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Josh's (constantly growing) Pitiful Mind!!!

A page to thank all those important people

The purpose of this page

All you ever wanted to know about me

All I could ever want to know about you!

A page with my published poetry

Here's what others have submitted to my page.

My page of links

My friends and their links

My political beliefs

My religious beliefs

Casual Conversation -- the land of inside jokes!

A page for my MUX charaters and links

A page of search engines I use

George Fox University

Advertisements for really awesome pages/stuff

My WebRing Index Page

Awards this page has won

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Interested in hearing me sing? Just download the following...

Ok...I do have one little gif...I support the Zondervan Zondervan_Green_Ribbon.gif Campaign. To learn more about this, go to Please, help fight the misuse and abuse of our personal freedoms!

Yes, and another. A big thanks to Starting_Point.gif for putting me on their search engine.
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