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agile wallaby, Macropus agilis

oyboy (inh -)
oypodh (inh -)
ayulyij (inh -)
pangku (minha -)
thutamp (minha -)

udnduw (inh -)
udndub (inh -)

antay (inh -)
in Uw Oykangand
in Uw Olkola
in Uw Ilbmbanhdhiy
in Pakanh
in Wika 'Aya

"large male," Uw Oykangand
"large male," Uw Olkola

"adult female with young," Uw Oykangand

Wallaby, Cooktown, NQ [PH]

Wallaby, Kakadu National Park, NT [Corel 69040]

Footprints of agile wallaby, Laura, NQ [PH]

The agile wallaby is the most abundant macropod in central Cape York Peninsula. It was an important source of meat for Aboriginal people and remains so today.

It is sandy brown above and whitish below and has a dark stripe over the cheeks and between the eyes and the ears. Adult males are considerably larger than adult females.

The agile wallaby is a very important source of meat. Many of its body parts are also used in material culture. For example, its jawbone is used as an engraver and its long limb bones may be made into an awl. Sinew from the end of its tail may be used as twine.

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