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The Ministry of Home's  Circular of Eviction

Royal Government of Bhutan

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Sarbang Bhutan

Date: 14/1/ 92


Ref: Sardzong /109/91-92/1367 Dt. January 4,1992

To: Gup, Singhi Gewog,

You are hereby notified that although as per your report submitted to Dzongkhag office, stating that you had completed the demolition of houses of those who had absconded from the country, on my personal visit and in my assessment you have not complied to the order. I found that most of the houses were not demolished, and those demolished, were not cleared properly.
Therefore, within three days you are ordered to gather 70-80 people of your village to demolish the houses and intimate me about the same. The houses should be demolished in my presence. Treat this notice as very urgent.

(Kencho Dorji)
Officiating Dzongda

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