Romani (Gypsy) culture and social issues.

There are many Roma organisations, and Roma-related organisations, in many countries that are contributing to political activism, education, health, public services, research, and many other areas. This list is not definitive by any means. All organisations were current when listed.

If you know of an organisation that should be included here, or know of any changes in the organisations listed below, please send the name of the organisation, addresses and points-of-contact, and a brief description to <>.

Roma Flag, Opre Roma

O narodo Romano si les derecho te 
arakhel pesko drom karig o progreso.
Australia - Austria - Belgium - Bulgaria - Canada - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republicc - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Ireland - Italy - Macedonia - Norway - Poland - Romania - Slovak Republic - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - United Kingdomm - United States

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Romani Association of Australia, Inc.
16 Holman Street
Curtin, Australian Capital Territory 2605, AUSTRALIA

Established in 1992 for people of Romani descent, the objectives are to assist Roma to find their rightful place in Australia, supply information to members and the public, enable national and international Romani links, and provide a forum for cultural activities and discussion among Roma. Activities include a bi-monthly newsletter to members and an annual gathering for Roma.

Tel: +(61) 2 6282 4747
Fax: +(61) 2 6285 4409

The Romani Council
P.O. Box 779
Mail Exchange Ringwood
Victoria 3134 AUSTRALIA

Tel: +(61) 413 718 274

Romani International - Australia Inc.
289 Cross Rd.,
Clarence Gardens
South Australia 5039 AUSTRALIA

Established in 1975, this is a political association, working for changes in government policy and practices. It is also active in practical aspects of preserving and presenting culture, and education. Assists Roma to come to Australia as refugee, immigrant or visitor and assists newly arrived Roma.

Tel: +(61) 8 8297 0204
Fax: +(61) 8 8297 0003

Romani Union Australia
PO Box 186
Melrose Park, South Australia 5039, AUSTRALIA

An umbrella organization coordinating Romani organisations in Australia and presenting Romani issues to the government. Publishes Latcho Drom.


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Romano Centro
Urschenböckgasse 8
1110 Vienna, AUSTRIA

Goals and tasks are to preserve the Romani language, provide advice in social and foreign law questions, maintains contact with foreign Roma organisations and international authorities, and provide cultural exchanges. Publishes the quarterly magazine Romano Centro.

Tel/Fax: +(43) 1 749 63 36

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Vlaams Centrum Woonwagenwerk
Ravenstraat 112
B-3000 Leuven BELGIUM

A social service organisation for Gypsies and Travellers in Flanders providing information on social services, education, traditions, and more.

Tel: +(32) 16 232363
Fax: +(32) 16 233140

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Foundation for Regional Development ROMA
12 Malina St..
4000 Plovdiv, BULGARIA

"The main aims of the foundation include: improving the social, cultural and economic status of the Gypsies in the Plovdiv region; helping low-income families, handicapped, lonely mothers and other people in need; encouraging and helping talented Gypsy children to develop in the field of arts, sports and science; stimulating scientific and artistic works dealing with Gypsy problems and recognising the traditions of the Gypsy ethos; motivating and stimulating Gypsies for education, additional training and active participation in the development of the Plovdiv region and the forming of open citizen society; and organising seminars and training people in the field of economics, social sciences, business, etc." Chairman: Anton Karagiozov.

Tel: +(359) 32 268 416
Tel/Fax: +(359) 32 622 322
E-mail: or

Minority Studies Society STUDII ROMANI
Emil Markov, bl. 110, entr. 4, ap. 64.
1404 Sofia, BULGARIA

Tel: +(359) 2 681654
Fax: +(359) 2 591043

Romani Baht Foundation
Fakulteta District
1 Tumba St.
1373 Sofia, BULGARIA

The office of the foundation is established in the largest Roma district in Sofia, Fakulteta, which consists of 7000 Roma familes, about 35,000 people. The staff consists primarily of Roma, with non-Roma experts in several fields. Students from the New Bulgarian University, Sofia, also are on staff. The foundation provides legal and administrative assistance, urgent lifesaving and qualified medical aid to Roma, and supports the 75th School T. Kableshkov Project, directed in stimulating children's interest in Roma, and the renovation of the local school in the Fakulteta district.

