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Stop the cruel sharia 'qanun' in Aceh
The Jakarta Post, Sat, 09/19/2009 12:02 PM
The sharia qanun passed by the Aceh parliament this week is no less dangerous to Indonesia than the recent terrorist attacks in the capital Jakarta. The qanun will allow for adulterers to be stoned to death, and will put Indonesia on a slippery slope, threatening the rights of its people and risking its proud standing as an international beacon of moderate Islam.
Aceh govt refuses to sign stoning bylaw
The Jakarta Post , Banda Aceh | Fri, 09/18/2009 11:27 AM
The Aceh provincial government will not sign the controversial Islamic bylaw allowing adulterers to be stoned to death, an official said.
Aceh Stoning Law ‘Acceptable and Fair’, Say Legal Experts
The Jakarta Globe, September 16, 2009
Although the passage of a local bylaw in staunchly Muslim Aceh that requires adulterers to be stoned to death has shocked many here and abroad, some experts on Wednesday said such a law was legally acceptable.
Aceh’s New Bylaw Could Be Quashed in The Courts
The Jakarta Globe, September 16, 2009
The central government would ask the Supreme Court to overturn a controversial new bylaw in Aceh mandating that adulterers be stoned to death if it’s found to be against national laws or the Constitution, the minister for home affairs said on Wednesday.
Indonesian Government May Abolish Stoning Bylaw
The Jakarta Globe, September 15, 2009
The central government would strike down a controversial new bylaw mandating that residents of Aceh convicted of adultery be stoned to death if it was found to violate national laws or the country’s Constitution, a spokesman for President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said on Tuesday.
Rights Groups Condemn Aceh Stoning Law
The Jakarta Globe, September 15, 2009
Indonesian rights activists condemned as "cruel and degrading" Tuesday a new Islamic law calling for adulterers to be stoned to death in the country's staunchly conservative Aceh province.
Aceh council passes bylaw on stoning adulterers to death
THE JAKARTA POST , Tue, 09/15/2009 12:11 PM
BANDA ACEH | Defying strong objections from human rights groups and the provincial administration, the Aceh legislative council passed the Islamic criminal code Monday, allowing adulterers to be stoned to death.
Aceh law threatens death by stoning for adultery
The Guardian, 14 Sep 2009
Indonesian province's parliament passes bill extending sharia law with tough sentences for adultery, rape and homosexuality
Aceh Lawmakers Pass Shariah Law That Allows Stoning, Caning
The Jakarta Globe, September 14, 2009
Banda Aceh. Despite opposition from human rights activists, the Aceh Legislative Council on Monday endorsed a bylaw mandating stoning to death for adulterers and lashings for unmarried persons caught engaging in sexual intercourse.
Letter: Aceh doesn't need sharia law
The Jakarta Post, Wed, 09/02/2009 1:14 PM | Reader's Forum
When the sharia law was forcefully implemented on the Acehnese, the religious establishment announced publicly that it would make Aceh better in many ways. The implementation of sharia law was a plot to win over the support of the religious establishment by the then president Abdurrahman "Gus Dur" Wahid in the struggle against Free Aceh Movement (GAM).
AIDS congress ends, more voices heard
The Jakarta Post , Nusa Dua, Bali | Fri, 08/14/2009 9:05 AM
The five-day International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP) in Bali concluded Thursday with country participants agreeing to strengthen their partnership and hear more voices of the affected communities.
New book sheds light on gay groups in Indonesia
The Jakarta Post , Denpasar | Thu, 08/13/2009 1:11 PM
Society still strongly refuses to accept the lifestyle choices of gay men in Indonesia, causing many to lead double lives, a US scholar says. Tom Boesllstorf, a professor of anthropology at the University of California, launched his book Monday titled The Gay Archipelago at the Queer (Q) film festival in Denpasar. Though the book has been in circulation in English since 2005, the recently reprinted version is in Indonesian.
HIV/AIDS rate slowly climbs in Bali
The Jakarta Post , Nusa Dua, Bali | Tue, 08/11/2009 5:04 PM
Bali is expected to treat around 4,000 people with HIV and AIDS by the end of 2009, an activist said on the sidelines of the International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP).
