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MOST RECENT FEEDBACK (02.06.08-03.02.06)

*We apologize for the feedback page being down for the last ten months. A glitch was discovered and it has been repaired. 1/3/09

On 2/6/08 Olly Mount ( submitted the following:

1)ice age 2) ice age two 3) bambi

On 1/19/08 Bole Srbija ( submitted the following:

1)Pulp Fiction 2)Apokalipse now 3)Godfather part II

On 12/12/07 philip sy ( submitted the following:

Not in order of preference:
1) Casablanca 2) Gone with the Wind 3) TaxiDriver 4) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 5) Doctor Zhivago 6) Unforgiven 7) The Last Samurai 8) Memoirs of a Geisha 9) Deerhunter 10) Gladiator 11) Braveheart 12) The passion of Christ 13) The Seven Samurai 14) Apocalypse Now 15) Sound of Music 16) It's a Wonderful World 17)Midnight Cowboy 18) Legends of the Fall 19) Once upon a Time in the West 20) Spartacus 21) Life is Beautiful 22) Godfather Part2 23) West Side Story 24) The way We Were 25) The Searchers 26) The last of the Mohicans 27) Babel 28) The Departed 29) MYstic River 30) An Affair to Remember 31) Cool Hand Luke 32) Ordinary People 33) Schindler's List 34) Ben Hur 35) Rocky 36) Once upon a time in America 37) LOTR trilogy 38) Star wars trilogy 39) Godfather Part 1 40) To kill a Mockingbird 41) The Exorcist 42) Barry Lyndon 43) The Champ (Jon Voight movie) 44) Chinatown 45) Crash 46) Spartacus 47! ) Splendor in the Grass 48) Rebel without a cause 49) Love Story 50) The Graduate

On 8/6/07 John DiPreHank Mullaney ( submitted the following:

1.) Barfly
2.) Memento
3.) Miller's Crossing
4.) Rushmore
5.) LA Confidential
6.) AngelHeart
7.) Rumble Fish
8.) Box of Moonlight
9.) Vanilla Sky
10.) The Fifth Element

On 7/18/07 David Wright ( submitted the following:

Last of the Mohicans, Papillon, Patton, The Money Pit, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Alien, A Bridge Too Far, Goodfellas, Bridge Over The River Kwai, Bull Durham, Casablanca, Field of Dreams,Some Like It Hot, Doctor Strangelove, Bananas, The Best Years of Our Lives, Raiders of the Lost Ark, M*A*S*H , North By Northwest, Trainspotting, Pirates of Caribbean, The Godfather, This Is Spinal Tap, Waterloo, Ferris Bueller's Day Off , Zulu, Cat Ballou , 2001: A Space Odyssey , Dangerous
Beauty, Kingdom of Heaven, My Cousin Vinny, A Shot In The Dark, Amamdeus, the Right Stuff, Breveheart, Rob Roy, The Last Detail, The Party, American Beauty, The Great Escape, Glory, Adaptation, A Clockwork Orange, Unforgiven, Master and Commander, The Truman Show, Cable Guy, 12 Monkeys, Jaws, Fargo, Terminator, Das Boot, Saving Private Ryan, Ghostbusters, The Big Red One, Fortrest Gump, Fight Club, American Graffiti, Wing Commander, Gladiator

On 7/4/07 catherine ( submitted the following:

I'd like to use a couple of the film stills from Shadowlands that you've used on your site -- to illustrate a feature on children and grief. Do you know where I can get copyright permission?

On 6/25/07 cam ( submitted the following:

1.The Karate Kid
2.Planes Trains And Automobiles
3.The Man Without A Face

On 6/11/07 Tim (n/a) submitted the following:

GREAT list!! Agreed with nearly everything.

Was glad to see Barfly included. It is one of my all time faves, and a sorely underestimated movie.

