829. Dated 1833 on left trunion. Monument at Prescott GAR Post No. 1 burial plot.

    Providence, Benefit Street Arsenal - Two iron guns of Revolutionary War vintage. Embedded muzzle down in the sidewalk. In fair condition.

    Cranston, Rolfe Square (Corner of Park Avenue and Rolfe Street) - One 75mm Gun Model 1897 (aka. "French 75"). Manufactured in France, Dated 1918. Has rubber tires indicating modification after the war. Markings - Top of Breech: No 20106, A.BS 1918; Right Side of Breech - Model 1897A3, No 766 Bourges 1917.

    Cranston, Oaklawn Veterans' Memorial - One German 250mm Minenwerfer dated 1916.

    Cranston, Rhode Island National Guard Command Readiness Center, Reservoir Avenue - One bronze 6 or 12-pounder of pre-Civil War vintage (probably early 1800's). No visible markings. Previously located at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. Possibly of Spanish or French origin.

    4.7-inch Gun, Model 1906, West Warwick, RI

    West Warwick, VFW Post No. 2, Main Street - Two 4.7-inch guns Model 1906 M1 in good condition. Markings obscured by paint.

    East Greenwich, Varnum Memorial Armory, Main Street (U.S. Route 1) - Two iron aproximately 3-pdrs of Revolutionary War vintage (mounted on fake iron carraiges). In front of Armory. Bore diameter - 3 1/4 inches, Trunion diameter - 3 1/8 inches (measurements approximate). One cannon has a heavilly worn plaque on it. Legible portions read - "The Elsha Dyer Cannon, Governor of Rhode Island 1897 - 1900, (next two lines illegible), Gift of Bryant College, Providence, RI April 14th, 1957." Also two bronze coehorn mortars on inside of armory, mounted muzzle down at back of drill floor. The one on the south side is marked with a faded stencil reading "Ordnance Officer Watervliet Arsenal NY".

    10-inch Rodman in Warren, RI

    Warren, Veterans' Park (opposite Methodist Church) - One 10-inch Rodman Columbiad Model 1861 mounted upright on pedestal.

    Bristol, Memorial Cemetery, Route 138 - Two 8-inch seige mortars Model 1861.

    Bristol, Rhode Island Veteran's Home, Metacom Avenue (RI Route 136) - Two 6-pounder field guns Model 1841. Both are mounted on cement pedestals near the water tower. One is marked C.A. Alger & Co., Boston, 1845. The other N.P. Ames, Springfield, 1847. Two Navy 4-inch Guns Mark IX, Mod 5. Both dated 1918. Serial numbers 1953 and 1105.

    Portsmouth, Town Hall, Intersection of Route 138 (aka. East Main Road) and Middle Road - One British 18-pounder (estimate) naval gun. Circa 1750's. Salvaged off of Aquidneck Island.

    Carronade at Middletown High School

    Middletown, Middletown High School - One 24-pounder carronade c. early 1800's. Mounted on original carraige. (Rumored to have come from Fort Adams.) Similar, if not identical, to the two carronades in Salem, Massachusetts in front of the Peabody Museum.

    4.7-inch Armstrong Breech Loading Rifle

    Newport, Equality Park - One 4.7 inch Armstrong rifle. (Originally emplaced at Fort Adams in 1899. Moved to Sachuest Point in 1917 and put on display at this location in 1923. The mate to this gun is at Fort Moultrie, SC which was previously located at the Westerly Armory before being traded for the 8-inch Parrott rifle currently there.)

    Newport, Naval War College - Two 24-pounder Dahlgren boat howitzers. Mounted near flag pole. In excellent condition.

    24-Pounders at Fort Adams.

    Newport, Fort Adams - Five 24-pounder iron guns. (Of pre War of 1812 vintage. Lack trunion bases. In decayed state.) Weight markings are clearly legible on one piece (51.1.0). Two other cannon of this "set" were loaned the the Massachusetts District Commission (MDC) in the early 1980's. They are now on display at Fort Revere State Park in Hull, Massachusetts. One fake "Constution Gun" made c. 1907 and donated to the City of Newport in 1933.

