Oi! American Oi! : The Bands

The U.S. of Oi!

Agnostic Front
Okay, not really American Oi!, but American hardcore at its finest
One of the oldest American Oi! bands still playing hailing from Atlanta, GA
The Authority
Skinhead ruck-n-roll from Southern California
Battle Cry
Straight up Oi! Oi! music from New York City
Blanks 77
You wanted it, you got it! Pogo punk from NJ
Bottom of the Barrel
Oi!/punk from New York City
Bovver Wonderland
Drink along with this street punk trio from L.A.
The Bruisers
You wanted it, you got it! Classic American Street Rock-n-roll from New Hampshire
Dropkick Murphys
Old school streetpunk from Boston
Ducky Boys
Some more o' dat New England Oi!
The Effigies
The original Chicago skinhead band and one of the first American Oi! bands
Fully Loaded
Bootstomping Oi! made from L.A.'s finest
Glass Heroes
Street punk in the '77 vein
Iron Cross
D.C.'s finest and one of the first American Oi! bands
90 Proof
Fast streetpunk from Arizona
Ultraviolent Oi! from the Big Apple
Oi!-core from Chapel Hill, NC
Oi! music from the Motor City
Red White & Blue
Patriotic Oi! from New Jersey
The Service
Heavy sounding Brew City Oi!
Good ol' American Oi! from Deleware
The Sussed
Iron City Oi! from Pittsburgh, PA
The Templars
In your face street punk from New York City
United 121
DC's premiere Oi! band
The Workin' Stiffs
Traditional Oi! from the Bay Area

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