On 6/6/07 Mathieu (n/a) submitted the following:

1)2001 2)Taxi driver 3) Ed Wood

On 6/3/07 Tom Neary ( submitted the following:

1) Delicatessen
2) Fargo
3) Alien

On 5/1/07 Joshua Surratt ( submitted the following:

1:The Elephant Man 2:007 3:Halloween

On 4/3/07 Robert Gallacher (n/a) submitted the following:

1. Lawrence of Arabia
2. Rear Window
3. Finding Nemo
4. It's a Wonderful Life
5. Star Wars
6. The Bridge on the River Kwai
7. E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial
8. Jaws
9. The Godfather
10. Citizen Kane
11. Schindler's List
12. The Lord of the Rings
13. The Lion King
14. Goodfellas
15. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
16. On the Waterfront
17. The Jungle Book
18. The Shining
19. Casablanca
20. The Searchers
21. Chinatown
22. Jurassic Park
23. Gone With the Wind
24. The Shawshank Redemption
25. Watership Down
26. Indiana Jones
27. To Kill A Mockingbird
28. Apocalypse Now
29. The Apartment
30. Gladiator

On 3/28/07 serdar aktay (efey?ld? submitted the following:

the godfather trology
schidler's list
the shawshank redemption
once upon a time in america

On 2/24/07 zachariah (drago451 at submitted the following:

A lot of the Tome stone sound bites are broken. That is like my favorite movie, and I would like some if them if you could fix them.

On 2/15/07 agi ( submitted the following:

1. Shawshank Redemption
2. City of angels
3. Crash
4. Forest Gump
5. The Pianist
6. Shindlers List
7. Dirty Dancing
8. Memento
9. Men of Honour
10. Grean Mile

On 2/6/07 Jenny ( submitted the following:

Request to use Site Content:

I am working on a project in association with the British Video
Association and would like to use some of the content of your site for one
which we are building. Could you please provide me with the relevant
contact details?

Kind Regards,


On 2/5/07 Dima ( submitted the following:

from visitor Terminator site

My name is Dima. I'm from Russia.
I'd Knew about you from
I made video trailer and some images in Terminator theme.
May be it will be intresting for you.
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Have comments or offers - write:

On 1/30/07 Elijah Guller ( submitted the following:


02. Rocco e i suoi fratelli (Visconti)
03. Il lavoro (Visconti - short)
04. Senso (Visconti)
05. La terra trema (Visconti)

06. L'eclisse (Antonioni)
07. La notte (Antonioni)
08. L'avventura (Antonioni)
09. Professione: reporter (Antonioni)
10. Identificacione una donna (Antonioni)

11. Mamma Roma (Pasolini)
12. La ricotta (Pasolini)
13. Accattone (Pasolini)
14. Uccelacci e uccellini (Pasolini)
15. Il Vangelo secondo Matteo (Paolini)

16. The Rise Of XVII. Louis (Rossellini)
17. Socrate (Rossellini)
18. Germania anno zero (Rossellini)

19. La dolce vita (Fellini)
20. La strada (Fellini)
21. Satyricon (Fellini)
22. Tobby Dammit (Fellini)

23. C'era una volta il West (Leone)
24. Umberto D (De Sica)
25. Suspiria (Argento)
26. Secondo Ponzio Pilato (Magni)
27. Il conformista (Bertolucci)

On 1/28/07 Mike ( submitted the following:

1)The Green Mile 2)The Fisher King 3)good morning vietnam 4)Cool Hand Luke 5)one flew over the cukoo's nest

On 1/28/07 Mike ( submitted the following:

you probably dont check this anymore... but what happend to "good morning vietnam!"? im usually not a big war movie kinda guy...but that is a very inspiring and hilarious movie that deserves top 20 at the worst

On 1/15/07 medster ( submitted the following:

1.the shawshank redemption.
2.the departed.
4.pulp fiction.
5.fight club.
7.napoleon dynamite.
8.batman begins.
9.lord of the rings triiology.
10.old school.

On 1/11/07 Gabriel (n/a) submitted the following:

1) Seven Samurai is a great film, but it's on the list twice.

2) There's no way Texas Chainsaw Massacre is on the list, but Casablanca isn't!

On 1/10/07 Adam (n/a) submitted the following:


Just thought you might be interested in visiting the site . It's a movie site in which users can create new categories, vote for movies, and add movies. It's basically a
collection of many unusual categories.



