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we live in a democracy. therefore, we should constantly exercise our right to vote. personally, i highly encourage political participation, don't be apathetic. but here's a little funny opportunity for you to experience and practice the skills of voting =). below are three pictures of guys (me included) and three pictures of girls. instructions: if you are a guy, select the girl you would get with (yes, you HAVE to choose one, j/p) and if you are a girl, pick the guy you would hook up with (i'm the obvious choice). Leave why you chose the person you did on the message board.

roy tarukachon, the dirty thai boy. pix donated by don.

norbert shieh, mr. moo. pix donated by don.

shang chuang, drama king.
explain your choice.


janet kim, the sexy momma.

tina tiu, ms. pacey whitters. pix donated by don.

cathy lee, an endearing bitch. pix donated by don.