    Newport, Newport Historical Society, Touro Street - Two 4-pounder (estimate) iron guns. Used on Colony Sloop Tartar in the 1740's. In poor condition. Breech removed from one piece.

    Newport, Depot Army Navy Surplus, Connell Highway - One 1/2 scale replica of a 3-inch Ordnance Rifle mounted on field carraige.

    37mm Hotchkiss Revolving Cannons, Camp Varnum

    Narragansett, Camp Varnum - Two 37mm Five Barrelled Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon. Manufactured circa 1870's. Formerly located at the Woonsocket National Guard Armory.

    South Kingstown, University of Rhode Island Quadrangle - One partial 30-pounder Parrott Rifle. Barrel broken forward of the trunions. No visible markings.

    8-inch Parrott Rifle at Westerly Armory (Side View)

    Westerly, Westerly Armory - 8-inch Parrott rifle dated 1864 (mounted on original top carraige). From Fort Moultrie, SC and given in trade for the mate of the 4.7-inch Armstrong rifle in Equality Park in Newport.


    Hartford - One 13-inch Seacoast Mortar M1861 (mounted). Named "The Dictator".

    Middletown, Town Square - Four Confederate Napoleons.

    Middletown, Veterans Memorial Hall - Two 8-Inch Siege and Garrison Mortars.

    18 Pounder in Stonington Village.

    Stonington Village - Two 18-pounder guns of 35 cwt. These two 18-pounders defended the village from bombardment by a British Squadron in August 1814. These pieces are very similar, if not identical, to the three 18-pounders in Fort Washington Park in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    4.2-inch Parrott Rifle in Mystic, Connecticut

    Stonington (Mystic), Route 1, in Cemetery - One 4.2-inch (30-pdr) Parrott Rifle.

    Stonington, Mystic Seaport - Two 6-pounder Bronze James guns. Dated 1864. (Unconfirmed.)

    32-Pounder at Fort Griswold

    Groton, Fort Griswold - Two 32-pounder Guns Model 1829. One 5.7-inch gun from Spanish flagship at Battle of Santiago, Cuba circa 1890's.

    6-Inch Rifles at Submarine Base in Groton
    (Click Image for Larger View.)

    Groton, Submarine Base - Two 6-inch rifles c. 1920's from U.S.S. Narwhal (SS-167), formerly V-5, at Morton Hall. (These were the largest guns ever mounted on an American submarine. They were on board the Narwhal when she was at Pearl Harbor during the attack on December 7th, 1941.) Two 5-inch, 25-caliber submarine deck guns of World War Two vintage (one near Dealy Center and one near the Navy hospital).

    New London, Fort Trumbull - Two 8-inch Converted Rifles. (Mounted on iron carraiges.)

    12-pdr Navy Boat Howitzer, New London, Connecticut

    New London, corner of Garfield Avenue and Williams Street. One light model 12-Pounder Naval Boat Howitzer of Civil War Vintage. It is number 176 made at US Navy Yard Washington.

    New London, U.S. Coast Guard Academy. One 4-inch 20 pounder Dahlgren Boat Howitzer. One 24 pounder Dahlgren Boat Howitzer. Four 5-barrelled Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon. Two 3-pounder saluting guns Model 1904.

    East Haven, Black Rock Fort near Fort Hale - One British 6-pounder c. 1700's. Weight markings 12-3-4 (1,432 lbs.). Marked with broad arrow and mounted on wooden carraige.

    New Haven, 6th Street and Howard - Four 12-pdr Dahlgren bronze boat howitzers.

    Lichtfield, Town Square - One 8-inch Columbiad Model 1844.

    Thomaston - One 3-inch Ordnance Rifle. (Unconfirmed.)

    The Big Guns

    The Big Guns by Wayne Stark is THE definitive work on Civil War era heavy artillery. Mr. Stark is the leading authority on the subject and has devoted countless hours in preparing this unparralled reference work. You can also order a complete list of over 5,000 known surviving Civil War artillery pieces. Well worth the expense for the serious enthusiast.

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