Tel/Fax: +(359) 2 920 15 45

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Roma Community and Advocacy Centre
122 S. Patrick Street
Suite F-24, Box 114
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2X8 CANADA

The Roma Community and Advocacy Centre was started in September 1997 after the unexpected arrival of over 3,000 Czech-Roma refugees in Canada. This was the first time in Canadian immigration history that a large number of people arriving in Canada and asking for Convention Refugee status declared themselves to be Roma fleeing persecution because of their ethnic identity. The centre was established to help future Roma refugees and immigrants to integrate smoothly into Canadian society.

Tel: +(416) 588-6288 (ask for Paul St. Clair)
Fax: +(416) 588-2435

Western Canadian Romani Alliance
Box 38045 King Edward Mall P.O.
Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4L9, CANADA

Tel: +(604) 601 1499

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Klub Roma Hrvatske
Zagreb, I. Andriloveèka 30

Aims to promote, develop and advance the Roma culture in Croatia.

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Dom Research Center
9A Tefkros Street, Office #3
Larnaca 6011, CYPRUS

The Dom Research Center was established in 1999 to promote Middle East and North Africa Gypsy Studies.  The web site is an extension of the center housing documents and pictures for Dom studies and an on-line journal of new research.


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Centrum Romistiky (The Romani Studies Center)
Horeni 13
400 96 Usti nad Labem, CZECH REPUBLIC

Established in 1996, the center's concept is the training of future educators in the field of Romani Studies. The Romani language and the history and culture of the Roma are taught at the center. The Romani Studies Center also cooperates with the New School Foundation, taking part in their projects as a specialized educational workplace, and it attempts to be of some assistance to schools in northern Bohemia which have a high percentage of Romani pupils. The Center provides technical advice and information within the framework of its opportunities.

Tel: +(42) 0 4 745 241 370

Helsinki Citizens' Assembly, Roma Section
Dominikanske namesti 4/5

The HCA Roma Section represents Roma interests in the international human rights organisation Helsinki Citizens´ Assembly (HCA). Working both on international and local levels the HCA Roma Section seeks to establish a network of Roma activists in Central and Eastern Europe. The HCA Roma Section newsletter monitors the situation of Roma in the Czech and Slovak Republics and in other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Tel: +(42) 0 5 422 15 745
Fax: +(42) 0 5 422 10 265

Nadace Dzeno (The Dzeno Foundation)
Ivan Vesely, Director
Pstrossova 25
110 00 Praha 1, CZECH REPUBLIC

An information analysis center for Romani issues and the monitoring of the Czech press.

Tel: +(42) 0 2  249 12 610
Fax: +(42) 0 2  249 12 614

Nadace Romane Chave (The Romane Chave Foundation)
Pozemkovy fond (Property Fund)
Tesnov 17
117 05 Praha 1, CZECH REPUBLIC

This foundation was formed in 1992 with the intent of supporting the education of Romani children and the Romani Center. During this period its activity has provided for summer camps for Romani children, various tours, a parade of Romani children's groups, and the Advancement of the Education of Romani Children and Youth project in cooperation with the Tolerance Foundation.

Tel/Fax: +(42) 0 2 218 12 827

Romani Children and Youth Association
of the Czech Republic
Obeciny 29
760 01 Okres Zlin, CZECH REPUBLIC

Tel: +(42) 0 6 772 15 908

Romska Obcanska Iniciativa (The Romani Civic Initiative)
Celakovskeho sady 12
120 00 Praha 2, CZECH REPUBLIC

Established in 1989, it has approximately twenty thousand members. After the Roma exodus in 1997, the ROI worked for the acceptance of Romani applicants to the police force, their re-training and incorporation into the patrol services, and the earmarking of spots at police academies for Romani applicants.  It calls on the government to accept a measure to increase the safety of Roma in the Czech Republic.

