Path of Anu, Mul Apin: Part Two



Definition: [Mul.Apin Tablets] The Mul.Apin [i.e. Mul and Apin] tablets contain the most comprehensive surviving Babylonian star and constellation catalogue from before 600 BC.

In the Babylonian pantheon Anu, was the God of the Sky, and father to the Gods, including notably Ishtar. With Enlil divine ruler of the Earth and its human inhabitants, Ea, God of the freshwater ocean below and the Mother Goddess, he governed the universe.

The 23 Stars on the Path of Anu from the text from Mul.Apin: Column I, Lines 40 - 44; Column 2, Lines 1 - 18.


Textual line



The Great Square (ASH).IKU. Domicile of d.Ea, which leads the stars of d.Anu.



The star at the Great Square: The Swan (shi-nu-nu-tum).

 {Scheat, in Pegasus}


The star behind the Great Square: Anunitum



The star behind it: the agrarian worker (LU).CHUN.GA), d.Dumuzi

 [Sumerian Dumuzi (Tammuz), Akkadian Enkidu, in the most ancient scripts was the lover and husband of Inana "queen of heaven", Sumerian E.AN.NA, and here he is found together with her in the heavens in the path of Anu] {Perseus}


The star cluster (MUL.MUL), the seven-fold deity, the great gods

 [the Pleiades, in Taurus]



The heavenly steer (GU4.AN.NA), the god of the (wooden)-tablet (GISH)Le, the Crown of Anu.

 [Taurus, the steer]


The Loyal Shepherd of Heaven (SIPA.ZI.AN.NA), d.Papsukkal, the messenger of d.Anu and d.Ishtar

 [ the constellation Orion. SIPA.ZI.AN.NA = GilgaMESH, where d.MASH is a name of Gilgamesh-Mercury]


The Twins (MASH.TAB.BA) who are near the loyal shepherd of heaven: d.LU.LAL and d.LaTARAK

 [Pollux, in Gemini and Al Dhira'an, in ?]


- reads together with line 3 -

 [Coma Berenices] {Denebola, in Leo}


The star behind him: the rooster (DAR.LUGAL)

 {Procyon, in Canis Minor}


The Lance (KAK.SI.SA), the spear of the great hero Ninurta

 [Procyon - or Sirius] {Alphard in Hydra with Monoceros as the lance}


The Bow (BAN), the elamite d.Ishtar, the daughter of d.Enlil

 {part of Hydra}


The Snake (MUSH), d.NIN.GISH.ZI.DA, lord of the underworld



The Raven UGA.(MUSHEN), the star of d.Adad



The Seed-Furrow (AB.SIN), d.Shala (with the) sheaf of grain



The Scales (ZI.BA.AN.NA), the "horn" of the scorpion

 {Libra. The Akkadian term is zibanitum, described as MUL d.Shamash d.UD "constellation of the sun" and applied to the star alpha-Librae in Libra, Arabic - Uz Zubana viz. Zubenelgenubi.}


d.ZA.BA4.BA4, the Eagle TI8.(MUSHEN) and the Corpse (LU).USH

 {Aquila and Ophiuchus}


DIL.BAD, changes its location continuously and crosses the heaven

 [Venus] {Akkadian: quick, fast moving}


salbatanu, changes its location continuously and crosses the heaven

  [Mars] {Akkadian: fiery one}


LU.BAD. SAG.USH, changes location continuously and crosses heaven



LU.BAD. GU4.UD, called d.MASH is visible before or after sunrise within any month and disappears within any month

 [Mercury] {moving star; Summerian: steer of the Sun}


- reads together with line 16 -



(Those are) the 23 Stars of d. Anu.



where d. is used as the abbreviation for the Sumerian determinative DINGIR "god".

Comments in parenthesis by [ ] Werner Papke, and { } Andis Kaulins;

() indicates the cuneiform syllables. ©

Further Information:

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