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"Hundreds Of Memorable Ceremonies For Every Cubbing Occasion"


* Ceremonies for Leaders
Don't forget, recognize your leaders!
* Special Ceremonies
Just for the Den (or Pack)
* Tiger Cub Ceremonies
From induction thru bridging.
* Bobcat Cub Ceremonies
Welcome to Cub Scouts!
* Wolf Cub Ceremonies
Advancement. Go Wolves!
* Bear Cub Ceremonies
You're growing up...
* Webelos Advancement
The big guys.
* Arrow Of Light Ceremonies
Over 35 fantastic ceremonies!
* Webelos Cross-Over
It's Graduation day.
* Miscellaneous Ceremonies
Let's get creative.
* Openings and Flag Ceremonies
Start out with a bang!
* Closings and Flag Retirements
End your meeting with honor.
* Other Advancement
Belt Loops, Arrow Points, Activity Pins, etc.
* Web Ceremony Finder
Check it OUT!


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Opening, and Flag Ceremonies
    Opening Flag Cereminies - "Face the Flag My Son"
    Opening Ceremony - Knights of the Roundtable
    Three Cub Scout Pack and Den Meeting Opening Ceremonies
    20 Opening, and 4 Closing Ceremenies

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Closing, and Flag Retirement
    Closing Ceremonies - Set 1 (7 total)
    Closing Ceremonies - Set 2 (14 total)
    Closing Ceremonies - Set 3 (21 total)
    Retiring Old Glory
    Three Flag Retiring Ceremonies

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Other Cub Advancement Ceremonies
    Cub Scout Advancement, Native American Theme
    Multiple Rank Advancement Ceremonies
    The Pack 92 Advancement Ceremony
    Anti-drug Theme Advancement Ceremony
    Activity Pin Presentations
    Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos Advancement Ceremony - Akela's Test
    Cub Scout Painted Ceremonies

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Other Miscellaneous Cub Ceremonies
    Religious Emblem Presentation Ceremony
    Promotion Ceremonies
    The Cub Scout Ceremonies Book, By Ellen DeVilbiss
    Cub Scout Ceremonies for Around the Campfire
    Dance of Akela
    Akela vs. Mr. Drug Abuse
    The Light of Christmas, a Christmas Ceremony for Advancement
    Jungle Book Invocation for Meetings of Adult Leaders
    Flag Burning Ceremony
    Flag Burning Ceremony (Another Style)

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Searching The Internet For Cub Ceremony Info

Well, if you've made it this far down the page, you have either found more ceremonies than you ever dreamed you'd need, or you are totally frustrated because you can't find that esoteric invocation (or what-ever). The links below are the portals into the 'Ceremony-ether', ....the vessel of all Ceremony knowledge, ....the crucible of Ceremonial exhaultation, ...THE WEB! (If you can't find it after all this work, let me know, and I will ferret it out for you!!)

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Our Special Thanks to:
The following excellent Web-sites each contain extensive ceremony collections, some of which are linked above. Our thanks to the great people behind these sites, and to the other creative 'ceremony authors' that have contributed their works to this page.
-Cub Scout Pack 6, Palo Alto, CA
-NetWoods Virtual Campsite
-US Scouting Service Project
-Suffolk County Council Pow Wow from Pack 339
-Cub Scout Pack 3804, Camarillo, CA
-AOL Ceremonies Collection from Russ Long

If you haven't visited these sites in detail, you better get on over there!




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