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December 09, 2000 - Fixed a link below and change the background image. You can find the previous background image in Dias 02.

Shadow Skill OAVs First Series and Acts 1-3 of Second Series are available from DOC. If you live in the Philippines, you should be familiar with them. They also have some of the TV anime available in VCD format. They corrected me. SS vcds are actually retail priced at 300 pesos per cd. {Still expensive, but what else can you expect}

If you're interested in acquiring your own copies, you can contact me via alex@gsilink.com
If you want to get your very own manga too, I can tell you where to get them online. Just be forewarned that it's not going to be cheap. Easy, maybe, but definitely not cheap.

December 08, 2000 - Two Shadow Skill Fanfics added. Their links are located below.
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December 07, 2000 - You better recognize this background image. The previous image is now at the entrance page.
Dias 02 is uploaded. It's a partial script and image gallery from Episode 10. All about Dias for now. I'm nuts when it comes to him.

December 06, 2000 - Replaced an image. Just for fun, can you guess which episode the Elle background image you see comes from? :} And I am praying you are not using netscape... I have nothing against netscape really, but I don't know webdesigning enough to make a good and compatible with netscape site.

I'm thinking of adding a feature for fanworks, but I'm not sure if there are enough people interested enough to want their works posted here. If there are enough people interested, I might put in an automatic upload something so that people don't have to wait for me to upload their works. Do tell me what you think.

December 05, 2000

The full script of episode 8 has been added. :) It's the episode which first introduces Dias-sama in the anime series. Took me the wee hours of the morning to get it done. The script will do for now. I'll do the screencapturing and the rest later.

December 03, 2000

No episode update today, but there is an update nevertheless.
Anime Merchandise section created.

This is an extremely intricate artwork of Elle. You can find the very large file version in the gallery section of Megumu Okada-san's MCB site. The link is located below.
A magnificent rendering of Dias as an angel. If you found Elle's image to the right, then this one should be close by.

The image on the left is an incredible art of Darkness by Ken. It is an award he presented to the In the Black Eyes site. You can find the much much bigger file in the special gallery of that site.
Still by Ken, this art has Scarface, Elle and Gau's images in it. That's them, right? You can find this image in Ken's website, http://www.interq.or.jp/tokyo/hyaku/
You should be able to find it easily. Just look for Shadow Skill.
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