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Friulian adjectives and nouns have two grammatical genders (masculine and feminine) and two numbers (singular and plural).

The plural of feminine adjectives/nouns always ends in S.

If the adjective/noun ends with E in the singular, it ends with IS.

man mans

cjase cjases cjasis

Masculine adjectives/nouns form the plural in the same way - except with words ending with L which change the L in I to form the plural.

cjan cjans

poete poetes poetis

gjal gjai

zenoli zenoi

A few masculine adjective/nouns display a prepalatal CJ sound in the plural.

artist artiscj

trist triscj

Words which in Italian change their gender in the plural (e.g. ginocchio (m sing)-ginocchia (f pl), braccio-braccia, orecchio-orecchie) do not behave in the same way in Friulian.

zenoli zenoi

braç braçs

orele orelis

Friulian surnames traditionally change according to gender and number.

Prampar Prampare (feminine) Prampars (plural)

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