Tel/Fax: +(42) 0 2  249 14 690

More Romani Organisations in the Czech Republic
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The Romany Mission/Romano Missio Ry.
Vilppulantie 2C4
00700 Helsinki, FINLAND

The Romany Mission is the oldest Romani organisation in Finland, established over 90 years ago. It's main goals are children's welfare and social aid with over 40 workers in it's organisation.


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Association Nationale Tzigane d'Enseignement
et Pédagogie Scolaire (ANTEPS)
34 Sentier de la Jarrie
93 370 Montfermeil, FRANCE

Tel: +(33) 01 43 32 06 40
Fax: +(33) 07 43 32 19 97

Association Tsiganes Solidarités
44, Chemins des Izards
31200 Toulouse, FRANCE

Tel: +(33) 05 62 72 48 40
Fax: +(33) 05 62 72 48 52

Comité pour le Respect des Droits des Tsiganes
9 rue du Languedoc
13 220 Châteauneuf-lès-Martigues, FRANCE

Tel : +(33) 04 42 79 92 66

Coordination des Associations Tsiganes de France
189 Chemin Capdebarthe
64110 Gelos, FRANCE

Etape 29 - Gens du Voyage
19 Rue Jean-Paul Jaffrés
29490 Guipavas, FRANCE

Established to seek available camping land for the approximately 100.000 travelling Gens du Voyage (including Gitans, Roma, Sinti and Manouche) in France. This organisation also seeks schooling for travelling children and assists "sedentary" Roma by improving living facilities by volunteer efforts.

Tel: +(33) 02 98 30 53 82

Romano Atmo
7 rue Furtado Heine
75014 Paris, FRANCE

Tel: +(33) 01 43 20 18 29

Romano Yekhipe, France
16 rue du Bois Marquis
91740 Congerville, FRANCE

French Office of the International Romani Union.

Tel: +(33) 01 64 95 91 16

Union Socio-Educative Tzigane d'Aquitaine (USETA)
19 Avenue Pierre-Wiehn BP 143
33606 Pessac Cedex, FRANCE

"Baxtalo 8 Aprili Themutno Romano Dive Tumenge i tumare havorenge. Te del o Del but baxt! Amalipe."

Tel/Fax: +(33) 05 56 45 92 29

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Dokumentations und Kulturzentrum
Deutscher Sinti und Roma
Zwingerstrasse 18
69117 Heidelberg, GERMANY

Tel: +(49) 622 198 1102
Fax: +(49) 622 198 1190

Katholische Zigeunerseelsorge in Deutschland
Am Kielshof 2
D - 51105 Köln, GERMANY

Tel.: +(49) 221 830 45 13
Fax: +(49) 221 83 21 97

Landesverband Deutscher Sinti und Roma
Berlin-Brandenburg e. V.
Postfach 62 02 46
D-10792 Berlin, GERMANY

Tel: +(49) 30 787 51 77
Fax: +(49) 30 787 51 78

Roma National Congress
European Central Office
Simon von Utrecht Str. 85
D-20359 Hamburg, GERMANY

The Roma National Congress was founded in order to help protect and represent Roma who have become stateless or de facto stateless through political developments in which they were prevented from taking an active part. While operating on the European level, the Roma National Congress also participates in other international efforts to represent the Roma, including EUROM and the Standing Conference for Cooperation and Coordination of the Romani Associations in Europe (SCCCRAE).


Romani Union Berlin e. V.
Kyffhäuserstrasse 23
D-10781 Berlin, GERMANY

Tel/Fax: +(49) 30 21 75 57 88

Roma Union Frankfurt
Petterweilstr. 4 - 6
60385 Frankfurt/Main, GERMANY

Tel: +(49) 439779 or +(49) 442211

 More Roma and Sinti Organisations in Germany
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Drom Network
Attn: Alekos Kandasiadis
10 Thalitos Str.
Thessaloniki, 54645, GREECE

Provides legal and administrative assistance for Roma in the Thessaloniki area.

