World ratings

"A" worlds:

Planets largely devoid of life and requiring terraforming, but consequently free of most Institute of Tradition and Migration restrictions.  Mars would not qualify as an "A" class world, however.  It is too hostile to life and too difficult to terraform.

"B" worlds:

In O-2 space the standard remediation lease is called a Class-'B' leasehold and is issued for 50 KY (1100000000000000 hab-Y).  It is renewable.  Progress in actively monitored by the GIM.  Examples include Deemi and Garth.

"C" worlds:

Residence on Class C colony worlds is limited to no longer than 300 million years.  This is the standard habitation permit issued by the G.I.M. for most O-2 planets with mature, stable biospheres.

Garden worlds:

A semi-official classification designating particularly desirable Class "C" worlds.  Calafia and Earth are garden worlds.

Home worlds:

Each species may designate a home world.  Home world leaseholds last for the duration of a race's Main Sequence existence.  Earth and Tymbrim are Home worlds.

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