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Do you cringe at the name Diana Fowley...

Diana Fowley
If so you're in the right place!

I designed this web page for those of us who detest Diana Fowley! If you thought you were alone, you're not! All of a sudden people's least favorite character is changing from Cancer Man, to Diana! Not many people like her at all. They see her as a threat to Mulder and Scully's relationship. But that was mostly before the movie. Now that we all know for sure how Mulder feels for Scully, I don't think Diana will be a problem. But with the writers history, anything is possible! Before the movie we all hoped for the best. You know, maybe Mulder will tell Diana how he doesn't need her, he's got Scully now and she's a damned better partner than she could ever be! Or something like that anyways... *BG*

The important thing is to focus on what Chris Carter has in store for us and Diana Fowley. If you agree with anything I've just said, then maybe you should be a member of the Diana Fowley Hater's Brigade. (I really don't like the word "hate" but I really couldn't think of another one. I didn't really like the Diana fowley dislikers brigade. If you know what I mean...)

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    Okay, I was just sittin' and thinkin' and decided I wanted to make sure I don't get sued. You NEVER know with these things. I want to say that this in no way reflects upon Mimi Rogers as a person, it is only about her character. And that NO MONEY what so ever is being made off of this.

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