New In The Groove

Here is the low down on the NEW ALBUM!
Recorded at Penguin Studios and mastered at the Burn House. The albumn art was done by Leonard White, and the layout was done at the Burn House as well.

All the songs are originals composed and performed by the Groove Merchants.
The creative process often begins with an idea from a single member and is then embellished by the entire group.
In the case of Vellocat, Dan Miller wrote a melody line that grew from 20 notes or so into a the song it is now when the everyone started to jam on it.

Here's the track list:

1. Grades ~ 5:15
2. Hoyo En La Presa ~ 4:39
3. jen ~ 4:09
4. Merchant Of The Groove ~ 7:32
5. Vellocat ~ 4:16
6. Thinking Too Much ~ 5:54
7. Kokkopelli ~ 4:16

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