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How to use the Equilibrium bottles, Pomanders, Quintessences, and Air Conditioners

The contents of the Equilibrium bottle goes on the physical body. The upper fraction of your bottle is from the flowering part of the plant and the lower is from the herbal or water portion of the plant. To release Equilibrium energies, shake the bottle vigorously in your left hand until the upper oil and lower water fractions mix together forming one emulsion. Shake some of the liquid into your right palm and gently rub your hands together. Then apply the emulsion to the color energy centers around your body that correspond to the color(s) in your bottle. Apply your Equilibrium once in the morning and the evening. You may also enjoy putting some of your Equilibrium into a warm, relaxing bath.

The Pomander works on the electromagnetic field around the body. Place three drops of the Pomander in palm of your left hand. Rub your hands very gently, and lovingly together. Raise your arms above your head, visualizing this living color energy encircling the earth, bringing love to all who will receive it. Move your hands 2 to 3 inches away from the physical body, into the electromagnetic field, allowing the energies of the Pomander to flow into each chakra, and encircle the entire physical body. Cup your hands together in front of your face and enjoy three deep breaths of your Pomander. Reapply as desired during the day. Add a few drops to your bath water and experience the renewed sense of well-being these energies have to offer. Using these color energies can offer protection, inspire harmony and encourage your positive emotions and thoughts.

The Quintessence works on the etheric and astral bodies in your energy field. Place three drops of the Quintessence on your left wrist and gently rub your writs together. Raise your arms above your head, visualizing the energy of the Masters encircling the earth, bringing love to all who will receive it. Stretch your arms out into your energy field allowing the energies of the Quintessence to encircle the entire physical body. Bring your arms in closer and pass them over each chakra. Hold your writs in front of your face and enjoy three deep breaths of you Quintessence. Can be used as an addition to a warm bath.

Air Conditioners come in the full range of Pomanders, Quintessences, and Archangels. Air Conditioners are wonderful to use in your home or office. he delightful light scents bring in a renewed energy and offer the birth of a new sense of freshness. Each Air Conditioners unique gift corresponds to the attribute of each Pomander, Quintessence and Archangel. Listed here are just a few of the most popular Air Conditioners, but remember that ALL Pomanders and Quintessences are available in this spray form.

* Original White Air Conditioner can be used to clear your space of energies that may be disruptive and enable you to start with a "clean slate." Use the Original White Air Conditioner and follow with a few sprays of another air conditioner for a total change of energy.

* Pink Air Conditioner can be used to bring in the vibration of love and peace and can harmonize groups and their process.

* Green Air Conditioner can be used to give a feeling of space, free you from old ideas and offer you an opening to make new decisions.

* Turquoise Air Conditioner can be used for opening you to the creative process and inspiring your communication skills.

* Lady Nada Air Conditioner will bring in the energy of unconditional love as it diminishes aggression.

* Saint Germain Air Conditioner helps to transform negative feelings into a more positive, usable and spiritual energy.

The Archangel Air Conditioners
Each of the Archangel Air Conditioners is a stimulus to your intuitive self, and a wonderful, playful reminder of your angelic guide.

* Michael Air Conditioner: Joyously let go and accept where you are.

* Gabriel Air Conditioner: Awaken to love in all aspects.

* Raphael Air Conditioner: Nurturing peace, creativity and expression.

* Uriel Air Conditioner: Unite your mind and Spirit.

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