Authenticity and Reliability of the Bible & of the Christian Faith

We all know that Christians consider the Bible to be the word(s) of their God. Many Christians believe it is infallible and inerrant (without error). The doctrines of Christianity, their beliefs and practises, come mainly from the Bible, though they sometimes have input from other sources (eg Roman Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses). Thus, to critique Christianity in general, we must look at the bible, at whether it is reliable, authentic, inerrant and consistent. This section aims to do just that.

Historicity & Reliability of the Bible

Why I Do Not Buy The Resurrection Story
By Richard Carrier. This article, and a longer version of the same, can be found at Used with permission.

Who Wrote the Gospel of John?
Examining whether John's Gospel is an eyewitness account, written by an Apostle, and therefore trustworthy.

Could the Jews Execute?
John 18 states that the Jews were not able to execute Jesus. This examines whether this claim is true or not.

On Miracles
By David Hume. Debunking the notion of miracles, of which the Bible contains many.

Lord, Liar or Lunatic?
Is it possible to accept some of Jesus' teachings but yet reject him as saviour and/or God? Christian apologists are extraordinarily fond of this argument.

Pagan Similarities to Christianity

Is Christianity just a mixture of Judaism and pagan religions? A description of the ideas which may have influenced Christianity.

Greek god of wine.

Possibly the god with the most similarities to Christianity, noted as being such by the Church Fathers themselves. Dying and rising god of light.

Biblical Contradictions

This is planned by books of the Bible so that you don't get too much to read all at once! Remember, if there is just one contradiction in the Bible, it is not inerrant! If you want to look things up in a Bible while you are reading, may we recommend which has many different versions, whatever suits your taste.



Leviticus & Numbers

Deuteronomy, Joshua & Judges

1 & 2 Samuel


Women in the 1st Century
Looking at the lives and rights of women in the New Testament world.

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