On 1/5/07 bob tallon ( submitted the following:

you forgot Dr. Strangelove

On 12/21/06 Anthony Scolaro (IMARJORYJOHN@AOL.COM) submitted the following:

Seven Samurai
Passion of Joan of Arc
Bicycle Thief
Bringing up Baby
All Quiet on the Western Front
La Strada
Le Grand Illusion
Its a Wonderful life
City Lights

On 12/19/06 Jeff Jones ( submitted the following:

Full Metal Jacket, Hamburger Hill, Pearl Harbor

On 12/12/06 arif hasan ( submitted the following:

shawshank redemption, loards of the rings, titanic

On 11/27/06 n/a (n/a) submitted the following:

Martin Sheen is not in Wall Street. That's Michael Douglas. Easy to mix up, they look and talk similar. Otherwise, great website.

On 11/21/06 Tyler ( submitted the following:

1. Forrest Gump
2. The Deer Hunter
3. Casino
4. Pulp Fiction
5. The Godfather
6. Saving Private Ryan
7. GoodFellas
8. Platoon
9. Full Metal Jacket
10. The Departed

On 11/13/06 pardeshi,pritesh ( submitted the following:

1-gladiator,2-godfather,3-edward scissorhands

On 11/10/06 John DiPrete ( submitted the following:


Thanks for your great compilation of film info, it's an excellent resource for fans (and critics) like myself.

Speaking as an adult, I find often that I am displeased or dissatisfied by a film, purely for "psychological" reasons: I dislike the protagonist or am depressed by the theme. I can appreciate a film in terms of its critical accomplishment, but often feel "let down" if the film fails to endear me, or to lift my spirit. That's my personal response, but I think it's a common experience to many. It's reached the point where I frequently refuse to watch a critically-acclaimed film, if I suspect that the "heroes" or "heroines" will be a turnoff, or that I'll be depressed by the content.

Consulting your own and related sites as a guide, I have compiled a list of film ratings based on psychological impact. I only rate films I have seen personally, using feedback from other film buffs in each of my ratings. So far I have ranked 100 films, and over a dozen TV shows.

It's hard to define the qualifications of an expert, but I consider myself to be an informed reviewer, writing for a variety of large and small publications, ranging from MacWorld (software reviews) to Movie Collector's World (movie reviews). I wrote a trivia book on TV commercials many years ago, and I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, which shouldn't be surprising in light of my psychological interest in the genre.

I will be compiling a Links list in the near future, but currently wish to get the word out to sites which may be interested in my ratings system and list of movies. If you find the content useful, please feel free to mention my site to your visitors or to use my ratings system in any way you feel appropriate. An entry in your Links section would be most appreciated, and would also be reciprocated. My site is --entitled The Protagonist Mood Rating.

Thanks again for your wonderful compendium of reviews,

John DiPrete

On 10/27/06 Majd Shwikh ( submitted the following:

1)American Beauty. 2)Mulholland Drive. 3)Crash

On 10/22/06 Ashley (n/a) submitted the following:

1-butterfly effect 2-2001:a space odyssey 3-gladiator
4-forrest gump 5-platoon 6-gangs of new york 7-sling blade 8-green mile
9-full metal jacket 10-little shop of horrors

On 10/22/06 mike cooke ( submitted the following:

clockwork orange, citizen kane, annie hall, the exorcist, the deer hunter, airplane, tootsie, blue velvet, peggy sue got married, midnight cowboy, wizard of oz, crimes & misdemeanors, psycho, the
tenant, heat of the night, romancing the stone, man with 2 brains, dirty rotten scoundrels, three amigos, something wild

On 10/19/06 Thomas Gullstrand ( submitted the following:

The Top 20 greatest films in modern cinema

1)The GodFather


3)Raging Bull

4)The French Connection



7)The Color of Money

8)Jacob's Ladder

9)Taxi Driver

10)Resevoir Dogs

11)Apocalyps Now


13)High Plains Drifter

14)Dirty Harry

15)Paper Moon

16)About Schmidt

17)The Shawshank Redemption

18)The Jazz Singer

19)The Deer Hunter

20)A Bronx Tale

On 10/18/06 Valerie ( submitted the following:

1. Scarface
2. Last of the Mohicans
3. Dances with Wolves

On 10/9/06 Trudy Parrish ( submitted the following:

