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Unspoken Messages within the Equilibrium Bottles

~ The information on this page is for entertianment purposes only and should not be confused with medical advice or suggestion. If you have a medical concern or question, please seek professional counsel and treatment from a licensed medical doctor. ~

Vicky Wall has warned us about reading too much into the changes within our bottles. However, Vicky's book "The Miracle of Colour Healing - Aura-Soma Therapy as the Mirror of the Soul" (out of print), offers a basic understanding of these changes and what they may represent. Bottle #101, Archangel Jophiel is used here to represent changes that Vicky has said may occur within the bottles, but these messages can be applied to any Equilibrium bottle within the Aura-Soma range.

"Wisdom and knowledge help only when used correctly. Like so many things, 'Balance' can be misused."

"On the physical level, the crystal bottle can be regarded as the outline of the skeletal body. The mid-line depicts the waistline, the top oil represents the upper level of the body with its respective organs and disorders, and the region below the mid-line denotes the body from the solar plexus down. Although we speak of the physical, we must always bear in mind that the physical is linked with the spiritual and emotional nature and that no separate part of the human being is an island unto itself."

"Physically, a pyramid on the mid-line resting on the solar plexus might well indicate a need for physical adjustment either in a block stemming from the digestive region, or nutritionally. Here it might be advisable to adjust the diet. Needless to say, this is but the tip on the iceberg and the rest is yours to explore, to touch and to know."

All Equilibrium bottles in their pure, un-worked state have clear, vibrant colors. Here Jophiel has beautiful clear, pale blue in the upper fraction and crisp pale olive green the lower fraction. As with all bottles in the Equilibrium range, the upper fraction represents the conscious mind, while the lower fraction represents the subconscious mind. At the neck of the bottle, representing the communication chakra which is connected with the throat, mouth, and head, bubbles or a line right at that top level can be dealt with best by using bottle #02 or #01 for here there is a need to free the communication center. Clearance of bubbles at this level could help create freedom, clarity of speech and thought in the future.
When reading the meaning of each bottle, you not only consider the obvious colors of each fraction, but you also need to consider the color created when the upper and lower fractions are combined when the bottle is shaken and the liquid within is mixed. Here Jophiel is being shaken and mixed into its third color, pale turquoise. Striations or straight lines usually on the top level of the bottle are there as if to show an up-stretching to bring into this life that which touches a higher level, the silent longings for the Higher Consciousness. Very often around these striations, appears a cobwebby substance representative of the karma, unhappiness, and turbulence of the past being cleared as the up-reaching continues.
Flashbacks in time, recurrent patterns that are experienced as nightmares, can be seen as cobwebs hanging in the upper and lower fractions. Various large bubbles will tend to appear. If a solitary bubble occurs on either side of the bottle just above the mid-line, it could indicate opposing forces, separations, or a mind unable to decide.
Bubbles in the lower fraction can show the influence of the past in the present situation or that knowledge is sought from the past that may be used wisely in the future. Pentagons appear, indicating the traveler in time, the space dweller, the wanderer, the healer, the wise men of the East, as it were, seeking the star. Here we see a layer of foam along the midline of the bottle, like a fuzzy cloud. This indicates a crossroads, a "make your mind up" time, which must be met and decided upon. Vicky suggests the Green/Green bottle #10 be used or the Green/Gold bottle #31 so the decision may be made wisely.
Clouding in the lower fraction is the indication of karmic violence or aggression against the soul in the past, or of one who has experienced aggression in the past of this life. The pink pomander is invaluable here and should be used until a feeling of security, freedom and well-being returns.

Clouding in the top fraction is often observed in those who have a problem, spiritual, mental or physical. Ones' perceptions may be clouded by the mind. It is often an indication of inner trauma, disturbance, or mental confusion, but could also be attributed to traumas and breakdowns due to outer circumstances, situations that have suddenly become unbalanced.
The dredging up, termed "bleeding" of the base color into the top fraction has often been interpreted as the past influencing the present, as things not resolved in the past that are being brought up in the present. A "throwing up" of the lower fraction that stays there for quite some time, and then falls back into the base of the bottle can be seen as the struggling of the past.

The healing capability endeavoring to break through the barriers and shortfalls of this life with its disappointments. The young healer waits for the miracle that if he only knew, waits for him. There is a block to be removed - then full power will be released.
A concave bow in the upper fraction of the bottle can indicate an imbalance in the thoracic cavity, and the chakra could be reinforced with rebalanced by the use of the Blue/Green bottle #03. This bow deals with the reproductive organs. Then it can reach the liver, kidney and bladder, and moves to the navel. A bow just slightly higher would indicate that a balancing was needed in the digestive tract and solar plexus. Here we see a convex bow in the lower fraction. The depth to which the bow reaches corresponds with the physical location of organs in the body. Thus if the bow should literally reach the base of the bottle, it indicates the base of the spine, the coccyx or legs. Sometimes it shows a need for complete chakra balancing, for the spine is the control center of the whole length of the back and free movement and free flowing is essential on all chakra levels. It has been suggested that bottle #01 and the green oils used concurrently fit the need here.
Large formations of bubbles reaching downwards in varying degrees depict the turmoil and karmic situations throughout the "environment." With the emptying of these pockets comes self-recognition, new thought, new life, new power, and the soul can travel once more in safety and freedom. In the hands of a good regressive therapist this can be achieved. Pregnancy can be shown by an oval shape crossing the midline in the center of the bottle, sometimes enclosing a lovely "tadpole" or foetus shape in its center. If the head of the foetus shape points below the mid-line with the tail reaching up comet fashion, it shows the coming in of an old soul, a special soul, a New Age child destined and programmed for the healing of this time but who has also known life elsewhere in the universe.

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