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page for FTP info & annotated Links

"If you can't take a bloody nose, then maybe you ought to go back home and crawl under your bed. It's not safe out here. It is wondrous. With treasures to satiate the desires of both the subtle and gross. But it is not for the timid."
- Q in "Q Who" (ST:TNG)


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StarTrek Alien fonts

Babylon 5 Alien fonts

Other SF Alien fonts

FTP info & annotated Links, here

How To Font

Dune Chakobsa Language

Games, Maps & Textfiles

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FTP sources

Look at a text list of trek ftp sites.

 Tommy's recommended links

Favorites, some of these below are repeated on the font page.

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 Science and Tech Info Sources - Links

Science links

 Trek Tech links
: Do you wonder how all those devices on trek work, or want more details about the ships? Transport to:

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