1. Gladiator
2. Gone With the Wind
3. Dr. Zhivago
4. Jaws
5. Saving Private Ryan

On 10/5/06 denise ( submitted the following:

1. The Antowne Fisher Story
2. The Breakfast Club
3. House of Sand and Fog

On 9/26/06 Joseph Dante ( submitted the following:

1. Memento, 2. Dark City, 3. Apocalypse Now

On 9/26/06 Rajeev ( submitted the following:

1. The Day of the Jackal
2. The Godfather
3. Ballad of a Soldier
4. On the Waterfront
5. Goodfellas
6. The Godfather, Part II
7. Scent Of A Woman
8. The Shawshank Redemption
9. Carlito's Way
10. Farewell My Concubine
11. Apocalypse Now
12. Casablanca
13. Unforgiven
14. A Streetcar Named Desire
15. Schindler's List
16. The Godfather, Part III
17. Chinatown
18. Scarface
19. Psycho
20. Once Upon A Time In The West
21. Taxi Driver
22. Citizen Kane
23. Pather Panchali
24. The Sound of Music
25. My Cousin Vinny
26. Dead Man Walking
27. A Few Good Men
28. Saving Private Ryan
29. Gandhi
30. Rear Window
31. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
32. Pulp Fiction
33. Rocky
34. Philadelphia
35. The Devil's Advocate
36. Forrest Gump
37. The Matrix
38. Baby's Day Out
39. Gone With The Wind
40. Road To Perdition
41. Raging Bull
42. Fight Club

43. Dog Day Afternoon
44. The Sixth Sense
45. Cast Away
46. Donnie Brasco
47. And Justice For All
48. The Green Mile
49. Top Gun
50. Cliffhanger
51. The Mask
52. Silence Of The Lambs
53. Seven Years In Tibet
54. Gods Must Be Crazy
55. Mission Impossible
56. Once Upon A Time In America
57. Dumb And Dumber
58. Signs
59. Behind Enemy Lines
60. In The Line Of Fire

On 9/23/06 Brian Clegg ( submitted the following:

A correction:
Your list of the AFI's next top 300 puts "Atlantic City" in the wrong year. It was 1980, not 1956. Likely that date miscarried from "Around the World in Eighty Days" (1956), above it.

On 9/21/06 Jack Moulton ( submitted the following:

1) Fight Club
2) Memento
3) Pulp Fiction
4) The Shawshank Redemption
5) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
6) Terminator 2: Judgment Day
7) Trainspotting
8) The Big Lebowski
9) Goodfellas
10) American Beauty
11) The Matrix
12) Se7en
13) Saw
14) Sin City
15) Clerks
16) Die Hard
17) Snatch
18) Full Metal Jacket
19) This is Spinal Tap
20) Twelve Monkeys

On 9/12/06 Sebastian Wood ( submitted the following:


On 9/11/06 Mark Cauley ( submitted the following:

Mark, whats happening? Any new movies youd recommend?

On 9/6/06 Steph K. ( submitted the following:

1) Ghost World 2) Cruel Intentions 3) Mrs. Doubtfire

On 8/24/06 irem cansu orhan ( submitted the following:


On 8/24/06 shona mcleod ( submitted the following:

the shawshank redemption was a great movie on a guy who was covicted of muder for his wife and lover and ends up in jail for 2 muders i now have to do an assignment on it as i watch it a class
assignment and im kinda stuck and would like some help i wish i can find alot about shawshank redemption

On 8/16/06 tamrock ( submitted the following:

i am in love w/ your movie choses ... ive seen almost all of them ... however w/ such a library of movies i have to wonder where is "American X" w/ ed norton .. oh my that was a fab movie and i love
your commets @ the flicks .. you have seen so many movies ,,, oh how about "The Color Purple"... hello!!! we should talk , dude i love movies and appreciate you site !!!! peace out !!!

On 7/25/06 fatma ZEDELi ( submitted the following:

1.natural born killers
3.the others

On 7/23/06 Derrick Trudeau ( submitted the following:

I believe the phase is Mary Jane Rotten Crotch, not Mary Jane Rotten Crouch. At least, that's what it sounds like to me after watching the film 20 times or so. You know, I'm just saying.

