Crap Christian Ideas

Various downright daft things Christians say, refuted.

Is Christianity a Religion?
Honestly, to hear Christians talk, you'd think 'religion' was a dirty word! This shows Christianity is a religion, and whats more, the Bible says so!

Lord, Liar or Lunatic?
Is it possible to accept some of Jesus' teachings but yet reject him as saviour and/or God? Christian apologists are extraordinarily fond of this argument.

The Suffering God
A relatively popular way to solve the problem of evil by saying God suffers alongside man and endures all we endure. Is it a solution?

Was the United States founded as a Christian nation?
This is quite a popular one, but its not true. The US was never meant to be a 'Christian' nation - why do you think the first amendment is there, silly? This covers the fact that the Founding Fathers were not Christians anyway.

1796 Treaty of Tripoli
A companion to the topic above, this - the treaty clearly states that the US was not founded on Christianity.

Did Darwin Recant?
Many Christians seem to think a good way to refute evolution is to say 'Darwin said it wasn't true' - besides being false, this idea is useless as an argument.

Were Westcott & Hort Spiritualists?
One for the KJVOs, this. If you don't know who Westcott & Hort are, you're not a KJVO. This is the idea that all none KJV versions ought to be rejected because these two men were spiritualists.

Don't Try to Re-Convert Us
For all those Christians who will insist you can become one of them again - your Bible says otherwise. To God, we are damned, and thats that. So please - don't preach!

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