What's The Buzz?

The Year of the Merchant

Hey there, all! Let's run down the gigs the Merchant's have lined up...

Saturday, June 21st, @ P & C stadium @ 12:00 noon

It's free as a part of the fundraising festivities going on there that day.

Groove Merchants Get Press

Two articles and a great review have met the Merchants in the Saturday paper and HJ. The article told about the story of the Groove Merchants "humble beginnings" and some of their future plans.

A review was printed next to the article in HJ that gave "Straight Butta Hits" 3 stars.

The review stated that "You'll like it if you are a fan of... music! The music flows to its own beat, and the songs keep you listening."

The reviewer, Rachael Zacharewski, only had one question for the band... "I would ask them if they were planning on releasing another CD together, and if so, when?" To which the Merchants reply... "ummmm."

The Merchants do have a number new songs, and three up coming gigs, so the groove lives on.

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