On 7/17/06 Greg Cooke ( submitted the following:

1)American Beauty 2)One Flew over the cuckos nest 3)Saving Private Ryan

On 7/6/06 castenada ( submitted the following:

Some years ago I was placed on a watch list because I was researching the 1963 JFK assassination. I already knew the state here knew roughyl who in their employ and associated did it and was involved. Family was named Forewood, liberals owned Perry Engineer works. There was a Luke Redden and his father was Mayor of the city where I am now, Payneham, and inside the library. He was made into a sacrifice, prisoner by the state, for the simple expediency of a need to maintain that level which could have a USA president assassinated from way over here in Ausralia. Paul Newman recently visited me, drove down my street, other side of town. Looked good for a man his age. I was preparing for a shock. You know? I was going to see people who were now ugly, and some were named Forewood, and the manner in which "the state" had set things up was such, that as I did not participate or etc, the JFK assassination, or public sacrifice, had to therefore myself be one too. The cruel!ty and depravity of the state here eclipses anything tha could take a life in less than two minutes.So there's an update. They rebuilt the council place after that, and it now has wirelss Internet and still, two old stones outside, marked Smith and Hay, 1800s.The ugly thing was going to a be w aoman I knew who by now was what Gadafi had said was the centre of world terrorism which shifted to SE ASia in 1984. Her name is Brewter, etc. Ugliness can be exernal or internal
but do you get any uglier than an assassination etc?Hare krsna. Oh, yeah, Cool Hand Luke Redden. It was real estate dealers and crooked judges and an engineering firm called Perry's that did it all.

On 7/5/06 Mr. Mojo Rising ( submitted the following:

I don't know if I'll do a top 100 list or not, but here's my top 10:

1. Vertigo
2. Seven Samurai
3. 2001: A Space Odyssey
4. Citizen Kane
5. Rashomon
6. Sunrise
7. Dr. Strangelove
8. The Godfather
9. Taxi Driver
10. Touch of Evil

On 6/25/06 sam cruce ( submitted the following:

does anyone know if william defoe is a christian?

On 6/25/06 Amy Fitzgerald ( submitted the following:

1. The Shawshank Redemption
2. Toy Story
3. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
4. Pulp Fiction
5. Monty Python and The Holy Grail
6. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
7. The Godfather
8. Taxi Driver
9. Platoon
10. Jacob's Ladder
11. The Usual Suspects
12. American Beauty
13. Road To Perdition
14. Taxi Driver
15. Scarface
16. Face/Off
17. Die Hard
18. Saving Private Ryan
19. Empire Strikes Back
20. Raiders Of The Lost Ark

On 6/22/06 larry ( submitted the following:

rashsamon, ragging bull, citizen cane

On 6/21/06 Chuck Baker ( submitted the following:

Why does it take so long to see new feedback on this site?

On 6/18/06 Sam Watermeier ( submitted the following:

Top 50 in alphabetical order
1. All the President's Men
2. American Graffiti
3. Annie Hall
4. The Aviator
5. Back to the Future
6. Batman
7. Batman Returns
8. The Birds
9. Casino
10. A Christmas Story
11. Citizen Kane
12. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
13. Collateral
14. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
15. Dances With Wolves
16. The Empire Strikes Back
17. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrail
18. Fargo
19. Forrest Gump
20. The French Connection
21. The Godfather
22. The Godfather, Part II
23. Goodfellas
24. The Graduate
25. Groundhog Day
26. Halloween
27. The Haunting
28. Heat
29. The Invisible Man
30. It's a Wonderful Life
31. Jaws
32. Jurassic Park
33. King Kong
34. The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
35. The Matrix
36. Midnight Cowboy
37. Night of the Hunter
38. North by Northwest
39. Psycho
40. Pulp Fiction
41. Raging Bull
42. Raiders of the Lost Ark
43. Rain Man
44. Rear Window
45. Saving Private Ryan
46. Schindler's List
47. Star Wars
48. 12 Angry Men
49. 2001: A Space Odyssey
50. The Wolf Man

On 6/17/06 Graeme Reid ( submitted the following:

1)scarface 2)Heat 3) Goodfellas

On 6/13/06 Kevin Cleys (n/a) submitted the following:

1.Crash 2.Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3. Toy Story

On 6/10/06 Andrew Ennis ( submitted the following:

1.Scarface 2.Heat 3.Saving private ryan

On 5/30/06 katelyn. H ( submitted the following:

1. The Lion King
2. The Nightmare before Christmas
3. Corpse Bride
4. Lord of the Rings
5. Mr. Deeds
6. 8 Crazy Nights
7. Cats and Dogs
8. Coneheads
9. Born Free
10. Just Married

On 5/29/06 Talia TK (n/a) submitted the following:

In no particular order...