Solidarity Center of Roma Women
Lena Chalilopoulou, Director
Aiakou 21
Ilion 13122
Athens, GREECE

Tel/Fax: +(30) 1 26 24 301

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Amalipe Association of Roma Culture and Traditions
Fõ út 49
1196 Budapest, HUNGARY

Tel: +(36) 1 282 8738

Association of Roma Women Participating in Public Life
Guttenberg tér 3. III/3
1088 Budapest, HUNGARY

Tel: +(36) 1 267 4900 or 1 137 2865

Autonomy Foundation (Hungarian Foundation for Self-Reliance)
Budakeszi út 55/D.P/7.V/2
Budapest 1021, HUNGARY

Alleviation of poverty, minority rights, and economic betterment of the Roma community in Hungary. Legal Defense Bureau for National and Ethnic Minorities to investigate claims of violation of rights by Roma individuals and families and to provide legal defense in those cases necessary. Gives grants for income generating projects for Hungary's Roma community based on growing unemployment among Roma.

Tel: +(36) 1 393 0621 or 393 0937
Fax: +(36) 1 176 7435

European Roma Rights Center
1386 Budapest 62
P.O. Box 906/93 HUNGARY

The European Roma Rights Center is a public interest law organization that defends the human rights of Roma. Its purpose is to advocate for the transnational, geographically diverse Romani community and be a legal resource for Romani rights. The European Roma Rights Center works to give Roma tools to combat discrimination and win equal access to government, education, employment, health care, housing, and public services.

Research Activity -
Legal Activity -
Human Rights Education -
Grants and Scholarships -
Tel: +(36 1) 4282 351
Fax: +(36 1) 4282 356

Foundation for Roma Civic Rights and Legal Protection
Ferenc krt. 22
1092 Budapest, HUNGARY

Tel: +(36) 1 218 6476

Roma Participation Project
Open Society Institute
P.O.Box 519
H-1397 Budapest, HUNGARY

The RPP gives seed grants to relatively new Romani NGOs to open offices. The grants are aimed at creation of new offices for development of grassroots community development in areas where Roma live in high concentration. Grantees may engage in all kinds of work and have a variety of different philosophies. All are, however, somewhat involved in public policy advocacy. The RPP is part of the Open Society Institute.

Tel: +(36) 1 327 3855
Fax: +(36) 1 327 3841

Roma Research Institute
Dózsa Gy. út. 23
1146 Budapest, HUNGARY

Tel/Fax: +(36) 1 321 4648

Roma Scientific and Artistic Society
Szilágyi Dezsõ u. 41
1174 Budapest, HUNGARY

Tel: +(36) 1 256 9920

Roma Youth Federation
Váci út 90
1133 Budapest, HUNGARY

Tel: +(36) 30 625 523

Ghandi Secondary School
Komjáth A. u. 5
7600 Pécs, HUNGARY

Tel: +(36) 7 223 9310

Kalyi Jag Roma School for Vocational Training
Felsõerdõsor u. 6
1068 Budapest, HUNGARY

Tel: +(36) 1 351 6522

More Romani Organisations and Media in Hungary
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Pavee Point Travellers' Centre
46 North Great Charles Street
Dublin 1, IRELAND

Pavee Point is a voluntary, non-governmental, organisation committed to the acquisition of human rights for Irish Travellers.  The group is comprised of Travellers and members of the majority population working together in partnership to address the needs of Travellers as a minority group experiencing exclusion and marginalisation. The aim of Pavee Point is to contribute to improvement in the quality of life and living circumstances of Irish Travellers, through working for social justice, solidarity, socio-economic development and human rights.

Tel: +(353) 1 878 0255
Fax: +(353) 1 874 2626

Travellers' Youth Service
Exchange House
St. Catherine's Church
Meath Street
Dublin 8, IRELAND

Exchange House is an organisation of Travellers and settled people working together to provide quality support, development, and youth services to Travellers within the greater Dublin area.

