O-2 Galactic languages

Galactic One:

A binary language.  No sapient member of O-2 civilization has ever been unable to use some form of Gal-One.  The band width for Galactic One is notoriously narrow, but there are standard protocols for multi-channel Gal-One communications.  Multi-band Gal-One variants are quite important in inter-order communication.

Galactic Two:

A relatively easy language to learn, but only about four times as fast as simple Gal-One.  It is popular as a trade language among Humans.  The Tymbrimi have a dialect based on Gal-Two, as do the Urs.

Galactic Three:

Hard for Humans to pronounce, with high-pitched whistles and trills and other sounds that Humans are not well-suited for producing.  Many consider it very elegant and expressive.  Sentences have triple verbs, each one having the same approximate meaning as the others.  Spoken by the Gubru.

Galactic Four:

Faster than Gal-Three.  Popular amongst avian species.  Many Neo-Dolphins learn some Gal-Four.

Galactic Five:

A language of grunts and growls, sometimes learned by Terragen traders who must travel through J'8lek space.

Galactic Six:

Sibilant and gutteral, but fairly expressive.  Spoken by Thennanin and Synthians.

Galactic Seven:

the language that Galactics wanted Earth to adopt.  Instead Earth hired Kanten, Tymbrimi and others to help translate the Library into Anglic.  Tymbrimi have a dialect based on GalSev.

Galactic Eight:

A language of hoots and honks, which gives Humans and Neo-Chimpazees sore throats.  Used by  the Jophur.

Galactic Nine:

A musical language of chimes.  Spoken by the Kanten.  Difficult for all Terragens except Neo-Dolphins.

Galactic Ten:

A fluting language, also difficult for Humans and Neo-Chimps to pronounce.  Spoken by the Brothers of the NightTymbrimi have a dialect based on Gal-Ten.

Galactic Eleven:

A high-pitched "musical" language, somewhat similar to GalNine.  Kanten prefer Gal-Eleven.  It is the primary language of the Tandu.  Among Terragens only Fins can manage a competent conversation in Gal-Eleven.

Galactic Twelve:

Clan Soro favors Gal-Twelve.

The Inter-species Academy for Sophont Language and Communication is the galactic institute with primary responsibility for setting and maintaining standards in the Twelve sanctioned Galactic languages.

Note: The index of a Galactic language generally marks an increase in "bandwidth," and hence the rate at which a given language can communicate information, all things being equal.  That is, a Gal-Four speaker can "say" much more in ten seconds (or can use much more redundancy) than can a speaker using Gal-One.

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