Providing indiscriminate health access
The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Mon, 08/10/2009 1:24 PM
On an open-air raised stage by the Senen train station, East Jakarta, young men in tight shirts and jeans sung dangdut songs and shook their hips to the music Saturday night. Beneath them hundreds of men danced. It was just a little bit after midnight when Riesma, a transvestite with big eyes and heavy fake lashes, prepared herself to dance with a glass of cheap liquor.
Straight women vs gay men
The Jakarta Post, Sun, 08/09/2009 11:35 AM | Lifestyle
Move over Manolo, the trendiest ladies fashion accessory is no longer sexy heels, not even "the It" clutch bag anymore, and don't even mention a baby, as they're so yesteryear. Those of you who are still feeling perky and fabulous, state your style bolder than ever with the latest must-have social item for all-seasons, a gff - gay friend forever!
Art Too Sexy For Indonesia
The Jakarta Globe, July 29, 2009
French artist Tom de Pekin may have been overly optimistic in planning to exhibit drawings of Elvis Presley and Sumo wrestlers with erections as part of the 8th Q! Film Festival, which opened on July 26.
Indonesian Gay Film Festival to Feature ‘Queer Life in Culture’
The Jakarta Globe, July 22, 2009
The largest gay film festival in Asia, the Q! Film Festival, will open its doors to the public for the eighth year in a row on Sunday.
Q! Film Festival; A never ending journey
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Sun, 07/19/2009 11:27 AM
Jakarta is set to host the Q! Film Festival that will screen films related to, but not exclusively for, the LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex) community. Different from any other film festival, the Q! Film festival is a unique event as it will present a variety of films that tackle sensitive issues.
India’s Long-Repressed Gay-Rights Movement Challenges Old Norms
The Jakarta Globe, July 07, 2009
Bangalore, India. Popping out of an auto rickshaw, Manohar Elavarthi unloaded a backpack stuffed with protest posters. Soon he would be rushing to a street demonstration, one that would bring together low-caste Dalit activists, Gandhians, cross-dressers and members of domestic workers unions.
Homosexualität gilt als sexuelle Störung
Jungle World Nr. 22, 28. Mai 2009
Kamilia Manaf ist die Gründerin des indonesischen »Institut Pelangi Perempuan«, einem Zusammenschluss jugendlicher Les­ben. Für Lesben und Schwule, Bisexuelle und Transgender (LGBT) ist es nicht ungefährlich, in der konservativen und islamisch geprägten Gesellschaft Indonesiens öffentlich aufzutreten. Seit der Einführung des so genannten »Anti-Pornographie-Gesetzes« im Dezember 2008 und Sharia-Verordnungen in vielen Regionen riskieren Lesben, Schwule und Transgender, kriminalisiert und eingesperrt zu werden.
Indonesia’s transgender community faces discrimination
The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Thu, 05/28/2009 10:35 AM
The transgender community faces greater discrimination in public than any other LGBT – lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender – individuals, according to speakers at a public discussion in Jakarta on Wednesday.
State condones discrimination
The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Sun, 05/17/2009 1:37 PM
A group of casually clad males unfurl a banner saying "I'm bisexual, how about you?", while several others wearing glittering cabaret-like costumes chat with each other around Hotel Indonesia traffic circle in Central Jakarta, under the curious eyes of people in passing cars and public buses.
Indonesische travestieten komen uit de kast
Trouw, 15 mei 2009
Travestie is in Indonesië taboe, maar travestieten treden wel vaker naar buiten, de publieke opinie trotserend. „Jammer genoeg blijft het niet alleen bij discriminatie.”
Porn law discussed in judicial review
The Jakarta Post , JAKARTA | Thu, 05/07/2009 12:42 PM
Six experts presented their objections to the content of Law No. 44/2008 on pornography in a hearing at the Constitutional Court on Wednesday.
