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B - Short Works

Backing and Filling (1972)

Backing Up (1978)

Ballad of Slick Sid, The (1972)

Bat (1971) [as K. M. O'Donnell]

Battered-Earth Syndrome, The (1973)

Bearing Witness (1973)

Bedside Manor (1984) Alternate version forms "Chapter One" (which appears eighth, following "Chapter Eight"), of the same name, of  The Remaking of Sigmund Freud.

Before the Great Space-War (1994)

See "After the Great Space-War"

Beyond Sleep (1970)

Big Ernie, the Royal Russian and the Big Trapdoor (1978) First of four stories to deal with a writer's heaven.

Birds of a Feather (1978) with Bill Pronzini

Blair House (1982)[Lc1983 n]

Blazing Guns of the Rio Rangers (1980)

Blessing the Last Family (1997) with Batya Swift Yasgur

Blues and the Abstract Truth (1988) with Jack Dann

Brain Surgeon, The (1969) As by "Robin Schaeffer".

Breaking In (1972)

Bringing It Home (1987) with Jack Dann

Buyer's Remorse (1995) with Kathe Koja

By Right of Succession (1969)

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