Heliacal Risings of 34 Stars by Month, Mul Apin: Part Four



Definition: [Mul.Apin Tablets] The Mul.Apin [i.e. Mul and Apin] tablets contain the most comprehensive surviving Babylonian star and constellation catalogue from before 600 BC.

The Heliacal Risings of 34 Stars by Month from the text from Mul.Apin: Column II, Lines 36 - 47, Column III, Lines 1 - 12.


Textual line



On the 1st of Nisannu the agrarian worker LU.CHUN.GA is visible.

 [Perseus] I Nisannu


On the 20th of Nisannu the crooked staff GAM is visible.

 [here Camelopardalis]


On the 1st of Ajjaru the star cluster MUL.MUL is visible.

 [Pleiades, in Taurus] II Ajjaru


On the 20th of Ajjaru the (wooden-) tablet GISH.Le is visible



On the 10th of Simanu the loyal shepherd of heaven SIPA.ZI.AN.NA and the great twins MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL are visible.

 [Orion] [Gemini] III Simanu


On the 5th of Du'uzu the small twins MASH.TAB.BA.TUR.TUR and the Crayfish AL.LUL are visible.

 [here apparently Procyon] [Cancer] IV Du'uzu


On the 15th of Du'uzu the lance KAK.SI.SA , the snake MUSH and the lion UR.GU.LA are visible.

 [Monoceros] [head of Hydra] [Regulus]


- reads together with line 42 -



On the 5th of Abu the bow BAN an and star of kings LUGAL are visible.

 [Alphard] [Zosma, Chort] V Abu


On the 10th of Ululu the star of Eridu NUN.KI and the raven UGA.MUSHEN are visible.

 [False Cross] [Corvus] VI Ululu


On the 15th of Ululu SHU.PA d. Enlil is visible.



On the 25th of Ululu the seed-furrow AB.SIN is visible.





On the 15th of Tashritu the scales (zibanitum) , the wolf UR.IDIM , the wild boar EN.TE.NA.BAR.CHUM and the sitting dog UR.KU are visible.

 [Libra] [Lupus] [Centaurus] [Serpens Caput] VII Tashritu


- reads together with line 2 -



On the 5th of Arachsamma the scorpion GIR.TAB is visible.

 [Scorpio] VIII Arachsamma


On the 15th of Arachsamma the goat UZ and GAB.GIR.TAB are visible.

 [Hercules] [Antares]


On the 15th of Kislimu the Leopard UD.KA.DUCH.A the eagle TI8.MUSHEN and the fire-arrow-Sagittarius PA.BIL.SAG are visible.

 [Cygnus confused with Aquarius] [Aquila] IX Kislimu


- reads together with line 5 -



On the 15th of Tebetu the swallow SIM.MACH

 [Delphinus, mistakenly so named for a fish in the air, the SMON of Cicero as the stars of Delphinus] X Tebetu


(shinunutum, IM.SHESH in the East) is visible

 {Added to later copies of the text} {the six}


(and the lance KAK.SI.SA is visible in the evening.)

 {Added to later copies of the text} [Alphard]


On the 5th of Shabatu the Great GU.LA the Great Square ((ASH).IKU) and the stag (LU.LIM) are visible.

 [Capricorn] [Pegasus] [Cassiopeia] XI Shabatu


On the 25th of Shabatu Anunitum is visible.



On the 15th of Addaru the fish (KU6) and the old one (SHU.GI) are visible.

 [Pisces] [Auriga] XII Addaru


where d. is used as the abbreviation for the Sumerian determinative DINGIR "god".

Comments in parenthesis by [ ] Werner Papke, and { } Andis Kaulins;

() indicates the cuneiform syllables. ©

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