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Updated Possessions, added Chapter 1 of a little background story in History, and because I'm obsessed with the song, uploaded lyrics to Mikuni Shimokawa's 'Mou Ichido Kimi ni Aitai'...

Updated Odds and Ends with banners =)

Guess who's back! Back again...! Anyway, updated Fluid Time and Odds and Ends!

Updated Fluid Time =)

Added new section, Odds and Ends! This is where I'll have stuff like Sylphia's old avatars, links, random quizzes... whatever tickles my fancy =)

Hey! I came back to Alleria... So... expect new updates! Not that anyone cares, but oh well ;)

Updated Family section a bit, added Fluid Time!

    Oy, orgo exam today, so painful. But finished the Family section, more to come soon!

    I lied! Possessions and History up, Family soon to come!

    Basic framework of pages laid down, Character page added ... all done on a bored Friday after classes and work! BBQ later on tonight, so probably no more work, and city friends coming in over weekend... so probably no updates for a while!

Site Overview
Character: Sylphia's physical appearance and personality
Possessions: What she has with her, and at home
History: Sylphia's checkered past =)
Family: the Meidlande family, in full force
Fluid Time: the general timeline of her threads
People: the interesting folks that she meets in Alleria
Odds and Ends: Sylphia's old avatars, links, etc!
The Parlor: all the etiquette you could ever desire

    This site is for the fictional character Sylphia Meidlande, created by me for the game Alleria. For those who don't know, Alleria is a play-by-post game, meaning that stories are created by players writing posts and responses to the environments around them. It is not for the faint of heart (or those who hate writing) but it is fun if you get into it, so if you're interested, give it a try =)

    Any comments, broken links (everything's broken right now!) can be directed here. Thanks for visiting!

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