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The Scarlet Talons Vessel of the Rage Spirit
Sumotori Zentai
 ~The Scarlet Talons~ 
by: W.Shultzaberger
 The Scarlet Talons are a secretive group of monks that live deep in the Corrupted Land. Due to the corruption crawling thru their bodies they have developed psionics. Aside 
from the psionics they appear totaly without any taint of corruption, but their incidious plans stretch their talons across the Moonlight Empire. They posses the power to enter 
"suggestions" into the mind's of their prey. These "suggestions" seem perfectly normal to the target, believing that they thought of the idea themselves. The Scarlet Talon's other power is to read minds. The Scarlet Talon's plans are to take over the world.... slowly..... oh, sooooo very slowly. 
The Talons send a normal appearing monk into a city/province. There the monk 
slowly gets close to the leader of the city/province. The first "suggestion" is planted then.... "like me." The ruler is then slowly (over many months, maybe years) taken over. The Talon monk becomes a close friend, then an advisor, then the right hand ma! n, to the leader. The leader eventually becomes a puppet for the true leader, the Scarlet Talon monk. Reading the minds of those around him in court, the monk locates the loyal followers who 
are thinking that something is wrong with the leader. To these he "suggest" that all is normal, or he has the leader send them off on a misson/quest in a far land, or has the leader suspect that the follower is indeed a traitor and must be removed. Using these methods the Scarlet Talons are conquering the beautiful lands of the Moonlight Empire. The Scarlet Talon monk is not easy push-over in combat either.... with their ability to read minds, they know where the foe's attack will be coming from as the foe thinks of it. This makes them damn-near impossible to beat. 
But they have one weakness....... they cannot read, nor "suggest" into the mind of a Hoan monk. The Hoan monks are too zen-like, living life one instant at a time with no desires or hates. Unfortunatly the Hoan monks are as yet unaware of the Scarlet Talon threat...... and the Scarlet Talon monks avoid the Hoan monks like a plague. They are waiting to get more cities/provences under thier rule, then strike out at the Hoan monks, dsestrory them, and make their teaching  unlawful. The headquarters of the Scarlet Talons lies deep in the Corrupted Lands, and is hidden in a mesa to boot. 

The sumotori, or sumo wrestler makes his living by wrestling in the noble courts or popular exhibition. They may be part of a royal court, their lord Daimyo investing a great deal of time and money to train the wrestler who fights for the entertainment and the honor of their lord. Or they might be wandering entertainers, going from town to town, challenging local champions or taking part in small fares and festivals attempting to raise enough money to feed their immense appetite. Sometimes these wandering sumo will hire themselves out as muscle or bodyguards. 

The most common route for sumotori however, is the so called Sumo-syndicate. Similar to the modern professional wresting circuit, it is organized by a group of merchants and samurai who train the sumo wrestlers and organize public tournaments (basho) across the empire. These events have become popular, and extremely lucrative for the merchants involved with peasants coming out in droves to  route for local heros, and boo old rivals. Sumos are almost always Oni or human, though other races, some from outside the Twilight Wall are not unheard of. 

No matter what the venue, the wrestlers will always fight in the formalized ceremony/match called shobu. Wearing nothing but the diaper like mawashi, they enter the shrine like dohyo, bow to each other, stamp away any evil spirits, and then attempt to hurl one another from the center ring. The match usually lasts barely ten seconds, but it the ability to out-think their opponent, and not just is not only sheer bulk that determines the winner. 

Sumotori as Player Characters: 

Focused Combat (wrestling) attribute (2 points / level) 
Fortified Body attribute (1 point / level) 
Enormous Appetite defect (NEW!) (+2 points) 

Suggested Equipment 
Mawashi, kimono, cooking pot 
wandering sumo usually have a mace, club or hammer 

Typical Sumotori  NPC 

B: 8    CV: 7     HP: 60 
M: 3   DV: 7    EP: 17 
S: 4 

Attributes:     Defects: 
Focused Combat (wrestling): Level 2 Enormous Appetite (+2 points) 
Fortified Body: Level 2   Slow (NEW!) (+1 point) 
Damn Healthy: Level 2 
Massive Damage: Level 1 

Only the best and brightest magicians from the city of Jidai are called to floating citadel of  Toukoudai in the province of Tokugawa. Already accomplished magicians, in Toukoudai, those chosen are taught the secrets of technology by the legendary TechnoSorcerers. 

