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Pittsburgh Tribune Article on our very own Jerky!  Click here

Week 8 Phat Man Who is Next Pick:
The final pick is now in, he will surprise you with this one, kind of:  click here to read

Picture of Amber's Boy Toy in College ~  SEAN

Phat Man'a review is in, but once again that JERK has not written his. Leave him a message on the message board.  Click here.

: have been added to the site. We just put up 8 more show 7 pictures  click here.


College AMBER PIC - Amber at a Halloween Party
updated 3/20 
Click here to see.
Amber's AGD sisters have a party to cheer on Amber. Click here.

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Today's Poll:  Did you think Jerri was gone in Week 8?
1) Who will be in the final 4?
2) Who will backstab 1st out of the Jerri/Amber Alliance?
3) What week will Rodger get the boot?
The Weekly boot poll, Who will go in week 9?

INTERVIEWs. With Amber's Sorority granddaughter and friend. click her to read.  Sorry but we had the wrong link, we have corrected it you must read this interview. She suggests that Amber's boyfriend is player???  Must Read, plus a ton of other interviews.

NAKED PICTURE OF KIMMI: If you like skin this is a must see Picture of Kimmi going top less at a Halloween party.  We have two pictures, one of her just lifting up her shirt from her shoulder up, then one of her whole body.  You will not find this on too many sites.

You may have noticed that we added a link called "The Westminster Song MP3 Format.  This is a song from a Westminster College band that Amber liked. The song is a mockery of our college and is really funny. Plus it  rocks.  Let us know if you are having problems downloading it please.
Download Westminster Song MP# Format ~ 3MB

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Exclusive WC Pic !!!
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Picture of Amber's Boy Friend ~ Sean
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Ding Dong Amber's Dead, Amber Dead!
On 4/12/01 our favorite (use to be) Survivor Bit the Dust.  Amber was voted off the show, tired, weak, betrayed she left Survivor II forever!!  All Amber has now is memories, and regrets of what could have been.  That million dollars sure would have been nice in the pocket, maybe you could have bought your parents a new home, or donated to the New Student Union at WC.

Now that we have been pimp slapped in the face here at Amber H.Q., we realize that Amber was a FAKE! Amber was the only person on the show that did not have a plan, in fact I don't even think she thought much at all!  She was just looking to get on TV , that was her grand master plan.  Well, you accomplished that Amber, but you will have to spend the rest of your life thinking about what could have been. We are sure you will do fine off this, but just remember what you gave up, 1 MILLION DOLLARS.  That is a heck of an opportunity cost just to have friends and fun....

Amber you are a very cute girl, and we all at WC will forever remember that you (A WC alum) was on one of the most watched TV shows in History.  However, we think we are safe in saying that you let everybody at WC down!  Dr. Perkins was interviewed and said that you were a competitor, and you said on your preview interview that you can be conniving, you were neither of these.  You must have taken that J-term class: History of Rockin Roll at WC, because you sure learned how to ride coat tail all the way to the top.

Good Luck with your Future Endeavors!! 
Please sometime in your Life  pick a side !
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Click on the above banner to go to our website partner.  We have formed a strategic alliance with this site, which will enable us to give you more news everyday.  Just like this site, they have some inside information about our favorite survivor. This site will feature an exclusive WC picture of Amber almost every day. 
Click here for today's pictures (look for the link on the bottom to get back to our site) .  In addition both sites will share our message board and hopefully our Polls so that we will have more fan interaction then any other site out there.
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Click here to See a picture of Amber and her Boy Toy Sean
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New WC Picture of Amber ~ At a Halloween Party
Must See ~ Pittsburgh Tribune Article on Jerky!
Amber and
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