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Happy Mother's Day!

What's New

What's New
What's New? What's New?? Gee you gotta ask?  We've got a new CL,  The Best of Baja Award gets underway, Honeyimhome wins the prestigous Baja CL of the Month Award and Mother's Day in Baja!  So come join us for fun and games oh and don't forget to stop by the Baja Oasis to send your Mommy a "Happy Mother's Day" card or Free virtual flowers!

Meet the Newbie!
Omegaschlange is our latest Community Leader to join our ranks.  An Irishman after my own heart, Omegaschlange has breezed thru CL training with the greatest of ease!

A multi-lingual bagpipe player who speaks, Welsh, Irish, Russian, German and Spanish this fellow can help you with just about any problem or question you may have.  Welcome Aboard Omegaschlange!

Best of Baja Award Gets Underway!

Not everyone is the best or can be the best but in Baja you have the chance to try to become the best with the new all improved Best of Baja Award! Community Leaders Honeyimhome and Kookoobird have worked over time to get this award off the ground.  Visit the Best of Baja Award Pages to find out what it takes to have your site voted "Best of Baja" and then prove it by winning the award! 


Baja CL of the Month!

Honeyimhome was chosen as Baja's CL of the Month for going the extra mile!  Known to send out 100's of Welcome Letters to all new Baja homesteaders this lady is never without a smile or some friendly helpful advice.  Congratulations Honeyimhome!  You've shown us the stuff CL's are made of!

Mother's Day in Baja.

Mother's Day is coming fast! On May 9th the entire world will celebrate their mothers.  Baja will too!  Send stories about your mom to  and tell us why you think your mom is the greatest mom in the whole world and we'll print your story in our Baja Breeze .  Will you be decorating your web site for Mother's Day?  If so why not tell us about it?  We'll list it on the Bajaliday Pages and show it off to everyone!

The Baja News Dispatch has been renamed to the Baja Breeze and is at this moment going thru a major overhaul.  The new e-zine will contain helpful information about Baja, GeoCities, html help/tips, and much more!  So join us May 1 for the ride of a lifetime!

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