Tel: +(353) 1 454 6488
Fax: +(353) 1 454 6575

More Gypsy and Traveller Organisations in Ireland and the UK
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Centro Culturale Zingaro "Thèm Romanó"
Via Santa Maria Maggiore 12
66034 Lanciano (CH), ITALY

Tel: +(39) 872 714760
Fax: +(39) 872 710905

Centro di Documentazione Zingara (Opera Nomadi)
Via Ivrea 47
10156 Torino, ITALY

Tel: +(39) 11 2622302

Centro Studi Zingari/Romanó Sicarimasko Than
Via dei Barbieri 22
00186 Rome, ITALY

Centro Studi Zingari works to protect and promote the Romani language and culture. It conducts studies and research and offers courses, teaching materials, books, a question and answer service, and publishes the Lacio Drom journal. Assistance offered in Italian, French, English and German.

Tel: +(39) 6 6833181
Fax: +(39) 6 6868760

Opera Nomadi
Via della Guglia 69/a
00186 Roma, ITALY

Tel: +(39) 6 6780996
Fax: +(39) 6 6780972

Romano Drom
Cooperativa di Solidarietà Sociale
Via Carlo Marx 12
20153 Milano, ITALY

Tel/Fax: +(39) 2 98170365

Romano Komiteto ande Italia
c/o Bruno Morelli
Via Genova 62
67051 Avezzano (AQ), ITALY

Tel: +(39) 863 25462

Unione Nazionale Internazionale
Rom e Sinti in Italia (UNIRSI)
Atto costitutivo N° 9309 19/11/1993
Milano, ITALY

Tel: +(039) 06-5578861
Cell: +(0339) 56450509

More Romani Organisations in Italy
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Roma Community Center DROM Kumanovo
Lokalitet Serava prizemje 7a

Tel/Fax: +(389) 012 7558

D.G.Kara 3
91 220 Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia

The humanitarian association of Roma "Kham" (Sun) was established in October 1997. Its purpose is to help to raise public consciousness to provide solutions of Roma problems; mutual coexistence of Roma people around the world; to promote peace as a condition for general  progress and development; special consideration on global connecting of  Roma in the world in all kinds of collaboration; and long range activities in the area of school system and development.

Tel/Fax: +(389) 94 24 806
Cellular Tel: +(389) 70 263 352

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Romani og Romanèsfolkets Landsforbund
Postboks 241
N-4056 Tanager, NORWAY

Tel: +(47) 51 42 18 44
Fax: +(47) 51 42 14 66
E-mail: or

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Advisory and Information Centre of Roma
95-200 Pabianice Lodz

Tel/Fax: +(48) 42 2135773

Centrum Kultury Romow
Stowarzyszenie Spoleczo Kulturalne
Tarnow 33-100 ul. Zydowska 13

Tel: +(48) 60 927 90 88

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Association of Roma Students
P.O. Box 22-68
70-100 Bucharest, ROMANIA

Tel: +(40) 1 659 7813 or +(40) 1 230 62 08
Fax: +(40) 1 23 07 187

Fundatia WASSDAS
Str. Rene Descartes, Nr.6
3400 Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

Tel/Fax: +(40) 64 194 893  int. 26, 27

General Union of Romani
Str. Mihail Kogalniceanu nr. 25 Tg. Jiu
Judet Gorj, ROMANIA

Tel: +(40) 53 214 840

Gypsy Association of Women
"For our Children"
62 Dorobantilor
1900 Timisoara, ROMANIA

Tel: +(40) 56 208 929

Amare Phrala - Legal Defense Bureau for Roma Rights
Somesului nr. 18
3400 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Tel: +(40) 94 277 209

Roma Students Association
P.O. Box 51- 23
Bucharest Sector 5, ROMANIA

Rromani CRISS
P.O. Box 22-68
70100 Bucharest, ROMANIA

The Rrom Center for Social Intervention and Studies.

