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From the Bourgeois to the Proletarian Revolution

Otto Rühle

From the Bourgeois to the Proletarian Revolution was written by Otto Rühle in 1924 when he was a member of the the German General Workers League - Unitary Organisation (AAUD-E).

This translation was first published by Socialist Reproduction in co-operation with Revolutionary Perspectives in 1974. The translation was made from a German edition of the text published in 1970 by IPTR (Institut fur Praxis und Theorie des Ratekomminismus, Berlin).

This HTML version follows the Socialist Reproduction edition, except that references to the AAUD-E have been standardised (in the Socialist Reproduction edition it is also referred to as the AAU and AAUE), and references to factory organisation (Betriebsorganisation) and Workers' Union (Arbeiterunion), have been indicated like this to make it clear that these are distinct forms of organisation, and that the Workers' Union (Arbeiterunion) he discusses is not the same as - indeed is in opposition to - Trades Unions.

The footnotes - with one exception - are taken from the Socialist Reproduction edition and were added to the text by them to explain some of the historical references.

Another version of this translation appears in plain text in the on-line Spunk Archive (see the links page). However that version omits the Forward, half of chapter 8 and a couple of short passages.

The Socialist Reproduction edition contained a long introduction. A modified version of this can be found as An introduction to 'Left Communism' in Germany from 1914 to 1923 on the Subversion website.

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