O-2 Species: O-P

Oailie ul- Jophur-ul-many others [extinct, entry 1]:

Hired by the Poa to gene enhance the Jophur.  They were the creators of the "master ring".

Oailie ul- Jophur-ul-many others; [extinct, entry 2]:

Brought in by the Poa as the Third Stage Step-Patron of the Traeki, the Oailie were the first to design the master rings.  Already renowned as master gene-crafters and zealous followers of the Obeyer ideology, the Jophur are the Oailie's most infamous creation.  Many believe that the Oailie imbued the Jophur with Obeyer ideals while making the first master rings.  Destroyed in a GICW War of Extermination.

Paha ab-Soro-ab-Hul-ab-Puber ul-one or two [entry 1]:

Ciliated, ritual fighters allowed more racial diversity than the Forski.

Paha ab- Soro ab- Hul ab- Puber ul-one or two [entry 2]:

Paha are some of the most proficient pilots and warriors in modern times.  They zealously serve their Soro Patrons as ritual fighters.  All Paha are trained in the ways of military force.  There is more battle information in their cilia-lined heads than in most micro-branch libraries.

Tg.M.A.A.: They have a colony not too far from Sol/ Earth, that unfortunately controls a most useful jump-line.  While never likely to be friends of Clan Terragen, they have taken to calling all fins "Master Pilot" and other Terragens "Worthy Opponent."

Pila ab-Kisa-ab-Soro-ab-Hul-ab-Puber-ul-Pring [entry 1]:

Quite hostile to Earth.  Pila look like four foot, gray, bipedal "teddy bears", with large snouts and a ciliated fringe around small black eyes.  They come from a high gravity world.  Pila do not usually wear clothes.  They produce eggs that hatch outside the body and have a median row of teats --though they do not suckle their young.  Pila require frequency transcription to communicate with Humans and Chimps due to the ultra-sonic pitch of their voices.  When actually heard, they have a high-pitched squeak, and are deaf to whispered speech at Earth standard pressures.  Pila are extremely conservative in Galactic politics and very influential in many Galactic Institutes, particularly the Library.  They broke their indenture to the Kisa by appealing to the Soro for a "jihad."  The Pila continue genetic research and indenture of the Pring in hopes of perfecting their binocular vision, long after their Uplift license should have expired and have allowed the Pring to colonize only "A" worlds devoid of life.  They are ruled by the Pilan High Council.

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Pila ab-Kisa ab- Soro ab- Hul ab- Puber ul-Pring [entry 2]:

Pila are un-indentured (that is to say, former) grand-Clients of the great Soro, and serve their grand-Patrons zealously.

Pila are oxygen breathing biped mammalians from a high-gravity world.  Because of this, they are somewhat short --about 75cm high.  They have a fringe of cilia constantly waving about the eyes.  For communication, Pila use ultrasonic frequencies to speak.  When they can be heard by Human ears, they speak in high sharp voices at the absolute top of the audible scale.

Pila are primarily very competent, multi-purpose servants --or perhaps more accurately, lieutenants --for the Soro, but many have also found auspicious jobs at the Galactic Library.

Poa (ul- Jophur) ul-others:

The slug-like Poa were the Patrons of the Traeki, who eventually became extinct (via uplift replacement) after the imposition of the master rings.  The Poa are a shy race [Tg.M.A.A.: more accurately, a non-aggressive species.  Clan Poa is moderate but quite influential], who never would have uplifted the Jophur if they knew what would have happened.

Pring ab-Pila-ab-Kisa-ab-Soro-ab-Hul-ab-Puber:

Originally a brachiating arboreal species, but are now humanoid, standing two meters tall.  They have a slender body and boneless limbs, large round heads, slender necks, lidless red columnar eyes, huge lips, other small facial organs, and very large grinding teeth originally used for scraping nutrient bark off trees.  Their hands are white and glossy with hexilaterally symmetric tentacular fingers.  Genetic manipulations made them a binocular species even though all other life forms on their world remain cyclopsian.  The Pila continue genetic research and indenture of the Pring in hopes of perfecting their binocular vision, long after their Uplift license should have expired.  The Pring are only allowed to colonize "A" worlds devoid of life.  They are able to project lasers.

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Semi-mythical beginners of the Uplift cycle, who established Galactic culture and the Great Library more than two billion years ago.  It is said that they accomplished all things before departing to a different reality and that they will return some day.



Puber ul-Hul:

The Puber are an ancient race.  The Puber now only exist on their homeworld, and have travelled far down the Path of Redemption.  They have lost their ability to concentrate on Galactic levels.  When the next survey ship looks over their planet in a "million" years, it is not expected to find them in a sentient state.

The Puber are said to be degenerate and decadent by their grand-clients, the Soro.  However, Terragen sources indicate that they seem to be following a relatively normal pattern of senescence and are probably about to attempt a transition to a Retired state of sophonce.  This does not mean that the Puber will not leave behind a Redeemed population of post-Puber species.  However, it is curious that the Soro would misrepresent the actual state of Puber evolution.  It is probable that the published Library report relies on official Soro sources, because the Soro vigorously guard their grand-patrons' privacy.


The Puntictin are a moderate Galactic Race, who have a respectable trading empire.  They are not currently at war with Earthclan, and sold them a number of old starships a few hab-years before the Siege of Earth.  These included a few Snark class survey ships, one of which was the Streaker, that has caused so much trouble as of late.

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