Tel/Fax: +(40) 1 659 7813
E-mail: or

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Bajkalská 25
82718 Bratislava, SLOVAK REPUBLIC

Fax: +(42) 7 5214577
Tel: +(42) 7 5233303

Jekhetane Spolu
Višnová 8

Tel: +(42) 91 52274

Open Society Fund - Soros Foundation
Staromeská 6a
81103 Bratislava, SLOVAK REPUBLIC

Fax: +(42) 7 5316913
Tel: +(42) 7 5314730

Únia Rómskej Mládeze
Štefánikova 4

Tel: +(42) 95 6232409

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Molino nuevo 42 bajo
18011 Granada, SPAIN

Tel: +(34) 958 15 15 44

Asociación de Gitanos de Navarra "La Majarí"
C/. La Merced 18 Bajo
31001 Pamplona, SPAIN

Tel: +(34) 1 22 41 55.

Asociación Nacional Presencia Gitana
Valderrodrigo 76-78 Bajos A
E-28039 Madrid, SPAIN

A non-profit, intercultural and interracial organization, not affiliated to any particular creed or political party. For 25 years, it has been working for the promotion of the Romani people. Since 1987, Presencia Gitana has been publishing books on subjects relating to Gypsies and Travellers in Spain and Europe.

Tel: +(34) 91 373 62 07
Fax: +(34) 91 373 44 62

Asociación Secretariado General Gitano
C/ Fuencarral, 129 - 5A
28010 Madrid, SPAIN

Tel: +(34) 1 448 1098
Fax: +(34) 1 448 1202

Oripando Kalo
Cine teatro Alameda bajo
11360 San Roque, Cadiz, SPAIN

Tel: +(34) 956 78 19 82

Principios Gitanos
Camino de Santiago 4 bajos CyD.
29640 Fuengirola, Malaga, SPAIN

Tel: +(34) 95 247 68 75

Plaza del Rey Badis s/n
18013 Granada, SPAIN

Tel: +(34) 958 18 88 15

Secretariado Desarollo Gitano
Juan de Mena 3
14002 Cordoba, SPAIN

Tel: +(34) 957 47 09 19

Uníon Romaní (Unión del Pueblo Gitano)
Apartado de Correos 202
E-08080 Barcelona, SPAIN

The Uníon Romaní is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that is concerned with defending the Roma community. It carries out its activities throughout Spain and also works together with the International Union Romani, on activities designed to gain recognition of the culture of the Roma people, as an asset within the global culture.

Tel: +(34) 93 412 77 45
Fax: +(34) 93 412 70 40

Uníon Romaní Andalucia
Galera 16 - 1pr.
41001 Sevilla, SPAIN

Tel: +(34) 95 422 46 68

Villela or Gao Kalo
Bda. La Paz local 13 (pol. Sur)
41013 Sevilla, SPAIN

Tel: +(34) 95 462 58 58

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Föreningen Resandefolket
Annastigen 6
931 70 Skellefteå, SWEDEN

Tel: +(46) 704 75 76 78

Internationell Romani Råd
Löftesgränd 15
931 50 Skellefteå, SWEDEN

Tel: +(46) 910 77 5552
Mobil: +(46)70 5799205

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The Rroma Foundation
Forchstrasse 353
8008 Zurich, SWITZERLAND

The grant-making activities of the RFZ are focused on initiatives which are created and implemented by Rroma, for Rroma. The
main objective is to encourage Rroma to develop projects in various fields (i.e. education, culture, community development, human rights), in order to improve the conditions in which they currently live as well as to build bridges of greater understanding between the Rroma and the non-Rroma communities.