Court sentences Ryan to death
The Jakarta Post, Tue, 04/07/2009 2:28 PM
A Depok court convicted Very Idham Henyansyah, aka "Ryan" bin Ahmad, of manslaughter among other charges Monday and sentenced him to death for the murder of 40-year old Heri Santoso.
Ryan Sentenced to Death for Murder; More Trials to Follow
The Jakarta Globe, April 6, 2009
Alleged serial killer Verry Idham “Ryan” Henyansyah was found guilty of premeditated murder on Monday by the district court in Depok, West Java Province, and given the death penalty.
Defense Argues Serial Killer Was Temporarily Insane During Murder
The Jakarta Globe, March 30, 2009
Lawyers for Verry Idham “Ryan” Henyansyah, on trial for the first of 11 murder charges at Depok District Court in West Java Province, said on Monday that the killing was not premeditated and their client was temporarily insane.
Hartoyo : Coming out for his rights
The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Fri, 03/27/2009 2:29 PM
When he was an NGO worker involved in gender rights in farming communities, Hartoyo says he was greeted as a hero wherever he went. Today, in his more personal battle for gay rights in Indonesia, it's a much lonelier journey.
Fear of Discrimination Preventing High-Risk Groups Testing for HIV
The Jakarta Globe, 24-Mar-2009
[Jakarta] The fear of being further ostracized by society has been found to be a significant factor discouraging members of the country’s gay and transgender communities from taking up voluntary testing for HIV/AIDS, the Inter Medika Foundation said on Tuesday.
Prosecutors Seek Death for Ryan
The Jakarta Globe, March 24, 2009
After serenading screaming teenage groupies in his courthouse holding cell, alleged serial killer and emerging celebrity Verry Idham “Ryan” Heryansyah said on Monday he was ready to die as prosecutors asked for the death penalty during his ongoing trial for the first of at least 11 murders.
Jaipongan Dance Is Not Pornography
The Jakarta Globe, March 19, 2009
When the pornography bill was on the verge of being enacted, many people worried that if it were passed, there would be multiple interpretations of the provisions made in the law.
The Pornography Law - The Debate Continues
Hukum online, Saturday, 28 Feb 2009 | 23:16:14
The debate on the pornography law seems to be a never ending one and is set to continue in the Constitutional Court on 23 February 2009. On 9 February 2009, in a move without any fanfare or announcement, eleven individuals filed a petition in the Constitutional Court seeking a judicial review of the Pornography Law. The petition seeks to have Articles 1(1), 4, and 10 repealed as constitutionally invalid.
Porn law ‘endangers country’s pluralism’
The Jakarta Post, Tue, 02/24/2009 8:41 AM
Plaintiffs have demanded a judicial review of the 2008 pornography law by the Constitutional Court, saying the law had turned the country’s cultural diversity into uniformity. During the first hearing of the review Monday, the plaintiffs, comprising 11 people from Christian-majority Minahasa in North Sulawesi, asked the court to scrap three articles in the controversial law for “ruining the country’s pluralism and harmony”.
Porn Law Dispute Driven to Court
The Jakarta Globe, February 22, 2009
The Constitutional Court is scheduled to hear the first legal challenge to the controversial Pornography Law today, after several Christian, student and ethnic minority organizations from North Sulawesi Province filed for a judicial review.
Unclear Porn Law ‘Can’t Be Enforced’
The Jakarta Globe, February 20, 2009
Law enforcers on Thursday said that it would be almost impossible to uphold the controversial Pornography Law passed by the House of Representatives in October last year.
Transvestites stay unprotected
The Jakarta Post, Saturday, January 24, 2009 12:26 PM
Discrimination remains a major stumbling block for transvestites and gay communities across the country, especially for those with HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted infections, despite a heightened campaign for equality and rights, a discussion heard Thursday.
Transgenders Hold First National Conference, Demand End to Discrimination
The Jakarta Globe, January 19, 2009
In the first-ever national conference of transsexuals and transvestites, Indonesians from 23 provinces are meeting in Bogor, West Java Province, to discuss ways to improve their legal rights and stop discrimination.
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