Supper Menu for Celebrations

This menu covers many celebrations. Look it over. If you find something you like, all the recipes will be available soon.


Mushrooms A La Grecque

Magickal Attributes: Psychic awareness, Spirituality, Purification, Protection, Peace, Love, Sex

Celebration : Weddings, Engagements, Initiations, Any spring ritual, Any ritual for psychic development, Any spell for protection or purification.

Cornmeal Crackers

Magickal Attributes : Protection, Spirituality, Fertility, Sex, Love

Celebrations : Any spell for protection, Any ritual for spirituality, Any spring ritual

Vegetable and Cracker Platter

Magickal Attributes : Grounding, solid foundations, sensibility

Celebrations : Earth related festivals, Grounding after magickal work


Greek Salad with Olives

Magickal Association : Peace, Money, Celibacy, Healing, Love, Protection, Spirituality, Sex, Things coming to fruition

Celebrations : Healing rituals, New projects, Engagements, Money spells, Breakups

Vegetable Salad

Magickal Attributes : Protection, Sex, Money, Love, Happiness, Purification, attributes may alter, depending on vegetables used

Celebrations : Any protection ritual, spring holiday, or purification ceremony.

Crab and Cucumber Salad

Magickal Attributes : Love, Lust, Fertility, Peace, Healing, Money, Protection, Mysticism

Celebrations : Try this salad when you are planning a night of pure pleasure. Crab is considered an aphrodisiac. Ostara, spring celebrations, and before deep meditations.


Multi-Grain Bread

Magickal Attributes : Love, Money, Prosperity, Kinship, Sustenance

Celebrations : Gatherings of friends, Acquisition of money, Celebrations of new or existing love

Anadama Bread

Magickal Attributes : Protection, Spirituality, Love, Prosperity

Celebrations : Acquisition of money, Any ritual of growth, Lammas, Mabon, Any Protection spell

Old-Fashioned Oatmeal Bread

Magickal Attributes : Love, Spirituality, Money

Celebrations : Any ritual for love or spirituality. Spring celebrations, Beltane. Harvest celebrations, Lammas


New England Clam Chowder

Magickal Attributes : Maternal instinct, Nurturing, Health, Protection, Earth magic, Sexual energy

Celebrations : Any celebrations for the Goddess, Lunar magick rituals, Celebrations in preparation for a birth, Harvest festivals, Any winter celebration, Any ritual for sexual energy

Roasted Red Onion Soup

Magickal Attributes : Protection, Safety from negative energies, Endurance tenacity, Spirituality, Peace, Sex

Celebrations : Job hunting, Before starting new projects, Any protection ritual, Ritual to increase spirituality.

Potato and Dill Soup

Magickal Attributes : Protection, Health, Grounding, Earth magic, Weight loss

Celebrations : Harvest festivals, Any winter celebration, Any ritual or celebration of the earth, Protection rituals, Health rituals, Grounding after magickal work


Roasted Asparagus

Magickal Attributes : Love, Happiness, Sex, Joy, Health, Things coming to fruition, Purification

Celebrations : Weddings, Initiation, Any healing ritual, New projects

Snow Peas

Magickal Attributes : Goddess magick, Love, Sex, Purification, Healing

Celebrations : Beltane, Any Spring Festival, Weddings, Initiation, Any healing ritual

Clear Sight Carrots

Magickal Attributes : Vision, Psychic development, Before any divination efforts

Celebrations : Lammas, Fall Equinox, Samhain, Lunar magick rituals


Spinach and Whole-Wheat Fettuccine with Wild Mushrooms, Cheese

Magickal Attributes : Psychic awareness, Celebration, Joy, Health, Thing coming to fruition, Prosperity, Money, Spirituality, Health, Sex, Peace

Celebrations : Any ritual for psychic development, Engagements, Anniversaries, Weddings, New projects, Beltane, Samhain, Summer Solstice, Money spells

Stuffed Tufoli or Manicotti

Magickal Attributes : Generosity, Prosperity, Joy, Health, Love, Protection, Grounding

Celebrations : Any spell or ritual for love, joy, protection. Holidays of Ostara, Beltane, Lammas.

Spaghetti with Lobster

Magickal Attributes : Increase of sexual desire, Generosity, Prosperity, Wealth, Love

Celebrations : Spells or rituals for prosperity and money, Anniversaries, Rituals for love, Beltane


Haddock with Lemon and Pepper

Magickal Attributes : Longevity, purification, Weddings (hand fasting), Joy, Cleansing, Protection

Celebrations : Initiations, engagements, hand fasting, anniversaries

Cornish Hens Magickal Attributes : Fulfillment, Completion of tasks, Commitment

Celebrations : Weddings (hand fasting), Initiation, Before any intensive undertaking

Apricot Fricassee Magickal Attributes : Personal development, Maturity, Improving the immediacy of magickal energies

Celebrations : Coming of Age, Croning, Elder rites, Initiation


Rose Geranium Punch Magickal Attributes : Prophesy, Well being, Insight, Love, Service to others

Celebrations : Before Initiation or any Divination Effort, Weddings (hand fasting), Engagements, Anniversaries, Yule, Samhaim

Yogurt Bracer Magickal Attributes : Stimulates personal and spiritual energy, excitement, inspiration

Celebrations : Honoring any artistic ability, before Initiation or Meditation, or before a special trip

Psychic Physic Magickal Attributes : Awareness, Psychic energy, Divination, Foresight, Love, Sex, Healing, Lunar energy

Celebrations : Before any divination, Anniversaries, Summer Solstice, Full Moon celebrations, Before initiation or gaining a degree

Lemonbalm and Blueberry Cake

Magickal Attributes : Love, Success, Healing, Spirituality, Fertility,

Celebrations : Any rituals for love and success, Healing spells and rituals, Ostara, Beltane.

Pears with Raspberry Puree

Magickal Attributes : Longevity, Happiness, Love, Protection, Health, Money

Celebrations : Anniversaries, Weddings (hand fasting), Spells for protection, Beltane, Summer solstice, Lammas

Baked Apples with Fennel

Magickal Attributes : Love, Health and healing, Peace, Dreams, Visions, Fertility, Protection, Purification

Celebrations : Weddings (hand fasting), Rituals for fertility, Any healing ritual, Rituals for visions and dreams.

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