1. Bad Boys I & II 2. Basketball Diaries 3. Big 4. Billy Madison 5. Bourne Identity 6. Breakfast Club 7. Coming To America 8. Cruel Intentions 9. Enemy Of The State 10. Face Off 11. Friday 12. Gone In 60 Seconds 13. Goonies 14. Grease 15. House Of Sand & Fog 16. Ice Age 17. Matrix 18. Mission: Impossible 19. Money Pit 20. Monster's Inc. 21. Multiplicity 22. One Flew Over The Cukoo's Nest 23. Overboard 24. PCU 25. Philadelphia 26. Rush Hour I 27. Schindler's List 28.
Scream I-III 29. Stepmom 30. Derailed 31. Final Destination 32. Training Day 33. Liar Liar 34. Finding Nemo 35. Ocean's Eleven (George Clooney one) 36. Green Mile 37. Jay & Silent Bob
Strike Back 38. Can't Buy Me Love 39. Higher Learning 40. Emperor's New Groove 41. American Pie 42. Goodfellas

On 5/26/06 Rebecca ( submitted the following:

1.Moulin Rouge
2.Romeo and Juliet (Baz Lurhman)
3.Forrest Gump
4.White Olliander
6.American Beauty
7.Life is Beautiful
8.Garden State
9.Almost Famous
10.Lord of war
11.The Constant Gardener
12.Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
13.Little Women
14.Shakespeare in Love
15.A little Princess
16.The secret garden
17.Cold Mountain
18.Kill Bill Vol. 1
19.Kill Bill Vol. 2
20.What the Bleep
21.The Interpreter
23.Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
24.I am Sam

On 5/24/06 viraj nadkarni ( submitted the following:

1) shawshank
2) godfather
3) schindler's list

On 5/24/06 Melba Moses ( submitted the following:

Where can I find a list of movies that are based on short stories?

On 5/23/06 Jay ( submitted the following:

I have only seen one mention of Life is Beautiful. This is a foreign film but a great one should be up toward the top of any knowledgeable movie list.

On 5/20/06 Dale White (again) ( submitted the following:

1. The Graduate (1967)
2. Gone with the Wind (1939)
3. Easy Rider (1969)
4. Midnight Cowboy (1969)
5. A Clockwork Orange (1971)
6. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
7. Singin in the Rain (1955)
8. The Godfather (1972)
9. Taxi Driver (1976)
10. Raging Bull (1980)

On 5/19/06 Joe McGuire ( submitted the following:

1)The Godfather
3)The Godfather II
5)The Untouchables
7)Apocalypse Now
8)Raging Bull
9) The Pope of Greenwich Village
10) Planes,Trains,and Automobiles
13)Once Upon A Time In America
14)Animal House
15)Donnie Brasco
16)This Boys Life
17) A Bronx Tale
18)The Return Of The Pink Panther

On 5/4/06 girish ( submitted the following:

my favourite movies

1)Godfather 2)schindler's list 3)pather panchali

On 5/4/06 girish ( submitted the following:

as far as i am concerened satyjait ray is one of the greatest directors of all time.he made some
of the greatest films world ever seen..."pather panchali" "charulata" and "agantuk" there is no doubt that he is a genius.

