This system consists of a dim red-dwarf star with no planets to speak of.  However, it is a terminus for five useful jump lines, one of which is inter-galactic.  This makes Morgran a thriving trade entrepot.  It is a neutral sanctuary system under the protection of Galactic Unified Institute of Standards and Inter-Species Trade.  The GUISIsT has issued franchises to clans Poa, Lesh, Thennanin, and Jophur for operating repair, transit, conference and other facilities as the franchisees deem prudent within the Morgran system.  Streaker was unsuccessfully ambushed by several Galactic forces while transiting this system.  Despite the Tradition of Neutral Sanctuary pertaining to the Morgran System and its nexus, one of the greatest deep-space battles of the last 134 mega-years ensued as great clans continued to fight for strategic position long after Streaker had left the system.

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