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Information here provided was first provided in BRAZILIAN Yahoo Groups: FOTOSSUD as: up to 1529.
It is about how and where NEPHITES and JAREDITES lived in GREAT LAKES



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Date: Fri Jun 18, 2004 4:23 pm
Subject: BOOKmormon: it is WRONG the "TROPICAL Geographic Version"

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From: "SAVELLI = SAB ELI = YHV (MY God)" <celsoely@y...> Date: Sun Mar 21, 2004 8:17 pm

Subject: NEPHITES lived around GREAT LAKES in the border of USA and CANADA: hill Cumorah is a LAND MARK for MAPPING

Click on lower SMALL PICTURES (they enlarge) and then clic (again) in the right down corner (of some pictures) and then you can see them very well enlarged.
Typical LDS authorities and members "believe, have faith" NEPHITES lived in South Mexico, probably in GUATEMALA. Thus they "teach" that in all means possible, as JESUS CHRIST landing in front of a PYRAMID!


YOU NEED TO TYPE http in ADDRESS BAR before such URL and press ENTER. What are connections/LINKS between the people Jaredites and NEPHITES?

IT IS THE START OF LEHI´s TRIP from JERUSALEM and going toward the RED SEA. You may enlarge picture clicking over right down edge of it. The route is in BLUE LINE through a traditional road and then followed a pathway used in EXODUS, going to very ancient and traditional harbor of Israel (as in Solomon´s) in EZION-GEBER, where they "camped" for many days before traveling along GULF of AQABA and then along RED SEA I used MAP 3 from LDS book having Holly Bible to Pearl of Great Price
QUITE SIMILAR MAP, of such first portion of LEHI´s caravan to Red Sea
Similar and BROADER view. If you click right down corner it enlarges.

River LAMAN and Valley LEMUEL: it is shown where they were, and also the camping where they stayed for so many days before continuing the travel. SHAZER is a corruption (due frequent PHONETIC translation by Joseph Smith in Book of Mormon, from Sabelli´s like language...) of CHASE(R), "hunt" , originated from old Sabelli´s=Lehi´s language. Since that point (shown in maps), they had not more stored provisions from Jerusalem, thus they had to survive "HUNTING"=SHAZERs as it is clear in 1 Ne.16:13-14. SHAZE(r) =CHASE(r) phonetically=HUNT. 1 Ne 16:13 nearly a south-southeast direction, exactly as shown in MAPS...

The maps, with LINKS (URL) given in this message, presents the path (route) since JERUSALEM up to the RED SEA (as above maps), and then the route had a path bordering parallel the RED SEA (South-Southeast) up to arrive in MECCA, where I guess they had to deviate (due high mountains and difficult crossing them, toward YEMEN) to EAST. As a cattlemen, they raised CAMELS during 8 years,thus they were so plenty of MILK, just to train and be ready to cross the DEADLY and LONG desert, all the days toward EAST, in a VERY SHORT TIME (that is the practice, as if a "cat crossing a hot roof of zinc: in a hurry") and to have enough animals to cross hot soft sinking sand with windblows. They arrived in BAY BOUNTIFUL,then an OASIS (dryed rivers can be seen in satelite pictures, as some added here, some in so great details... At end of 8th year (wandering slowly to EAST) they fast moved 20º36´N

You can enlarge CLICK right lower corner picture. In top right side, in middle left side and in bottom side. It is shown in "GREEN" the path route LEHI´s caravan followed in ARABIC PENINSULA. Up to BOUNTIFUL.

It is the same above picture, but greatly enlarged for you see details. But don´t forget to click on picture lower right corner to big enlarge it In map middle left side you can see LEHI´s departure from BOUNTIFUL!

See the EAST TRAVEL of LEHI´s caravan since RED SEA (MECCA) to BOUNTIFUL.

It is SAME PICTURE above, but now very enlarged. CLICK right down corner...

Nowadays it is possible to see ABUNDANCE even from SPACE STATION, as here... Click right down corner to have enlarged view of BOUNTIFUL from space (BOUNTIFUL=ABUNDANCIA= is in GULF OF MASIRAH, near Island of MASIRAH)  

POINTED BAY is BOUNTIFUL (ABUNDANCIA). Click on down right corner of picture and it enlarges and you can see hugest details of BOUNTIFUL and BAY. With enlarged picture, move it full to right and a little down! SEE!

You can SEE the details of BAY and HARBOR in BOUNTIFUL, where a SAIL SHIP (as those used to discover AMERICA...) was built and put to SAIL (smoothly) not in storm weather: then WINDS follow the coast of AFRICA and they had a SMOOTH FAST trip, but reached extreme of SOUTH AFRICA (CAPE of TORMENTS) were they "suffered great fears" (all SAIL CLOTHS REMOVED and TIED with so many and STRONG ROPES... ropes were not to "tie" NEPHI... but to "SAIL"). With better weather and winds they were moved to coast along AFRICA, far from BRAZIL coast, up to a point they moved (with winds) directly to NEW YORK (LONG ISLAND).

