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The Quintessences of the Masters

# Name Description
1 EL MORYA The Pale Blue Master Quintessence - "Thy Will not My Will be Done" Brings a strengthening of the Will and enables you to align with your purpose and trust in relation to your unfolding life. Trusting the inner source and getting in touch with your own authority. Stimulates a feeling of being at peace and at-one-ment with all things.
2 KUTHUMI The Pale Yellow Master Quintessence - "Connecting up Angelic, Human, and Devic realms." Invokes positive energies for the future. The intense yellow points towards enlightenment and self-knowledge. Enhances sympathetic or empathic relationships at all levels. Helps you to find your place between Heaven and Earth and helps bring communication and understanding between the two.
3 LADY NADA The Pale Pink Master Quintessence - "Unconditional Love, The Consort of the Christ" Deep love. Can improve your capacity to relate. Diminishing aggression around you. It makes communication possible that has been blocked or is in danger of being blocked and balances your male/female aspects.
4 HILARION The Pale Green Master Quintessence - "The Way, the Truth and the Light." Helps you to pursue your path, providing access to truth and inner wisdom. Guides into a new direction and a new space to step into the present anew. Assists in healing for the environment.
5 SERAPIS BEY The Clear Pearl Master Quintessence - "Purification and New Beginnings." Brings clarity of vision - seeing things in a new and fresh way. Gives depth of understanding into conflict, pain and suffering on any level. Good for helping to let go, overcoming the past and cleansing on any level.
6 THE CHRIST The Red Quintessence - "The Awakening Quintessence" Helps to focus your efforts in the right direction, planting your feel firmly on the ground, re-energizing you and offering protection along your life path. Regardless of whether your life path is mundane, humble, dramatic or sensational, it will give you the realization of the connection with a higher source.
7 SAINT GERMAIN The Violet and Lilac Master Quintessence - "The Master Healer" Helps to transform your negative feelings into a more positive, usable and spiritual energy. Helps caregivers to detach and step outside of themselves, allowing energies simply to come through. Clears up unresolved emotional problems.
8 PALLAS ATHENA and AEOLUS The Rose Pink Master Quintessence - "For issues related to Survival and Aesthetics." Creative expression of love and beauty. Awakening to the beauty in all things. Inspiration for your creative skills, dreams and visions. Helps you to have a deeper understanding of the energies concerned with prosperity and right livelihood.
9 ORION and AGELICA The Pink Master Quintessence - "The Travelerís Quintessence." The largest Angels that you work with within Aura-Soma. These are the two great angels that open and close each day. As Orion draws the curtain on you night, so Angelica opens the dawn, gathering impurities and cleansing your negativity at a deep level just as the dew cleanses the earth each morning. Helpful at the beginning and ending of projects. Specific for jet lag.
10 LADY PORTIA The Gold Master Quintessence - "Judge not lest you be judged." Love and compassion without judgment. Especially if you are hard on yourself, self critical, work too hard or if you readily judge others. Being merciful with yourself is true compassion. Where discriminative wisdom is needed and the balancing of all considerations is necessary.
11 LAO TSU and KWAN YIN The Pale Orange Master Quintessence - "The Quintessence that seeks back to the shocks of the past, to heal the time line." Helps you to free yourself from deeply instilled habits and negative thoughts and to change past behaviors. In meditation tell soft breeze a problem and allow it to be whisked away in a huge gust of wind so you might never see it again. Focus is needed to ensure that you give the problem up and replace it with new opportunities and possibilities.
12 SANAT KUMARA and LADY VENUS KUMARA The Pale Coral Master Quintessence - "Heals the deepest levels of issues of dependency and co-dependence and unrequited love." "As above, so Below." Brings in a special awareness of the Divine Life though your every day life. The parents of all the previous Masters. This Quintessence allows you to see behind the charade to your true self, pulling down all the barriers and helping you deal with yourself. Balancing male/female polarities.
13 THE MAHA CHOHAN The Pale Turquoise Master Quintessence - "To say from the heart, what you feel." Maha Chohan - is the only Master thought not to have incarnated. Of particular help if you are working with Crystals. Creates a communication link between your Mind and Spirit.
14 DJWAL KHUL The Emerald Green Master Quintessence - "Truth Seeker's Master." Can help you to use your intellect while being in harmony with your intuition, following your heart and balancing your mind. Particularly useful when you need a grounded point of view. If you seek truth, knowledge or a fresh start, this is the Quintessence to meditate with and work with energetically.
15 HOLY GRAIL and SOLAR LOGOS The Grail is a Chalice of Light - The Solar Logos is the sun, the Word, the communication that can come through us when we enter the receptivity of the Grail.

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