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Neat Baja Places

Welcome to the Neat Places of Baja Page! This page will take you to some of the neatest places we the Baja CL's have created for you the homesteader and Baja neighborhood visitor to have some fun.

If info about Baja, off road racing, and outdoor sports is what you are looking for check out the Baja News Dispatch. This little patch of heaven is currently under development but promises to be very educational and a lot of fun.

Every once in a while a Baja CL goes the extra distance or goofs up a little and to show our appreciation (and to show we have a good sense of humor) we've created the Baja Community Leader Jail. Yep this great little hole in the wall is where we house our most notorious outlaws! Stop by to leer, jeer, cheer or to put another CL in jail! It's all in fun! Just becareful where you step the wardens guard dogs aren't exactly house trained yet!

Need a laugh? Wanna see what the Baja CL's are really like? Check out the Baja Oasis. We've put laughs, puns, tunes, links to online gaming centers and a delicious menu for you to peruse!

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