Metarie Cemetery can be seen from I-10, and even the small glimpse that one gets, you can tell what kind of people are buried there. VERY RICH. This cemetery is gorgeous and probably close to the size of Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland, but with far more occupants I'm sure as vaults are reused by families. Metarie features excellent sculpture and stained glass, and is very well kept. There are few vaults here that are in a state of deterioration.
Left: A view inside one
of the vaults at the craftsmanship and beauty of the stained glass. The blue glow from this window was showing out onto the vault steps.

Right: Interior of a badly kept large vault. The stained glass, although mostly gone is still quite lovely. Several spaces in the vault are open.

Left: A more decrpit looking vault that is in need of some paint and attention.

Right: A close up of the interior shot above to the right. Here we can see a space where a body probably was, now missing it's cover stone and suffering from some neglect.

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