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Homo sapiens timadamsii (Linn.) is on of the more startling inhabitants of the lower storey of the internet canopy. The subspecies is morphologically variable (see below) and is most easily identified by its unique low-pitched grunting. 

"No female timadamsii have ever been observed, and it is not yet possible to say whether the subspecies is parthenogenetic or is a relict population on the way to extinction. If the latter hypothesis is correct, we are fortunate indeed to live in an era when these magnificent beasts still roam the Earth."

David Attenborough


Some nerd living in New Caledonia (artists impression)
A Mexican-American Tim Adams who likes girls and anime, sometimes both together
A Tim Adams who serves an awesome god and has a nice line in animated fish
An artist Tim Adams who Beavers away in Kansas at cityscapes
A Tim Adams who claims that: Deleuze and Guattari is attractive to architects because "it is a philosophy which tirelessly exteriorises itself", allowing a connection between the extremely abstract and the "exquisitely sensuous" in Adams, Tim 1996 "Diagrams of Interface, Deleuze and Guattari’s Architectural Legacy" in "Deleuze Abstracts" at the symposium "Deleuze; a Symposium" The University of Western Australia, Perth 7 December 1996
A US engineering student Tim Adams who doesn't go for graphics  
A crash-hot percussionist Tim Adams from Covington, Georgia  
Vermont wildlife photographer Tim Adams
Tim Adams Wines. The best in the world from the Clare Valley, Awestrikinfailure
A journalistic Tim Adams who writes for The Observer newsrag
A corporate lawyer Tim Adams at Clifton Ingram Solicitors, Wokingham, Berks
Ellenville, NY, dirt-track motor racing Tim Adams who makes a living as a carpenter/forensic surgeon (presumably not at the same time)  
The 1999 adventures of the (Tim) Adams & Hellyer racing teams
A remarkably similar-looking Tim Adams, realtor at Gundaker's in St Peters.
Barlows Solicitors Guildford office partner Tim Adams  
Tim Adams the management student at the University of Manitoba  
Tim Adams, the Texan roofing contractor. Although a karate instructor, he is "harmless as a frog".
A Tim Adams who wants to
and is with the G7 group, now helping with the US presidential campaign
"Plan competitive strategies and provide technical assistance as an interpreter of financial, economic, and political information in a real-time environment for an entrepreneurial organization"
"Hotshot" former director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Europe, Tim Adams  
Tim Adams the horse-breeder in Indiana
The Yellow Labrador puppy-breeder Tim Adams and registered owner of Somewhere in America
Tim Adams the squirrel hunter Somewhere in America
The US sports coach Tim Adams, of Irish affiliation  
Mount Vernon Varsity coach Tim Adams Coach Tim Adams begns his 21st year as a varsity football coach.  He is the "on field defensive coordinator" as he shares duties with John Carpenter.  Adams is the "old man" of the staff.  He is also the IFCA web curator who is responsible for the IFCA web pages and The Indiana High School Football Digest.  He coaches defensive tackles and offensive tackles and tightends.
The Aussie footie playing Tim Adams
Tim Adams, missing striker with St Boniface FC "A talented team in the West Midlands Christian League"
The Sunset Beach soap actor Tim Adams whose publicist reckons "hates clothes"
A Mac-sniffing Tim Adams from New Hampshire
A Phoenix, Arizona Tim Adams with a totaled car and some annoying Javascript cursor trails
Tim Adams the South Carolina highway engineer
Skrewster, Big T, BT, T, The Red Fox, The Mantis, alias Tim Adams, at Norcross First United Methodist Church
Tim Adams the sportfishing guide. Specialist "in all types of fishin" aboard the "Fudge Factor" in the Gulf of Mexico. Mail
The Reverend Tim Adams: Waco resident and U2 fan
Power Consultant and Marketing Mastermind Tim Adams Interesting web-address: ""
Tim Adams' of Amarillo's parents celebrate 40th wedding anniversary
Grant Town police officer Tim Adams  
Bryan, Texas, police officer Tim Adams
Tim Adams the webmaster and Tesla enthusiast
Tim Adams' spanking stories (!)  
Chief financial officer at Bellingham Bay (USA) Shipyard, Tim Adams
Center-Manager Tim Adams vom Zweibrücker Einkaufsriesen  
Tim Adams the eagle scout of Saratoga
Tim Adams of British company JGP Online Media  
Tim Adams, the Auckland NZ deconstruction critic  
Tim Adams, Real Estate Sales Associate for Century 21 Advance Realty, Indiana
Thousand Oaks Fitness Store, California, Manager Tim Adams
Throb story starring a fictional Tim Adams: "Out of His Sight" (by "Eric")
A British artistic Tim Adams who is currently learning to use 3d Studio Max Email Tim
ABSORB - a Minnesota band whose "resident genius" is one Tim Adams
Montana teenager Tim Adams
West Virginia writer Gail Galloway Adams has a "boring life" married to husband Tim
Orthodontic wizard Dr Tim Adams in Indianapolis
North Manchester Rugby captain, Falklands veteran and former French Foreign Legionnaire, Tim Adams A Towering Ambition
Captain Tim Adams aboard the semi-submersible heavy-lift ship American Cormorant in Diego Garcia.
Tim Adams, reporter with the East Oregonian newspaper
Tim Adams, Education Curator at the Knoxville Zoo
Advanced packaging committee member Tim Adams, of Dow Corning Corp.
Australian Commonwealth Government Department of Family and Community Services Veterans Affairs specialist Tim Adams
Tim Adams, senior manager in the estates group of Saffery Champness accountants
Ajax records: (former label & now mailorder): Chicago: owner:  Tim Adams. Nice one.
Murray State University fencer Tim Adams
Tim Adams: Sheffield Eagles Rugby Club Chairman  
Greenfield baseball captain Tim Adams
Parkview General Hospital (Texas) CEO Tim Adams
Capable backfielder for the Fayettville Broncos Tim Adams  
Dr Tim Adams: Australian biotechnology researcher
The (Tom & Tim) Adams Funeral Home, Blountstown, Florida Tim Adams
Managing Funeral Director Tim Adams of the Mercer-Adams funeral service in Bethany, Oklahoma
School newspaper reporter Tim Adams of The Raider Review. John I Burton High School, Norton, Virginia.
United Kingdom pilot Tim Adams
Chevron customer service representative for Albuquerque Tim Adams

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