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International Travel (Note: this is my former travel site, replaced by LauferTravel.com)
Burlington County Historian/Laufer Lectures (Note: this is my former lecture site, replaced by BurlcoHistorian.com)

Joe presents $2,000 check to 2005 Grand Prix Winner - July 30

Nearing the End of the Race on High St., Mt. Holly - 7/30/05>

Joe (in black) and Smithsonian Adventures Group in Russia (Kizhi Island), July 13 2005

That's Joe to the right making a check presentation to the first place winner of the 6th Annual Mount Holly-Smithville Grand Prix held on July 31, 2004. Burlington County Freeholder, Bill Haines is on the left, and international winners Mark Walters of Canada (center, first place), Eric Wolhberg of Canada (left, second place) and Melito Heedia of the Dominican Republic (right, third place). Joe is President of the H.B. Smith Industrial Village Conservancy, which sponsors the event that attracts over 225 of the world's best professional bikers.


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