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My Sites

Thought I might as well give myself a free plug!

Jolly Jehovah's Bedtime Bible Atrocities The stories your preacher won't tell you, from the biggest Big Brother of them all...

Infidelia Ink A collection of poetry, humour, fiction and signature files for the anti-Christian among us. If you have anything you'd like to contribute, please do.

My Poetry Site Lots of one signed my guestbook yet. So get on over and sign it!

Sites Criticising Christianity

BoJo A-Go-Go Inside Bob Jones' University

Arguments Against Christianity Including debunking Creationism

Christians Anonymous 12-Step Guide to leaving Christianity.

Talk.Origins Archive Not specifically criticising Christianity, but does criticise Creationism. Extremely good resource about evolution.

The Bible: Its Evolution Contradictions & Inconsistencies Scholarly site studying the Bible. Well worth a look.

Born Again Fundamentalism: Hope or Hoax? Arguing against fundies - and with a lot of humour as well!

Atheist/Agnostic Sites

Internet Infidels The Secular Web. The best atheist site on the net.

The War on Faith Excellent site, mainly quotes and humour.

The Amicable Atheist Freethinkers organisation. Truly excellent.

Wasteland of Wonders Excellent UK atheist's site. Lots of stuff to read.


(I'm listed as Atheist_Divine or Egoinos on these if you want to say hello)

TheologyOnline Forum From Bob Enyart's site


WorldBeliefs forum Join, join, join this one! Its for anybody with a faith, and those without one, and is committed to free speech. We need more members.




Best of the Christian Web Forum

ChristianBBS Not as nice as some other Christian forums, this one has heavy-handed moderators.

ChristianForums Huge, loads of posters and topics, well worth joining if you have loads of time and a non-web based email address. You can't join if you just have Hotmail or Yahoo accounts.

SomeGoodStuff a small Christian forum which looks promising for the future.

Christian Sites

The Catholic Encyclopaedia Can there be a better Christian site than this? I don't think so!

Who wrote the Gospels? From Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts

Religion-Online An excellent resource for texts by Biblical scholars and theologians.

The Jesus Archive Mainly links, it seems. But lots of 'em and they're good.

BlueLetterBible KJV with Strongs, online.

Olivetree Many, many versions of the Bible online, also Greek.

Theophilos Free Bible download, KJV with other texts of interest

The Founding Fathers were not Christian From Quartz Hill School of Theology

Alpha and Omega Ministries Apologetics.

IN THE WORD Ministries Intelligent and informed discussion of the Christian point of view, including two sections on the historical Jesus

Heavenly Mysteries by David Jay Jordan. Large section on Biblical prophecy, some not to my taste, but a well thought out and reasonable site.

Christian Apologetics Good, rational Christian site.

Not-so nice Christian sites

The Creator's Rights Party WARNING: These people are seriously unpleasant and this site contains a justification of the murder of an abortion clinic worker!

How Rock music is eviiiillllll!

Jesus-Is-Lord KJV onlyists. They hate everyone.

Chick Cartoons for Christians by Jack Chick. He hates everybody but himself. (And he has a wierd obsession for drawing half-naked men in those things...wink, wink)

GodHatesFags Go feel that Christian 'love'. Not nasty, just insane. Claims Jesus was a vegetarian.

Society for the Practical Establishment & Perpetuation of the Ten Commandments Bile-spewing anti-democracy Christian site. They see demons everywhere, including in Paisley ties. Mad mad mad. KJV onlyists who hate absolutely everyone and rant incessantly. Strange rantings. They reckon if you give your real name into the internet you are worshipping Satan. Has to be the wierdest site I've ever seen.

Reconstructing a White Christian National Identity Racist, anti-Semitic Christian site. Claims the holocaust was a hoax.

General Sites on Religion

Propaganda on the Internet Lists hate sites from atheists and fundamentalist Christians - from

Take a test showing what religion you should be From BeliefNet.

Webmaster Sites


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