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A special greeting to all the ladies that visit me here.

Hi! I'm Axiompc. My real name is Dave. I hail from Sydenham in southeast London, UK. I started this page as a bit of a challenge as I am now 61 years young (54 when I began here) and wanted to see what I could achieve. I signed up on 5th Sept '97 , and I've finished moving in, but am continually redecorating so keep dropping by to check the decor (There's quite a bit added now we've got 15Mb). The majority of the decorating will be on the inner pages of the site, especially the Trivia Pages, so look there please. Initially I was not into the chat scene, although my son was, and did not get to know many people on the Net. Things have changed somewhat now though. If I mentioned my son's nicknames several people would know of me, but my son would kill me if I did that so tough, I'm not. Individuals that know my son may identify him through the similarity of layout and the files used on this page and his own and the fact we both support Crystal Palace Football Club. That is, of course, if they happen to visit here, so I think his identity is safe (Except to the chosen few).

I will say hello to a few people I have come to know on the Net, mainly through my son. There's a fellow called Glennaldo, seems a nice lad............Hi Glenn! (The DeViL-iN-disGuIsE is back. BEWARE!). I must mention a young lady that has claimed me as her adopted 'Net' Dad (Go and see her Picture. She's beautiful and very intelligent! [Don't tell her I let on about it though. She'll kill me if you do!].).......Hello Christin, Whenever your page gets to you, you know where to find me! Eileen, now you know where to find me Hi! Hope the nursing isn't getting you down too much. Hi too to Paul another who now knows where to find me. I'll try and convert you to Microsoft if I can!

Better add a few more nice people that I've got to know in the Computer Lobby at Yahoo. In no order of preference, hi to Veni_Vedi_Veci, shyandquiet98 (who wrote a Poem for me, go see it please, TRUE GIFT ), GrapesRcool, etisme98, Babyyoursofine, jrny2him, Kelly_Queen_of_Sporks, LunaSupaNova (aka LunaQuark & AlbertLunaEinstein), HellsBound_Angel (aka Eve_of_Chaos), peacemaker0517, Sunkiss_u, Beemasterdotcom, Cheetachatpro, brynmill_mumbles, sheenada, TLC298, Ch_jam, cd_rom_dealer, quietinthecorner2, OverMinding, paperchick, red_princess, spanishjewelinautumn, malboss, Morphine_Sulphate, ibcherie, megabits, Scoresgirl, Pearl_Panther, Bucklee_3, Voo36, tmbr_wolf, LoneWolf37 (aka Overclock_It), frank33, wiz_of_oz, MalloyUK, _Justasmokin, MC_Bearcat, CUTTER_X, HogTied2, witty_fuchia, Seerial_mom, Computer_Hardware_Expert, Ares_of_cold_fire, kentcommaclarke, gerri_atrick, The Delicious Babe, MirandaOK, mirandadd, BlueEyedTweety, Dark_Joleus, Sally_was_29, dkozial, gay54, dingus58 and g_pan (aka the author of Cheetachat). (There may still be a few missing so let me know if you are, please!)
Best wishes for the future to everyone that visits here, and that includes a few visitors that are friends of my son, Jennifer (MillersAngels), Kerrie (Kegz) and Katie (Swts) and anyone that thinks they know me through reading what's on these pages.

I've been forced to remove my work page as some 'jumped up' bureaucrat disapproved of me using my companies logo, incorrectly too it seems. I don't know but it was taken from their literature and used as it appeared there!. As of 23rd September 1999 I will no longer work for them so no skin off my nose. No advertisement for them now, and so much for me having sung their praises!

Other than what I have said, there is little more for you to know about me except I enjoy tinkering on the PC. That's all for now, as I think of more I'll update it. I've added a few personal notes and things about me beside the links to my inner pages. Some of these pages have been amended and incorporated into the Trivia section as space was becoming a premium and I needed to recover some for new items.

My interests are:

Soccer. (Crystal Palace FC are the greatest.)
Computers (They are a mystery to be solved)
Formula 1 (But NOT on Commercial Television.)
Life in general (We don't have long to explore it to the full.)

Food for Thought : The owners of the .gif format for pics are restricting the use of that format due simply to GREED and LUNACY!! CompuServe if memory isn't failing me!!


Links to My Other Topics.

Crystal Palace Football Club. This page is now a completely separate page. Please visit.

Picture courtesy of shyandquiet98.

This is Me!
I was born on Bastille Day 1943

3422044 3422044

I'm beginning to enjoy working on Web Pages. Apart from my own, I have assisted in the building of many other than my own. Any similarities between them, and my own is purely accidental. There are still more that I am currently assisting with and enjoying every minute of it.
It is difficult trying to explain the code and how it works not being face to face, but with ICQ, this can be overcome to a large degree. Thanks to Mirabilis and ICQ. LONG MAY IT REMAIN FREE! Mirabilis/AOL Please Note!

ICQ is one of the best programs freely available on the Net. It MUST remain free or it will die! End users do not get a lot of stuff for free and charging for ICQ will stop its use by the vast majority of the current users. The messages of protest on it are the signs that this will happen if charges are imposed by Mirabilis/AOL.

If you are having trouble with a home page either e-mail me or use ICQ. Both are available from this page, ICQ Pager above (even for non-ICQ users) and e-mail below.
The new ICQ 2002 will always be amongst the best programs you can download for FREE, and that's the way it MUST stay to maintain/increase it's popularity.


My Current ICQ Status


This page shows pictures of myself and chat friends I've met. I hope it grows from these humble beginnings.

The pages that were here are now part of the Trivia section, Please check them out there.

Again, these pages have been incorporated into the Trivia pages. Look there please..

This page is my nonsense page. It contains useless trivia (over 350 topics) that may prove interesting or boring. It also has Hints and Tips for PC Users.
This is the page that will have most updates I think. Check it out as new topics are added regularly, along with additions to existing trivia.

The above are the major contents of my Pages. Click the above/left Icons to see the pages.

My ISP. Well worth a visit!

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Please come back soon and visit me to check on developments.

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