SEE THE MAPS OF WINDS, to understand LEHI´s travel to USA (N.YORK) in a fast way, in a not big SAIL SHIP (this was more for passenger). Examining data available, it appears they arrived in N.York (Long Island) probably in late SPRING TIME (maybe in early SUMMER). We can see, in the upper part of such map, the JAREDITES departed from a very huge and old HARBOR and good BAY in RUSSIA (it is all the way NORTH Babel TOWER) with HUGE CARGO SAIL SHIPS FLEET, transporting HUGE AND HEAVY CARGO, to N.YORK ALSO to LONG ISLAND, a kind of "SANCTUARY" for experiments and my guess is also they arrived in SPRING or early SUMMER time. Examining the maps of WINDS it appears almost impossible, or very difficult,they had departed in Winter time;instead traveled in SPRING

IT IS ANOTHER TYPE OF WORLDWIDE WINDS and WEATHER conditions. You can see easily the WHOLE TRIPS of JAREDITES (since BABEL), in upper part (green in land) and LEHI (since Jerusalem): also green and then BLUE and you can click on right down corner to see routes very enlarged.

They arrived in LONG ISLAND (New York) from there both people (LEHI´s and JAREDIT's´) moved to CONTINENT and penetrated along the RIVER HUDSON, mining it (in fact, so many mines abandoned are known along it, even gold) and going to its head, they penetrated into GREAT LAKES: their HOMELAND.

SATELITE PICTURES OF GREAT LAKES. Lake most right, ONTARIO LAKE,has in the middle part and down of it, some like "scratches" (small lakes) and amont of them is HILL CUMORAH and continuing down and right is town NEW YORK. The great lake in down and left part is LAKE MICHIGAN, and at the lower extremity is CHICAGO TOWN, start of Illinois River, where a NEPHITE (WHITE PERSON) who joined LAMANITES (at defeat of Nephites) and became "WHITE" LAMANITE (white due "race", LAMANITE=CITIZENSHIP) and such body was found by JOSEPH SMITH in a trip with his followers. You can see the WAR TOOK PLACE AROUND "GREAT LAKES",for JAREDITES and also for NEPHITESxLAMANITES and maybe will erase BAD GENTILES there! The connection of two lakes in right down is NIAGARA FALLS:USAxCANADA
Connection 2 lakes in middle is the RIVER SIDON: so great wars in it! A very STRATEGIC PLACE to control "heavy SAILSHIPS navigation G.LAKES

CLICK the right down corner picture to see it enlarged: like satelite picture. Have in mind that JEWS used "SEA" for BIG FRESH WATERS,as SEA Galilee LAKE ONTARIO was EAST SEA of BOOK OF MORMON... The arrow down LAKE MICHIGAN is the RIVER ILLINOIS starting around RED CIRCLE=CHICAGO and you can see JOSEPH SMITH found a run-away WHITE NEPHITE turned LAMANITE´s CITIZEN, who survived the war of extermination NEPHITES...

WE WILL EXAMINE 3 NEPHI Chapter 8. FOR SURE, this narrow passageway, in NIAGARA FALLS (BUFFALO TOWN, border of USA and CANADA) allows communication between the lands at the "north" of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie with the other lands at the "south" of such 2 lakes.

Thus was a VERY STRATEGIC place/land for NEPHITES and LAMANITES. And thus had good towns in it: to secure its possession (control) for military and commercial (business) reasons.

We can speculate that one or more of such towns, built in high elevation but next to the high margin of LAKE ONTARIO (like BUFFALO TOWN), "fell" (as old "River Sidon" waters flowed/flows in nowadays huge "FALL": through "NIAGARA FALLS") into such LAKE ONTARIO during an earthquake (and/or MORE PROBABLY due underneath WAVE EROSION, as caused by HUGE LAKE ONTARIO WAVES waves due earthquakes AND MAINLY DUE to HUGE HURRICANE WINDS that cause so HUGE WAVES HEIGHT and destructive water erosion power in BIG SEA (LAKE ONTARIO)...

Waves broked weak SEDIMENTARY rocks, maybe some type of sandstone-gravel very erosible, under a cover cap of stiff rock difficult to erode (limestone? basalt? I didn't paid attention when I went there for tourism): that is usual in generating some tall big waterfall... I worked in the design of some quite big brazilian dams...).

3 Nephi chapter 8: thus such towns and people were "SANK" INTO SUCH huge "SEA" (fresh water "SEA = Lake Ontario", very similar to "SEA of GALILEE" in Israel, and many other "sank" due flooding by HUGEST WAVES caused by HURRICANE, quite like WAVE which flooded NEW YORK in the recent movies THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW...). And also some fell (from tall margin of LAKE ONTARIO) on dry ground and more landslide covered them with more earth and stones (from further land sliding).

As houses were made of wood (plenty of forestes and wood is best for good thermal insulation with double wall... living place during wintertime) over a stone foundation and walls (with such underneath floor for food and goods storage, as for use in agriculture, in mining, for personal and collective wars, etc.), it is easy to understand that broken houses of dry wood got into fire easily and fast (as TOKYO in an old and great earthquake). In South of Brazil, with heavy European and recent immigration, from most traditional (rural) places of Europe, such type of homes (STONE + WOOD) are yet in use, as in Parana State and even Curitiba...

