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The Roma have been known as entertainers in every country they have traveled. In eastern Europe, the Roma have been known as skilled acrobats, bear trainers, horse trainers, musicians, dancers and singers. They have owned and operated traveling carnivals and circuses. They have been prized by royalty as court musicians for their mastery of musical styles. 

Roma have contributed their own unique styles to middle eastern music, Jewish klezmer music, flamenco music and dance, jazz, and they have influenced other artists in their music and art, among them Liszt, Bizet, Brahms, Dvorák, Verdi, Rachmaninov, and Bartok.

Many well-known modern entertainers have claimed Romani ancestry, including the actor and Roma activist, Yul Brynner; the comedian, Charlie Chaplin; the actress, Rita Hayworth; the actor, Michael Caine; and the actor and director Bob Hoskins. The Gipsy Kings are perhaps the best known Roma musical entertainers in the world today.

The Romanes language has not had many important authors, primarily because of the absence of a universal standard in written Romanes. Among Roma authors are the novelist Mateo Maximoff, a Kalderash Rom, writing in French, translated by others into English and other languages. Papusza, the Romni poetess from Poland, is being "rediscovered" by new readers. Today, important Roma authors are emerging from Europe with critical acclaim, writing in Romanes.

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Cimbalom musician
Cimbalom musician.
The Roma Community & Advocacy Centre of  Toronto, Canada, has produced the first-ever booklet of Canadian Romani Poems entitled Kanadake-Romane Mirikle (Canadian Romani Pearls). This booklet contains poems by Canadian-born Roma, Roma immigrants and Roma refugees.  For more information, visit <>.

Hostages of their Own Music by Elena Chinyaeva
Haydn and the Roma by Linda Burman-Hall
Gypsy Orchestras: a Vanishing Tradition by Dork Zygotian
My Friends the Gypsies - Interview with Aleksandar Petrovic
Roma in the Theater by Nikolai Slichenko 
The History of Theatre Romen by Dragan Ristic
Time of the Gypsies Film Review by Ian Hancock
Dezider Banga, Poet - Slovakia 
Rinaldo Olah, the Violin King - Slovakia 
The Never-Ending Roma Question by Ivan Sever
Humble Start of the Gipsy Kings by Kim Campbell 


Gypsy Music Available on CD
Various Artists

 Gypsy Brass Band - Kocani Orkestar
 Musique des Tziganes de Rouman - Taraf de Haidouks
 Rromani Music from the Abruzzo - Alexian Group
 Bulgarian Wedding Music - Yuri Yunakov Ensemble
 Popular Russian Gypsy Songs - Sergei Pobedinski
 Greatest Living Gypsy Voice - Nicolae Gutsa
 Kale Kalore - Vera Bila and Kale
 My Home is Where I Am - Ida Kelarova

 Musiques Tziganes - Nemeth Yoska
 Latcho Drom Soundtrack - Various Artistes
 Road of the Gypsies - Various Artistes
 Art of the Gypsy Cimbalom - Kalman Balogh
 Charcoal Gypsies - Musicians Of The Nile
 Gypsies of Rajasthan - Musifar
 Camaron de la Isla
 Gypsy Flamenco - Carlos Heredia
 Gypsy Flamenco - Cante Gitano
 Flamenco Total - Andres Fernandez Amador

 Pasion Gitana - Romano
 Two Cries for Freedom - Various Artistes
 Gypsy Feelings - Titi Winterstein Quintet
 Manouche Gypsy Music - Various Artistes
 Gypsy Music from the Heart of France - Bratsch
 Gitanos, Soleil de Carmargue - Los Rumberos
 Gypsy Flamenco From the Camargue - Narvalo
 Libre - Narvalo

 Manitas de Plata
 La Camargue de Manitas - Manitas de Plata
 At Carnegie Hall - Manitas de Plata
 The Best of Django Reinhardt
 Classical Soul - Marc Antoine
 Urban Gypsy - Marc Antoine
 Madrid - Marc Antoine

Los Reyes

 Flamenco Passion - Jose Reyes
 Gitan Poete - Jose Reyes
 L'Amour d'un Jour - Jose Reyes
 Bolero - Canut Reyes
 Fete des Saintes-Maries - Los Reyes
 Pasion - Los Reyes
 Tarot - Los Reyes
 Gypsy Legend - Los Reyes

Gipsy Kings

 Gipsy Kings
 Mosaique - Gipsy Kings
 Allegria - Gipsy Kings
 Este Mundo - Gipsy Kings
 Gipsy Kings Live!
 Love et Liberte - Gipsy Kings
 Tierra Gitana - Gipsy Kings
 The Best of the Gipsy Kings
 Cantos de Amor - Gipsy Kings
 Compas - Gipsy Kings

 Nomade - Chico and the Gypsies
 Vagabundo - Chico and the Gypsies


Latcho Drom (1993)
The Romany Trail, Part One: Gypsy Music Into Africa (1992)
The Romany Trail, Part Two: Gypsy Music Into Europe (1992)
Tierra Gitana - Gipsy Kings (1996)
Flamenco - Joaquin Cortes (1997)
Flamenco Women (1998)
Mondo (1994)
Carpati: 50 Miles, 50 Years (1997)
Time of the Gypsies (1990)

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Romani Museums and Exhibits
Ethnographic Museum
     Krakowska St. 10 
     Tarnow, POLAND

     Tel: +(48) 14 22 06 25

Muzeum Romské Kultury
     Jugoslávská 17 

     Tel: +(42) 5 581206 or +(42) 5 571798 

The Gordon Boswell Romany Museum
     Clay Lane 
     Spalding, Lincs. PE12 6BC, ENGLAND

     Tel: +(44) 1775 710599

The Romany Folklore Museum
     Limes End Yard, High Street 
     Selborne, Nr. Alton, Hants GU34 3JW, ENGLAND 

     Tel: +(44) 1420 511480

Wheelwrights Working Museum and Gypsy Folklore Collection
     Webbington Loxton, Nr. Axbridge 
     Somerset BS26 2HX, ENGLAND 

     Tel: +(44) 1934 750841

The Romany Experience
     Paultons Park Leisure Park
     Ower, Romsey
     Hampshire SO51 6AL, ENGLAND

     Tel: +(44) 1703 814442

Musée Tsigane
     13460 Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, FRANCE

     Tel: +(33) 4 90 97 52 85 

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