On 5/4/06 Aktug, Mehmet ( submitted the following:

2)Sheltering Sky
3)Odysee 2001
5)Deer Hunter

On 5/4/06 alab vickers ( submitted the following:

can i have scarface film list

On 4/24/06 Robert Balmer ( submitted the following:

1. Rushmore (Wes Anderson, 1998)
2. Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (Irvin Kershner, 1980)
3. Searching for Bobby Fischer (Steve Zaillian, 1993)
4. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Peter Jackson, 2001)
5. Goodfellas (Martin Scorsese, 1990)
6. Requiem for a Dream (Darren Aronofsky, 2000)
7. The Big Lebowski (Joel Coen, 1998)
8. Beauty and the Beast (Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, 1991)
9. Ghostbusters (Ivan Reitman, 1984)
10. Raiders of the Lost Ark (Steven Spielberg, 1981)

On 4/18/06 aditya ( submitted the following:

1. Rebecca
2. American Beauty
3. Chinatown
4. Big Fish

On 4/17/06 Sabina Zahn ( submitted the following:

1. Pulp Fiction
2. Apocalypse Now
3. Weekend At Berney's

On 4/17/06 Damien Whitehead ( submitted the following:

1. Godfather
2. Apocalypse Now
3. Bio Dome

On 4/15/06 Sean Przano ( submitted the following:

Jurassic Park, The Goonies, JAWS, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Psycho

On 4/3/06 joe ( submitted the following:

hey aaron. i was on and i saw your top list of electronica and i had a few suggestions.
Prefuse 73 and Manitoba. Also your top 100 list kicks ass...

On 4/3/06 Eren Erdogan ( submitted the following:

1)Godfather2)Scarface3)Carlito's Way

On 3/28/06 Dave Seitenbach ( submitted the following:

Animal house, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Caddy Shack, Dirty Harry,Bridge on the River Kwai,Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Graduate, The Sting, Slap Shot, Bullet, Stalag 13, The Great Escape and anything with John Wayne

On 3/24/06 derek maloy ( submitted the following:

Come on are you nuts? Please don't place your List right here. It's embarassing. Lord of the rings???? serious? Braveheart??? serious?? Looking at your lists proves to me you have no idea what cinema is. This are just the modern, popular movies every 14 year old guy likes. I admit many of them are really great, but... there are much more films in history of cinema then just in the ninties.

On 3/20/06 dekrreon cruz ( submitted the following:

1)the elephant man2)kill bill vol 2 3)malibu most wanted

On 3/16/06 Emily Caldwell ( submitted the following:

What about "The Devil's Backbone"? Has anyone seen it? It's directed by Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy), and it's absolutely amazing... check it out if you haven't seen it.

On 3/16/06 John ( submitted the following:

Catch 22, Sir Lawrence of Arabia, The man who would be King and Dr. Zhivago

On 3/13/06 Andrei ( submitted the following:

American History X
Dead Poets Society
Garden State
American Beauty
American Heart
The Ice Storm
Life As A House
Born on the Fourth of July
Primal Fear
Legends of the Fall
Fight Club
Shawshank Redemption
The Green Mile
The 25th Hour
Vanila Sky
The A.I.
Good Will Hunting
The Deer Hunting
Saving Private Ryan
The Terminator-2
Silence of the Lamb
The Red Dragon

On 3/12/06 Annie (n/a) submitted the following:

1)La vie est belle
2)Anne of Green Gables
3)Big Fish

On 3/9/06 adele ( submitted the following:

hello children.. i know this is the most retarded email you've ever received.. but i need a favour. i have an english assessment due, on "dances with wolves" and i'm to unmotivated, and un-talented to write it. i figue you guys are good at this shizz, so i was wondering if you could help someone out?

On 3/6/06 Mark ( submitted the following:

How, in gods name, can you place Braveheart so low on your list. For shame!

On 3/4/06 john doe ( submitted the following:

platoon was the best film ive seen about vietnam

On 3/2/06 Henkie ( submitted the following:

My Top 25 no doubt about it

1. Amores Perros
2. Old Boy
3. Fight Club
4. Saw
5. Donnie Darko
6. True Romance
7. Trainspotting
8. Pulp Fiction
9. Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
10. Spirited Away
11. Se7en
12. Snatch
13. Akira
14. Ghost in the Shell
15. Pi
16. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
17. Traffic
18. Memento
19. Lola Rent
20. Sin City
21. Blow
22. Apocalypse Now
23. Terminator 1&2
24. Cube
25. Scarface

On 3/2/06 Betim LLeshi ( submitted the following:

1)Lord of the rings, 2)Dances with the wolves, 3)Braveheart

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