Examine a good site about HEIGHT of WAVES and "HUGE WAVES" (up to 30m height!!!) as related to the maximum length of lake ("SEA", as mentioned in SEA GALILEE with a JESUS' myracle...) along HURRICANE wind direction (for sure HURRICANE WIND was blowing from EAST to WEST, in 3 Nephi chapter 8: just examine position of NIAGARA FALLS and the main fetch in Lake Ontario is from East to West...) and HURRICANE WIND speed velocity and other factors (as water depth).

"Learn" about HUGE WAVES! and next related (linked) sites

SEE THE IMPRESSIVE HIGHT OF WATER FALLING FROM the "palisades" into LAKE ONTARIO through the place where takes place the WATERFALL which yet is ERODING (to upstream) the soft rocks and making the WATERFALL move to the start of OLD "RIVER SIDON" (LAKE HURON and MICHIGAN and SUPERIOR) in almost one meter, because the inferior rocks are very erodible (weak). To avoid any such problems, most of the water do not pass through the WATERFALL, but through turbines to generate ELECTRICITY. Thus waterfall has made stable in nowadays position. But in some thousand years the waterfall position changed very fast huge quilometers distance eroding soft rocks. I worked in design of some large Brazilian dams. trabalhei em projetos de (grandes) barragens brasileiras...

The most beautiful and tourist worldwide WATERFALLS are in the border of Brazil and Argentina, in Brazilian town FOZ DO IGUAÇU. Such waterfall is very stable for huge geologic time as it is based on very resistent rocks (basalt). Geologically the waterfall of NIAGARA is very "ultra-recent" and "unstable". Click on picture and it enlarges and move it down and right for you see a tourist boat (Maid of Mist?) sailing almost under the FALL: I did such tourism in USA. It is equally available in Brazilian IGUACU FALLS (much more beautiful and in exotic/tropical paradise).

Here it is shown the arrival of SAILSHIPS in NEW YORK and their penetration through River HUDSON up to GREAT LAKES (in case, LAKE ONTARIO): where is HILL CUMORAH. It is to CLICK right down corner of picture to examine it very enlarged

So great WARS BATTLE took place in the river SIDON, connecting LAKE ERIE and LAKE HURON (and thus LAKE MICHIGAN and SUPERIOR), because of its so great STRATEGIC POSITION (there is a very narrow neck in river) to control NAVIGATION (BIG SAIL SHIPS),COMMERCE,MILITARY,occupation,etc

THIS IS LIKE PREVIOUS PICTURE, but now from SATELITE PICTURE, importance in extreme for military (and many towns around battle fields) and for NAVIGATION (or to charge "rights of travel", as in river Rhine...). CLICK on right down corner to see satelite picture very enlarged. YOU can see RIPLAH is almost in front of nowadays town of DETROIT... You can see where sank the bodies of dead soldiers:into LAKE ERIE=no flow

THIS is the previous satelite picture, but now VERY ENLARGED. CLICK on the right lower corner of picture to see it very enlarged and move it all the way right and you see EXIT of HURON LAKE (start SIDON RIVER) and then move down and see the course of RIVER SIDON up to LAKE ST. CLAIR and then the NARROW NECK of RIVER SIDON in front of HILL RIPLAH and see the BATTLE FIELD, very nicely described in BOOK OF MORMON. You can see such main events with corresponding Scripture; their BURIAL ORIGIN OF JAREDITES: From the TOWER OF BABEL, in a place nearby BAGDAH,in IRAQ. They moved all the way NORTH:THUS TO nowadays RUSSIA
Click on right lower corner of picture to see it enlarged. It starts JAREDITS pathway around BAGDAH and moved straight line NORTH from it to a place where we could make HUGE HEAVY SAIL SHIPS: in RUSSIA!!! It was used as SAIL SHIP HARBOR (first of Russia...) in a GOOD BAY. You can see the ROUTE FOLLOWED BY SAILSHIPS OF JAREDITES TO N.YORK.
CLICK on right lower corner of picture to see it enlarged. The green line comes all the way NORTH from BABEL TOWER, and arrives in this very good HARBOR for huge SAILSHIPS (used by Russia, centuries ago) and then followed the RED LINE navigating (not in WINTERTIME: ICE) toward AMERICA CONTINENT (quite like Vickings) reaching NEW YORK.

For those who only believe the NEPHITES, LAMANITES and JAREDITES lived in TROPICAL LANDS (almost NAKED was only for battles, in WARMER parts of year: war time, to have GREAT MOBILITY for fight) there is somehting for you think about other options:
Zelph - The White Lamanite Warrior by Sandra Tanner "THINK ABOUT!"

Today Many of the LDS scholars want to limit the Book of Mormon geography to southern Mexico and Guatemala. However, the leaders of the LDS Church have always maintained that the story happened over the larger land mass of North and Central America. One of the problems of limiting the geographic area of the Book of Mormon to southern Mexico is the purported finding of the burial of a Lamanite warrior in Illinois. If Joseph Smith was correct in identifying this skeleton then the Book of Mormon battles must have happened in North America.


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