Their goals are the accumulation and study of technology. To merge it with the power of magic and create the ultimate power with which to combat the Corruption. Unlike the CyberMonks, they are unconcerned with scrap and prefer to work only with substantial pieces discovered across the Empire and beyond. 

They attempt to rebuild old machines, mixing magic with circuit and gear, to recapture the power of the ancients.  Any substantial technological find within the Empire is, by decree of the Sennyo, automatically their's, but one of the scarlet-robed mages can usually be found at the local docks and major marketplaces of the Empire, looking for pieces brought in from beyond the Twilight Wall. 

Secretive, this order resides in the mysterious floating citadel above the Zenpi Plain. Rumor has it that the citadel is kept afloat by technology, and that men made of metal patrol the halls. They dislike intruders into the plain, but tolerate the CyberMonks because in their scavenging they occasionally unearth forgotten secrets and technology of the past. 

TechnoSorcerers as Player Characters: 

Take: Magic Attribute (4 points /Level) 
Gadgeteer Attribute  (NEW!) (2 points /Level) 

Suggested Equipment: 
Scarlet Robe and mantle 
One weapon (may be technological) 

Typical TechnoSorcerer NPC 

B: 3   CV: 4    HP: 20 
M: 6   DV: 2    EP: 28 
S: 5 

Attributes:                            Defects: 
Magic:  Level 2 
Gadgeteer: :Level 1 
Item of Power: Level 2 

 ~Vessel of the Rage Spirit.~
According to the folktales, children born of rape or under circumstances of  violence, rage or vengeance are cursed to become vessels for the ‘kami no gekido' (spirit of rage).  When roused to anger, the unfortunate soul flies into a blinding rage that fuels them on to attack all those around them. 

Among the Oni, the kami no gekido is considered a spiritual state and those cursed with its presence seen as the hand of the gods. They will never interfere with someone who has been caught up by the spirit. 

To make a berserker character, first talk to the GM and roll up a character withroll up a normal character and then choose the ‘Berserker Defect'. 

Defects: Curse of the Berserker:
 In order to determine when a such  character becomes Berserk, make a Soul roll in any stressful situation. For every of  round in combat, or two minute period in a non-combat situation,  add a penalty of +1 to the roll. If the character is deliberately trying to become berserk, then add an additional +2 to the roll. 
 There are a two ways to break out of a berserker rage. The first is to let it happen on its own (see below) and the second is to fight it. The character must succeed in a Soul role with a penalty of +5. For each ally helping you fight it reduce the roll by 1. For every close friend, the penalty is reduced by 2. However, while berserk, the character has trouble distinguishing friend and foe and when they encounter an ally they must roll 1D6. On a result of 4-5-6 the berserker doesn't recognize their ally and will attack them regardless. Close friends must also roll 1D6, but are only attacked on a roll of 6.  (If attacked, the character cannot help calm the berserker down)
 Whenever berserk, the character's Energy Points are used in two ways. For every round in a berserk form the character loses 5 energy points. When the points reach 0 the character collapses from exhaustion (points are regained normally. The character cannot be awoken until half of the lost points are regained) Secondly, they are they are counted as additional Body Points, allowing them to absorb incredible amounts of damage while fighting. However, since Energy points are being burned away by the sheer effort of being berserk, it is possible for the character to quickly loose all of their Energy Points and Body Points. In such an instance the character automatically dies. As long as the character has at least one point of either a the end of a battle then it is possible for them to recover given significant time and medical attention. 
 This defect provides 10 Bonus points that can only be used on a set list of Attributes that come into play only when the character is possessed by the Spirit of Rage. 

Available Attributes:
Damn Healthy!     Extra Attacks 
Fortified Body      Focussed Combat
Massive Damage     Size Change

In addition there are a few penalties that are applied whenever the character is berserk: 
Reduce the  Mind Stat  to 1. 
Reduce the Combat Defence Value by 3.
The character is unable to use  any device more technologically advanced than a hammer, including such weapons as guns or bows. 
Unable to use complex Attributes such as Magic, Psionics. 


Comprising the bulk of the Empire's massive army, the Zentai, or common soldiers watch over the Moonlight empire. Their duties range from patrolling the roads and rivers, to acting as the city watch. In the event of war or a large scale battle, they march on foot before the mounted Samurai. 

Each Samurai landowner, based on their taxable wealth, must field a certain number of Zentai soldiers and provide for their upkeep and training. Once trained, they are sent to the capital where they are assigned their new duties. Unlike the Samurai, there is no racial limitation to becoming Zentai and humans make up almost half of the force. Oni make up the other half, with a spattering of other races. 

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