Hi, we are a family of six. Mom, dad, two girls and two boys their ages are 14, 10, 8, and 6.   I hope you enjoy our site.

My love for rabbits started years ago when I was a youth.
The first time I held a rabbit I fell I love. My hobbie grew from two rabbits to about 100 or so ( that is counting litters). I lived on a farm with my aunt and uncle so there was plenty of room.

My aunt got me into a 4-H group and let me join the ARBA were I had a chance to learn more about these loving animals and I got to show them at the county fair each year. That is were I also got to meet two great friends that im glad that I still talk to today, Hi Chris and Courtney.

When I got older I gave up rabbits. Now that I have a family we all want to raise rabbits together. I don't know who is more excited them or me. Hopefully my kids will enjoy raising rabbits as much as I do.

Right now we have a small number of rabbits.  We are  breeding  English Lops  and Flemish Giants . I can't wait for up coming shows. We would like to learn more about our breeds and see if we can learn to improve our stock.

Well that is about all. We cant wait to meet all of the people out there that share our love for rabbits.

Thanks for visiting our site,
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Updated  6/9/2007
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We are located in Mid-Michigan *Shows we will attend*


We have been very busy around here, we are hoping to attend some night shows coming soon,  If the heat is not too bad.  I miss the shows, but gas and work are limiting what we can do.  We miss all of our rabbit friends.

We Have BABIES,  a elop litter born June 8th and Mellie had two litters of fuzzies born, one litter June 7th and the other June 8th.  I am keeping the Elop litter. 

I have started an ELOP chin program, go here to read more

Melanie is showing now, here is her page.
Melanie's show buns page

Thanks for reading and Stopping by. Come back soon,
The Moore's

I have two emails that I can be reached at. I check my Aol address daily.
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Please note my number has been changed due to problems with our phone company, if you have been trying to reach me via phone,  please email me.
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