Unlike many other areas of the US, New Orleans has not lost its grip on spirituality. It cemeteries are a testament to that as much as the celebration of Mardi Gras. New Orleans is a catholic city, but also has its share of voodoo practicioners. What may surprise some is the close relationship, and depending on the practice, interweaving of the two spiritualities. The Catholic religion believes in a GOD, and hosts a multitude of saints. Voodoo is much the same in structure, having a belief in GOD, and the Loas- each of which corresponds to a saint, more or less. There is also a strong sense of family and respect of ancestors which permeates both cultures in New Orleans. In a place where a large portion of the founding population died in a matter of weeks due to yellow fever and cholera, this shouldn't be a surprise.

Both voodoo practicioners and catholics were buried in the same areas. They seemed to have accepted each other for the most part without the friction you see more between religions in other parts of the country. I believe it is because the people understand death as a part of life, not some horrible thing that shouldn't happen. People celebrate their lost loved ones more than they mourn them.

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