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We are a Christian, homeschooling family and that is exactly what our pages are about! We pray that they will encourage you, make you laugh, and possibly help you.

Our family includes Remmington, our four year old golden retriever; Harford, our lop-eared rabbit; and now two Easter Egg Chickens.

Some of my interests are:
learning how to be a Godly mom and wife, crafting(when I have time), sewing, homeschooling, canning,learning more about cooking and saving money, Oh yeah! I love candles and teddybears and herbal tea~ but especially teddybears!:)

My husband's interests are:
reading(mostly history, but many biographies and military books too), watching the History Channel, hunting, fishing (if and when he has the time!), owning his own small business (Northeast Fire Suppression)-not really an interest as much as a dream - fixing up his '58 Chevy Impala.

Please email me if you would like!

If you EVER find something offensive on one of our links, please make me aware of the page and problem, just click on the little mail box and give me the scoop! We appriciate all the help we can get!

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