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Amazon (Movies): Movies; includes personalized recommendations and wish lists for registered users. Good resource for deciding whether or not to see a newly released film. This site collects top 10 lists of film critics, counts the number of mentions each film receives, ranks them in order, and makes all kinds of charts from the final data.

Roger Ebert : One of my favorite film critics.

Ebert & Roeper: You can access sound bites from their most recent television show. Tim Dirks has created an awesome site that is a wonderful tool for film fans everywhere.

FilmWise: The most unique Movie and DVD screenshot trivia site on the web today. Check out our monthly contest, weekly quizzes, and the infamous Invisibles.

Internet Movie Database: Best movie resource site on the net...period.

Kenny, Glenn : The head critic at Premiere Magazine.

Kubric 2001: The Space Odyessey Explained: A multimedia presentation designed to explain the meanings of the four parts of the film. Requires Flash.

Metacritic -Film: Compares reviews between critics. Film ratings based on a weighted average of various individual reviews. Official site of the gadfly of corporations, creator of the films Roger and Me and Bowling for Columbine. is a comprehensive guide to new movies online including trailers, industry news, show times and tickets, and reviews.

Movie City News: Excellent resource for a critics consensus of the years best movies.

Movie Review Query Engine: Online directory of movie reviews.

Oliver Stone: The one and only original Stone site on the web since November of 1995. The official Academy Awards site.

Oscar guy, The: Predictions, news, analysis, history, and databases.

Rotten Tomatoes : Reviews and previews of movies, videos, DVDs, and video games from print, online, and broadcast critics.

Sijmen's Oscar Experiment: Film fan predicts Oscar winners with his unique formula. This is a great source for catching the years best.

Yahoo Movies! : Movies DVD / Video My Movies Search: Entire movie database ...

RECIPROCAL LINKS: Classic Movies: The best source for exploring classic movies, film and cinema on the Web. Edited by Brad Lang. Hollywood Movies/Reviews: Excellent resources and alot of is setting the standards for movie sites on the world wide web.

As A Side Note...: Movie News & Reviews from 3 guys who care. This well crafted site includes excellent reviews of new releases (theater and video), movie and director lists, and much more.

Best Film Lists: Binghamton University provides this useful index.

The Cinematheque : Film reviews and lists with a slant toward World Cinema and Art Films.

David Macdonald's Movie Reviews: Film buff offers fine reviews as well as hollywood archives, movie forums, and much more.

Daves UK Film Page: A film fan reviews recent movies and encourages others to send in their reviews as well. Site also includes a message board, oscar predictions and much more. Film articles and reviews, tips for new filmmakers, and links to filmmaking resources.

Gordon's Movie Lists Site: This is a good site that contains lists of films-mainly end of the year films and all-time best film lists Entertainment portal where visitors can share movie and music reviews.

Moviecheckpoint:Check out Moviecheckpoint for links to the Newest Movie Reviews, from some of the Top Film Critics in the Nation, plus links to some of the Newest Posters, Trailers, and DVDS.

Movie Insider, The: Your source for movies; This is an excellent site which contains information on new releases, future flicks, box office, DVD, movie reviews and much more.

Movie Times, The: In-depth movie box office statistics, release schedules, reviews, and over 150 actor and actress pages and more.

Onde-Spirale: Onde-Spirale is a group of talented people that compose music for films and television. Many tracks to listen to in free streaming audio.

Russian Movies : This site is dedicated to Russian movies (Russian Films / Soviet Cinema). For now it's more of a reference index (on top of the page) to films on RBC, RussianBuy, Ozon & etc.

Qwipster's Movie Reviews: Movie reviews by Vince Leo, covering classic films and new releases, from the mainstream to the obscure Website dedicated to enhancing your movie going experience through comprehensive reviews, and feedback from our users.

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