Tel.: +(41) 1 383 63 26
Fax: +(41) 1 383 63 02

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Advisory Council for the Education of
Romanies and Other Travellers (ACERT)
Moot House, The Stow
Harlow, Essex, CM20 3AG, ENGLAND

East Anglia Gypsy Council
Plot 3, Travellers Site, Oxney Road
Peterborough, Cambs, ENGLAND

Gypsy Council for Education, Culture,
Welfare and Civil Rights (GCECWCR)
8 Hall Road
Aveley, Essex, RM15 4HD ENGLAND

Tel/Fax: +(44) 1708 868986

Gypsy Traveller Health Information Service
Eastgate House
Burnham Market
Norfolk, PE31 8HH, ENGLAND

An association of Health Professionals, Academics, Lay and Liaison Workers, committed to supporting Gypsy Travellers in health matters, and to furthering the exchange of information between health care providers and Gypsy Travellers.

Tel: +(44) 1328 738316
Fax: +(44) 1328 730368

National Association of Gypsy Women
Meadowview, Goldsmith Drive
Lower Holbridge Road
Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 9QX, ENGLAND

Natl. Assn. of Health Workers with Travellers
Public Health Department
Old Road, Headington
Oxford, OX3 7LG, ENGLAND

The Association seeks to recognise Gypsy/Travellers as an ethnic minority group, promote appropriate and non-discriminatory health care provision in order to reduce inequalities of health for all Travellers, examine the health needs of Travellers, support Traveller health-care providers, and circulate information and promote the Associations activities to other agencies concerned with Traveller health.

Tel: +(44) 1865 226852
Fax: +(44) 1865 226894

National Association of Teachers of Travellers
c/o Essex Traveller Education Service
c/o Alec Hunter High School
Stubbs Lane
Braintree, Essex CM7 3NT ENGLAND

National Gypsy Council
Greenacres Caravan Site
Hapsford, Helsby
Warrington, Cheshire, WA6 OJS, ENGLAND

National Romany Rights Association
Roman Bank, Walpole St.
Andrew, Cambs., ENGLAND

Roma Refugee Organisation
c/o 1B Waterlow Road
London, N19 5NJ, ENGLAND

Tel: +(44) 171 267 8198
Fax: +(44) 171 209 2669

Romany and Traveller Family History Society
6 St James Walk
South Chailey, East Sussex, BN8 4BU, ENGLAND

The Romany and Traveller Family History Society in Britain aids those searching for information on their Romany ancestry. The society is building a bank of information with members help to assist those searching for details of family background and travelling life. The society issues 4 journals, Romany Roads, per year.


Romany Guild
62 Temple Mills Lane
London E15 2ER, ENGLAND

Traveller Education Team
Wigan Education Support Service
Leigh Town Hall
Market Street

Tel: +(44) 1942 404075
Fax: +(44) 1942 404584

UNITE (Unified Nomadic Integrated Transnational Education)
Gypsy Heritage Centre
Willow Pond Farm, Lower Road
Hockley, Essex  SS5 5NL, ENGLAND

Tel: +(44) 1702 232020.

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Association of Gypsies/Romani International, Inc.
649 N. Calumet Road
Chesterton, IN 46304 USA

"This is a non-profit association with the intention of giving glory to GOD, of preserving, maintaining, promoting our Gypsy race, culture, ethnicity, pride, and integrity."


Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO)
Dr. Jagat Motwani - Secretary General
2 Langhans Court
Dix Hills, NY 11746, USA

GOPIO membership is open to all persons of Indian origin, irrespective of their religion, language, region they come from or when they migrated from India. GOPIO thrives for the unity of people of Indian origin.

Tel: +(516) 421 2699
Fax: +(516) 271 8095

Lawyers Committee for Roma Rights and Recognition (LCRRR)
31 Saint Marks Place, Suite UEG
New York City, NY 10003 USA

A partnership of Roma Krisitori and lawyers (both Rom and not) seeking equal rights for Roma as a nation in every country in which they live.

Tel: +(646) 654-0337
Fax: +(646) 602-0366

Lolo Diklo: Roma Against Racism
P.O. Box 13496
Burton, WA 98013 USA

A group of Roma and non-Roma in the Washington state area involved in bringing news of the Romani people to as many people as possible through radio and lectures in schools and libraries.

Tel: +(206) 463-1940

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